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Effects of short-term treatment with atorvastatin in smokers with asthma - a randomized controlled trial

By Georgina Braganza, Rekha Chaudhuri, Charles McSharry, Christopher J. Weir, Iona Donnelly, Lisa Jolly, Jane Lafferty, Suzanne M. Lloyd, Mark Spears, Frances Mair and Neil C. Thomson


<b>Background</b> The immune modulating properties of statins may benefit smokers with asthma. We tested the hypothesis that short-term treatment with atorvastatin improves lung function or indices of asthma control in smokers with asthma.<p></p>\ud \ud <b>Methods</b> Seventy one smokers with mild to moderate asthma were recruited to a randomized double-blind parallel group trial comparing treatment with atorvastatin (40 mg per day) versus placebo for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks treatment inhaled beclometasone (400 ug per day) was added to both treatment arms for a further 4 weeks. The primary outcome was morning peak expiratory flow after 4 weeks treatment. Secondary outcome measures included indices of asthma control and airway inflammation.<p></p>\ud \ud <b>Results</b> At 4 weeks, there was no improvement in the atorvastatin group compared to the placebo group in morning peak expiratory flow [-10.67 L/min, 95% CI -38.70 to 17.37, p=0.449], but there was an improvement with atorvastatin in asthma quality of life score [0.52, 95% CI 0.17 to 0.87 p=0.005]. There was no significant improvement with atorvastatin and inhaled beclometasone compared to inhaled beclometasone alone in outcome measures at 8 weeks.<p></p>\ud \ud <b>Conclusions</b> Short-term treatment with atorvastatin does not alter lung function but may improve asthma quality of life in smokers with mild to moderate asthma. identifier: NCT0046382

Topics: R1
Publisher: BioMed Central
Year: 2011
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Provided by: Enlighten

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