Co-simulazione nonlineare/elettromagnetica di radiocollegamenti a microonde e onde millimetriche


The Ph.D. thesis describes the simulations of different microwave links from the transmitter to the receiver intermediate-frequency ports, by means of a rigorous circuit-level nonlinear analysis approach coupled with the electromagnetic characterization of the transmitter and receiver front ends. This includes a full electromagnetic computation of the radiated far field which is used to establish the connection between transmitter and receiver. Digitally modulated radio-frequency drive is treated by a modulation-oriented harmonic-balance method based on Krylov-subspace model-order reduction to allow the handling of large-size front ends. Different examples of links have been presented: an End-to-End link simulated by making use of an artificial neural network model; the latter allows a fast computation of the link itself when driven by long sequences of the order of millions of samples. In this way a meaningful evaluation of such link performance aspects as the bit error rate becomes possible at the circuit level. Subsequently, a work focused on the co-simulation an entire link including a realistic simulation of the radio channel has been presented. The channel has been characterized by means of a deterministic approach, such as Ray Tracing technique. Then, a 2x2 multiple-input multiple-output antenna link has been simulated; in this work near-field and far-field coupling between radiating elements, as well as the environment factors, has been rigorously taken into account. Finally, within the scope to simulate an entire ultra-wideband link, the transmitting side of an ultrawideband link has been designed, and an interesting Front-End co-design technique application has been setup

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