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Grey literature on bilingualism in Belgium

By Joachim Schöpfel


International audienceBecause of the town Antwerp host of the GL9 conference and because of our own former scientific experience we selected the field of bilingualism for a study on the importance of grey literature in social sciences and humanities. The study is meant to be an additional contribution to comparable scientometric analyses on the distribution of types of publications in different scientific domains. Bilingualism, the learning and use of two or more languages, is a linguistic, social, educational and psychological reality for many people and most countries. In the heart of Europe, Belgium, a country with two cultural and linguistic populations, with immigration, international business and institutions, is particularly confronted with this reality. Reaction to and part of its multicultural society, Belgium developed since many years a significant interdisciplinary research activity in the field of bilingualism. The particularity of our study is twofold: First, the research on bilingualism is interdisciplinary, at the crossroad of linguistics, sociology, psychology and educational sciences, each domain presenting its own vectors of publication and communication. Second, while most of the previous studies on the importance of grey literature are citation analyses, our study is based on search results from databases, catalogues, open archives and search engines.La communication présente une étude des publications scientifiques sur le bilinguisme en Belgique, notamment par rapport à la littérature grise et l'accès dans des archives ouvertes

Topics: Bilingualism, grey literature, open archives, Bilinguisme, littérature grise, archives ouvertes, [SHS.INFO.COMM] Humanities and Social Sciences/Library and information sciences/Scientific communication and information
Publisher: HAL CCSD
Year: 2007
OAI identifier: oai:HAL:sic_00196598v1

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