A902 Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 161 (6) A902-A907 (2014) 0013-4651/2014/161(6)/A902/6/$31.00 © The Electrochemical Society Cation Mixtures of Alkali Metal (Fluorosulfonyl)(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)Amide as Electrolytes for Lithium Secondary Ba


Cation mixtures of alkali metal (fluorosulfonyl)(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amides showed reduced melting points and improved trans-port properties from the single lithium salt (Li[fTfN]) by the addition of other alkali metal cations. In particular, Li0.4Cs0.6[fTfN] has a significantly reduced melting point (from 100◦C to 33◦C), decreased viscosity (from 17 Pa · s to 330 mPa · s at 110◦C) and enhanced specific conductivity (from 0.20 mS · cm−1 to 2.9 mS · cm−1 at 110◦C). This melt is an ionic liquid at room temperature range although it contains no organic cation. Its electrochemical stability is 5.1 V from deposition of lithium metal to decomposition of fTfN anion. The charge-discharge of a Li0.4Cs0.6[fTfN] in Li ‖ LiCoO2 and Li ‖ LiFePO4 cell was successful at 45∼110◦C. In particular, rate performance and cycle stability with LiFePO4 were superior to an organic electrolyte at the same temperature due to its high thermal stability

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