tionship Between Women and Food. Engelwood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-


$19.95. 194 pages. The worst thing about this book is perhaps the title and the editor is justly apologetic for his neologism. ’Sociophobics ’ suggest a clinical text, which this is not; it has nothing to do with ’social phobias’. The subtitle (which should be the main title) makes the theme clearer. Are we now to expect a series of ethnoscience collections named ’sociohedonics’, ’socioaitionics ’ (to continue mixing Greek and Latin roots)? Nevertheless, given the evidence that something resembling fear is one of the primary emotions (i.e. found in all societies in infants), a study of the social construction and context of fear is timely. Anthropologists have until recently avoided the subject of emotions with a few notable exceptions (Hallowell, Epstein). In the last few years there has been a renewed interest in individual expe-rience and in indigenous psychologies, developments which have been noted by this journal. For the first time since the demise o

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