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Single crystal Raman spectroscopy of selected arsenite, antimonite and hydroxyantimonate minerals

By Silmarilly Bahfenne


This thesis concentrates on the characterisation of selected arsenite, antimonite, and hydroxyantimonate minerals based on their vibrational spectra. A number of natural arsenite and antimonite minerals were studied by single crystal Raman spectroscopy in order to determine the contribution of bridging and terminal oxygen atoms to the vibrational spectra. A series of natural hydrated antimonate minerals was also compared and contrasted using single crystal Raman spectroscopy to determine the contribution of the isolated antimonate ion. The single crystal data allows each band in the spectrum to be assigned to a symmetry species. The contribution of bridging and terminal oxygen atoms in the case of the arsenite and antimonite minerals was determined by factor group analysis, the results of which are correlated with the observed symmetry species. In certain cases, synthetic analogues of a mineral and/or synthetic compounds isostructural or related to the mineral of interest were also prepared. These synthetic compounds are studied by non-oriented Raman spectroscopy to further aid band assignments of the minerals of interest. Other characterisation techniques include IR spectroscopy, SEM and XRD. From the single crystal data, it was found that good separation between different symmetry species is observed for the minerals studied

Topics: Raman, infrared, IR, spectroscopy, synthesis, synthetic, natural, x-ray diffraction, XRD, scanning electron microscopy, SEM, arsenite, antimonate, hydroxyantimonate, hydrated antimonate, minerals, crystal, point group, factor group, symmetry, leiteite, schafarzikite, apuanite, trippkeite, paulmooreite, finnemanite
Publisher: Queensland University of Technology
Year: 2011
OAI identifier: oai:eprints.qut.edu.au:46234

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