Development of prototype luminosity detector modules for future experiments on linear colliders doctoral dissertation /


Tyt. z ekranu tytułowego.Praca doktorska. Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica (Kraków), 2013.Zawiera bibliogr.Dostępna także w wersji drukowanej.Tryb dostępu: Internet.Future High Energy Physics experiments at Linear Colliders, Linear Collider, Machine Setup, parameters, Beam-Beam Interaction, Pinch Effect, Beamstrahlung, Detector System, Vertex Detectors, Tracking, Calorimetry, Muon, Detector Readout, Data Acquisition System, Detectors Summary, forward region, principles of Luminosity Measurement, Beam Calorimeter, BeamCal, Luminosity Calorimeter, LumiCal, extraction of information from radiation sensors, preamplifier, noise processing, crosstalk, shaper, noise filtering, amplitude measurement, threshold selection for self triggering systems, time measurement, conventional readout architecture for time, amplitude measurement, advanced readout architecture for amplitude, time measurement, digital signal processing, deconvolution theory, impact of sampling, shaping time on deconvolution performance, pile-up rejection capabilities, noise processing, amplitude reconstruction performance, time resolution, impact of quantization noise, system level considerations, components of LumiCal readout chain, silicon sensors, front-end ASIC, design, measurement results, analog to digital converter, ADC design, test setup, ADC performance measurements, performance of deconvolution based readout, experimental setup, Monte-Carlo modeling, testbeams of LumiCal detector modules, analog detector module, analog detector module, DESY testbeam facility, testbeam setup, readout chain operation validation, position reconstruction, studies to improve signal to noise ratio, sensor uniformity measurements, crosstalk studies, complete detector module, architecture, Input Dynamic Range, Gain, Noise, data transmission rate, event rate, operation of full readout chain, power pulsing, thermal issues, complete detector module, amplitude, position reconstruction, system performance, response of detector module to the electromagnetic showe

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