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automatic vehicle identification Abstract. Driver information systems (DIS) are considered in North America as a major category of Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems (IVHS), which offers to improve the efficiency and safety of driving by means of an amalgamation f information technology with vehicle and highway technologies. Traditionally North America has basic strengths ina number of information technologies that are relevant to DIS. Due to a hiatus in federal funding in the early 1980s, DIS development i North America during the past decade has emphasized autonomous systems on the vehicles until recently. The current acceleration f IVHS development i the United States has resulted from a number of converging forces and has provided the impetus for developing advanced river information systems (ADIS) that integrates the vehicle and the highway. Large-scale demonstration a d implementation of ADIS will hinge on the major legislations in the near future, and on the successful development of public-private s ctor partnerships in IVHS. Past history With the dominant role of motor vehicles in the total transportation system in North America, the maintenance and improvement of the efficiency and safety of highway travel have been of continuous concern to American societies. Advanced vehicle-highway systems, ranging from electronic route guidance systems (Stephens et al. 1968) to automated highways, have been an area of research and development on the continent for decades. It is noteworthy that initial studies of the automated highway were conducted in the late 1950s (Gardels 1960), even though two of the frequently cited references on the subject are based on more recent studies, which had continued for a number of years at Ohio State Uni-versity (Fenton et al. 1980) and at General Motors (GM 1981), bot

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