Induction of duodenal tumors in F344 rats by continuous oral administration of N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea


given a solution of 400 mg N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea/liter in their drinking water. Digestive tract tumors were induced in 32 males (an Incidence rate of 80%) and in 28 females (an Incidence rate of 70%). Among these digestive tract neoplasms, duodenal tumors occurred most frequently. Most were of the epithelial type, such as adenoma or adenocarcinoma. Tumors In hemato-poietic organs were also found In 15 males (38 % Incidence) and In 17 females (43 % Incldence).-JNCI 64: 613-616, 1980. I-Alkyl-I-nitrosoureas are strong carcinogens. In our studies in which female Donryu rats were used, 1-methyl-I-nitrosourea induced neurogenic tumors (1), ENU rapidly induced erythroblastic leukemias (2), 1-propyl-I-nitrosourea induced leukemias and digestive tract tumors (3, 4), and l-butyl-I-nitrosourea induced leukemias and mammary tumors (5, 6). ENU is

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