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Spezielle Silazanderivate von Digallan(4) und Diindan(4) mit Ga-Ga- bzw. In-In-Bindung

By Michael Veith, Friedrich Goffing, Stefanie Becker and Volker Huch


Al, Ga and In can easily be incorporated in the cyclic silazane (MeSi)2(NtBu)4H2(LH2) through formal substitution of the hydrogen atoms by the metallic elements. LAlMe, LAlCl, LGaCl, LInCl as well as the side product L(H)InCl2 are obtained in high yields. X-ray structure determinations confirm the molecules LAlMe and L(H)InCl2 to be polycyclic and the metallic atoms to be four-coordinated by intramolecular nitrogen donors. When LAlCl, LGaCl and LInCl are reduced by sodium naphthalene, in the two latter cases the formation of LGaGaL and LInInL is observed. An X-ray structure determination of LInInL shows an InIn bond of 2.768(1) A° with the two indium atoms being coordinated by three nitrogen atoms each (InN ranging from 2.12(1)-2.298(7) A°). LGaGaL and LInInL can be considered as the first amides of GaII and InII

Topics: Silazane, Derivate, Stickstoff, Chemistry and allied sciences
Publisher: Sonstige Einrichtungen. INM Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien
Year: 1991
OAI identifier: oai:scidok.sulb.uni-saarland.de:1835

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