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Mass movement susceptibility mapping using satellite optical imagery compared with InSAR monitoring: Zigui County, Three Gorges region, China

By C. Kincal, A. Singleton, Z. Li, J. Drummond, T. Hoey, J. Muller, W. Qu, Q. Zeng, J. Zhang and P. Du


Mass movements on steep slopes are a major hazard to\ud communities and infrastructure in the Three Gorges\ud region, China. Developing susceptibility maps of mass\ud movements is therefore very important in both current\ud and future land use planning. This study employed\ud satellite optical imagery and an ASTER GDEM (15 m)\ud to derive various parameters (namely geology; slope\ud gradient; proximity to drainage networks and proximity\ud to lineaments) in order to create a GIS-based map of\ud mass movement susceptibility. This map was then\ud evaluated using highly accurate deformation signals\ud processed using the Persistent Scatterer (PS) InSAR\ud technique. Areas of high susceptibility correspond well\ud to points of high subsidence, which provides a strong\ud support of our susceptibility map

Topics: QE, GB, TA
Year: 2010
OAI identifier:
Provided by: Enlighten

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