An Approach to Detect and Correct Single Bit Data Error Using Reed_Muller Matrix


Abstract: Transferring data between two points is very crucial, also for some vital applications the precision of the transferred data is extremely important, however an error throughout the transmission of data is awfully familiar [1]. Error correcting codes are very valuable in transfer information over lengthy distances or through channels where errors might take place in the message. They have become more common as telecommunications have expanded and developed a use for codes that can auto-correct. Reed–Muller codes are a family of linear error correcting codes used in communications [2].For bit error correction, the Reed-Muller code is one of the efficient algorithms, on the other hand, its high-computation prerequisite innate in the decoding process interdict its use in handy applications [3].This paper describes a new method to detect and correct a single bit in the data message using Reed Muller matrix. The aim is to provide error-free information through transmitting and receiving by detection and correction a single bit in a big data very efficiently. The design detects and corrects all single bit errors in a 16, 32, 64, 128 bit data, and used 4, 5, 6, 7 check bits respectively. In the proposed method, it is feasible to detect the precise place of single bit error and correct that using least check bits

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