Smart Traffic Signal


Abstract- With the increase in population, traffic density on roads has increased to a level that makes navigating through cities extremely difficult. The apex of the problem is seen at traffic junctions, where the traffic light systems are hard coded and not adaptive to the real-time traffic conditions. The proposed system involves a closed loop control of traffic lights using a camera that acquires images of all four roads, followed by image processing to ascertain the real-time traffic congestion on the roads. The Canny Edge Detection technique is used in order to detect the edges of the vehicles in the images. The density of traffic on the road is determined by obtaining the Standard Variation value of the edge detected image. The traffic flow control algorithm has two aspects: the first being prioritization of roads, and the second, the duration of the traffic signal. The system has been developed using Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) which allows for effective real-time camera interfacing and image processing along with control of the traffic lights

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