Abstract. The freshwater crab fauna of the island of Pulau Langkawi, a large island approximately 25 km northwest of Peninsular Malaysia, is surveyed. Two new species, Stoliczia bella sp. nov. and Phricotelphusa gracilipes sp. nov., are described, whilst two other species, Somanniathelphusa sexpunctata (Lanchester, 1906) and Siamthelphusa improvisa (Lanchester, 1901) are recorded from the island for the first time. This brings to five the total number of true freshwater crabs known from the island. The taxonomy and ecology of these species are documented, and their affinities with mainland taxa discussed. 1KHT1SAR. Fauna ketam air tawar di Pulau Langkawi, Semenanjung Malaysia telah ditinjaukan. Dua spesies baru, Stoliczia bella sp. nov. dan Phricotelphusa gracilipes sp. nov., adalah dihuraikan, sementara dua spesies lain, Somanniathelphusa sexpunctata (Lanchester, 1906) dan Siamthelphusa improvisa (Lanchester, 1901) direkodkan untuk kalipertamanya di Pulau Langkawi. Ini menghasil-kan sejumlah lima spesies ketam air tawar di Pulau Langkawi. Taksonomi dan ekologi kesemua spesies ini dicatatkan, dan pertaliannya dengan taxa semenanjung dibincangkan

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