S. Al-Heniti, S.A. Al-Gohtany


Abstract. Thallium indium ditelluride single crystal, was prepared by a special design constructed by our group. A brass working chamber designed for measuring (TEP) in a wide range of temperature was used. The experimental results indicates that T1InTe2 is of p-type conductivity. The mobility of charge carriers, holes and electrons was found to be 2.129 × 103 cm2 / V, sec and 1.218 × 105 cm2 / V, sec respectively. The effective masses of the majority and minority carriers were deduced to be 5.367 × 10–37 kg and 6.856 × 10–43 kg respectively. The diffusion coefficient, relaxation time and diffusion length for holes was calculated to be 551.436 cm2 / sec, 7.142 × 10–21 sec and 1.986 × 10–9 cm respectively. Also Dn. τn, Ln for the electrons was calculated to be 3.156 × 103 cm3 / sec, 5.222 × 10–26 sec and 1.284 × 10–11 cm respectively. In addition to these pronounced parameters, the efficiency of the thermoelectric element (figure of merit) was evaluated, which leads to better application in many fields

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