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Search for charged Higgs bosons decaying via H^± → τν in tt events using pp collision data at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector

By G. Aad, H. M. Gray, Z. Marshall, D. Lopez Mateos and K. Perez


The results of a search for charged Higgs bosons are presented. The analysis is based on 4.6fb^(−1) of proton-proton collision data at √s=7TeV collected by the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, using top quark pair events with a τ lepton in the final state. The data are consistent with the expected background from Standard Model processes. Assuming that the branching ratio of the charged Higgs boson to a τ lepton and a neutrino is 100 %, this leads to upper limits on the branching ratio of top quark decays to a b quark and a charged Higgs boson between 5% and 1% for charged Higgs boson masses ranging from 90 GeV to 160 GeV, respectively. In the context of the m_h^(max) scenario of the MSSM, tan β above 12-26, as well as between 1 and 2-6, can be excluded for charged Higgs boson masses between 90 GeV and 150 GeV

Publisher: Springer
Year: 2012
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Provided by: Caltech Authors

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