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Evaluation of a pole placement controller for a planar manipulator



Graduation date: 1992The effectiveness of linear control of a planar manipulator is presented for\ud robot operation markedly exceeding the limits of linearity assumed in the design of\ud the linear controller. Wolovich's frequency domain pole placement algorithm is\ud utilized to derive the linear controller. The control scheme must include state\ud estimation since only link position is measured in the planar manipulator studied.\ud Extensive simulations have been conducted not only to verify the linear control\ud design but also to examine the behavior of the controlled system when inputs greatly\ud exceed those assumed for linear design. The results from these studies indicate the\ud linear model performs exactly as designed. The non-linear realistic simulation reveals\ud that the linear model results are obtained when the inputs do not exceed linearity\ud limits. However, when large inputs are applied, the nature of the system response\ud changes significantly. Regardless of the change in behavior, for the cases considered,\ud there was no instability detected and steady-state values were realized with\ud reasonable settling times which increased in length as the size of the inputs were\ud increased. From the simulation results, it is concluded that the linear controller\ud scheme studied is suitable for use in moving objects from one position to another but\ud would not work well in the rapid drawing of lines and curves

Year: 1991
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