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Automated water balance procedure for large-scale experimental databases based on soil moisture



Graduation date: 1997Based on the determination of the zero-flux plane, a water balance procedure\ud for large-scale experimental databases was automated to estimate the soil water\ud balance based on soil water content distribution with depth through time. The\ud automated procedure was verified using data from the BOREAS project obtained in\ud three Intensive Field Campaigns during the spring and summer of 1994. The data used\ud correspond to four tower sites measuring atmospheric fluxes above the forest canopy\ud from the Northern and Southern Study Areas and are designated according to the\ud predominant vegetation in the area as Old Jack Pine and Young Jack Pine.\ud The total hydraulic head through time at these sites is determined to identify the\ud position of the zero-flux plane, which separates that part of the soil profile in which\ud water flow is upward from the region in which the water flow is downward. In\ud conjunction with precipitation and soil water content data, the procedure allows\ud estimation of the actual soil water balance, the water used from the region above the\ud zero-flux plane being evapotranspiration, and the change in soil water content below\ud the mean zero-flux plane being drainage. Prior to this study, no published attempt had\ud been made to automate a water balance procedure for large-scale experimental\ud databases based on the position of the zero-flux plane and soil water content\ud distribution through time

Year: 1996
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