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Solid Phase Epitaxy in Uniaxially Stressed (001) Si

By N G Rudawski, K S Jones and R Gwilliam


<p>The effect of [110] uniaxial stresses up to 1.5 GPa on defect nucleation during solid phase epitaxy of amorphous (001) Si created via ion implantation was examined. The solid phase epitaxial regrowth velocity was slowed in compression. However, in tension, the velocity was unaffected. Both compression and tension resulted in an increase in regrowth defects compared to the stress- free case. The defects in compression appear to arise from roughening of the crystallizing interface whereas in tension it is proposed that reorientation of crystallites near the initial amorphous/crystalline interface is responsible for defect formation.</p

Year: 2007
DOI identifier: 10.1063/1.2801518
OAI identifier:

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