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    3. you will not redistribute the raw data elsewhere.
  • The aim of the project/organisation using the CORE Dataset should not interfere with or replicate existing CORE services.
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    1. resources coming from CORE in an appropriate way (e.g. by linking the entities coming from a particular CORE document, by giving a provenance link back to this document in CORE, etc.)
    2. the use of CORE. We expect an attribution at the project’s main page by using CORE’s logo or the powered by CORE picture.
    • If your project is producing any research papers mentioning CORE, you will support this mention by means of an explicit citation to a relevant paper listed in our Research Outputs
    • You authorise us to use the logo of your project on our website and mentioning our support to you.
    • We reserve the right to withdraw our approval for use of CORE at any time by giving you a 30-days notice.