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    Lie of the land

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    Mining magnate Hugh Morgan recently grabbed the headlines of Darwin\u27s Northern Territory News predicting Aboriginal urban terrorism. The Alice Springs Centra/ian Advocate reported him making some interesting statements concerning demands for recognition of Aboriginal Rights

    The Earth\u27s Fate

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    This volume reprints three articles on the nuclear dilemma from the New Yorker. Their appearance in such a journal helps explain the growing opposition to the nuclear arms race in the United States. While atomic scientists may have first sounded the alarm in 1945, it is now being echoed throughout the scientific, medical and religious worlds. Schell\u27s book helps to carry their message to non-experts whose response will ultimately be decisive

    Marx Remains Relevant

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    Stuart McIntyre looks at the history of capitalism and revolutionary movements since Marx. He argues that although many of the social movements that have developed recently cannot be simply reduced to questions of class, class refuses to go away. For McIntyre, Marx\u27s science of history remains relevant to the Australian labour movement today

    An Offering of Hope

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    Most women sense a diminution of self when they marry. The wife of is a title which can bring pleasure and a sense of pride, but one\u27s individuality is, nevertheless, conditioned . The problem is compounded when the woman is the wife of a famous public figure, and may become unbearable should she become a widow, witness Jackie Kennedy

    Democracy and the Communist Party

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    Does democracy exist in the Communist Party? The writer poses some questions, advances a few ideas as a basis for comment and debate

    Conscription Then and Now

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    Today’s anti-conscription fight compared with the conscription struggles of 1916-17

    Australian Left Review No. 4 December 1966- January 1967

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    Briefings: Lucky Jim

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    When Jim Anderton, leader of the New Zealand Alliance, visited Australia late last year, hosted by the Rainbow Alliance, the non-ALP Left had some cause to celebrate. The new party\u27s meteoric rise had surprised everyone, not least itself

    The Lure of Melodrama

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    New Australian Cinema: Sources and Parallels in American and British Film by Brian McFarlane and Geoff Mayer (Cambridge University Press, 1992). Reviewed by Susan Dermody. Recent Hollywood films have begun to show their component parts and workings in plainer view as budgets and blockbusting ambitions escalate. Think of Coppolla’s Dracuh, and Scorsese’s Cape Fear, for instance. The full melodramatic register of everything permissible tonight-mare is there: the relentless bigness of the effects and the affects, the self-conscious play with the audience’s visual memory of hundreds of earlier films in the tradition and, in one case at least, the narrative charge that, once lit, sizzles and snakes through every scene, irresistibly powering the experience

    Dr Hewson Comes to Town

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    1992 saw Labor under Paul Keating undergo a remarkable electoral revival. Rodney Cavalier argues that despite Fightback Mark II Labor continues to assume the policy high ground as the election looms
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