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    This study sought to establish the extent to which ergonomics influence the performance in state corporations in Kenya with reference to Kenya Bureau of Standards as the study case. This research was to specifically seek to evaluate how office furniture, spatial arrangement, lighting and office equipment affects performance of employees at KEBS. The study findings provided the management with information regarding the current state of working environment and how it affected employee performance. The recommendations of the study assisted the management develop a guideline for enhancing the state of office ergonomics for improved performance of staff. The study was carried out at the KEBS office located along Popo Road in Nairobi. The study used a descriptive research design to give the actual picture of how things look presently .The study target population was 400 employees of Kenya Bureau of Standards headquarters, classified into four divisions namely; Standards Development Division, Quality Assurance and Inspection Division, Metrology and Testing Division, and Support Services Division. With the help of statistical package of social sciences, the data was analyzed. Furthermore, the study used both correlation and linear regression analyses to test for the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The study established that office furniture affects employee performance to a great extent and the study findings shows that office furniture is significant determinant of employee performance and office furniture contributes significantly to employee performance. The findings revealed that spatial arrangement affects employee performance to a moderate extent. Results indicate a strong positive correlation between spatial arrangement and employee performance; the study also established that office lighting affects employee performance to a great extent and also findings reveals that office equipment affects employee performance at KEBs to a great extent. The study concludes that type of furniture provided by an organization affects the employee performance and there is a significant relationship between office layout and performance of employees. It also follows that employee comfortability leads to increased performance, the study also concluded that there is a strong positive correlation between office lighting and employee performance and finally office equipment is a significant determinant in employee performance. The research recommends to the KEBS Management and Board of directors to consider providing proper office furniture and equipment to employees that will not only assist employees to carry their task more conveniently but will also improve employee performance. Allowing the staff to have their own work station equipped with all the office essentials can make them feel more comfortable. A desk with storage cabinets can help in organizing stationeries and documents. An ergonomic chair will perfectly fit the body of its user preventing employees from absenteeism due to work related body pains caused by poor posture. The study suggests a research on relationship between ergonomics and employee performance with reference to multinational organizations in Kenya, whereby the study should seek to provide more insights on the current study findings and validate the findin


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    The objective of the study was to determine those factors affecting the growth of airline companies in Kenya. The research study was carried out at Skyward express. The objectives of the research included; investigating the effects of: cost, management style, employee morale, employee training, and employee relations on sustainability of airline companies. The research is of great significance to the management of Skyward express, the government of Kenya and other researchers in understanding those factors affecting the growth of airline companies in Kenya. Questionnaires were used in the study. The descriptive research design was used. The population was 105 employees from which a sample of 60 employees was drawn. The researcher used stratified random sampling. The data was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively and se of enhancing employee morale that contributes to sustainability of airline companies, quite a number of things must be considered. Regular training on employees is also another aspect that airline companies need to consider to contribute towards their sustainability. There need to bpresented by the use of charts and tables and graphs. It was concluded that all the factors on the study; cost, training, morale, management style and employee relation affect sustainability of airline companies. The recommendations are as follows; There is the need for airline companies to consider allowing more investors in this sector either from within the country or outside for the purpose of supporting their sustainability. There is the need for democratic style of management to be adopted by the heads or rather the employers in the airline companies. For the purpoe in existence a good working relationship between the employer and the employees


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    This research study major on factors affecting procurement of farm inputs in the agriculture sector in Kenya on a case study of OCP Kenya Limited. The specific objectives comprises of establishing the effect of ethics in procurement, government policy, information technology, procurement process and staff competence on procurement of farm inputs in in the agriculture area in Kenya. The exploration study is beneficial to management of OCP Kenya Limited and other organizations and the future researchers. The researcher will adopt descriptive research design in the methodology. On identifying the target population, the staff working at OCP Kenya Limited in Nairobi will be chosen. They will comprise of 124 staff in total. The sampling design that will guide the study in obtaining the sample size of 62 respondents. In data collection techniques, questionnaires were used to gather information. The gathered information was broke down both subjectively and quantitatively and the introductions was in type of figures, for example, reference diagrams and outlines. The investigation discovered accountability that moral practices, provider determination strategies, government approach and obtainment process administration rehearses strongly affected the execution of acquisition capacities. The fundings demonstrated that responsibility and straightforwardness influenced execution of acquisition work emphatically, decidedly and fundamentally. It is suggested that responsibility and straightforwardness ought to be maintained in the whole procedure of procurement. The think about prescribes that OCP Kenya Limited must actualize effective obtainment hones keeping in mind the end goal to end up more productive in their tasks and by and large administration conveyance to their client


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    Public procurement is a vital process that both reflects and secures the quality of relations between the government, society and business. The government procurement agencies engaged in the society interests and allocate budget funds with utmost efficiency in order to deliver high living standards for the public. The main objective of carrying out this study was to assess the procurement procedure factors affecting the implementation of the national police reforms,and to come up with particular issues that need to be addressed in order to improve their effectviness and efficiency in their procurement systems.The study used case study design where data was gathered from only the Kiganjo Police College. The research design described the phenomenon that was undertaken in order to ascertain and be able to describe the characteristics of variables of interest. The study used a target population of 17 respondents where a census approach was used. Self-administered questionnaires were used for data collection and data was analyzed using frequencies, percentages and charts. The study implicates that procurement compliance checklists are a crucial element of corruption risk mitigation in procurement processes, both in terms of prevention and detection of fraud and corruption. Open tendering method is strictly procedures-based and was primarily designed for the procurement of simple goods hence it is not fitted for complex procurements where the focus is more on the output and outcome of the contracting process rather than on strict adherence to standards. Competences of procurement are developed in line with the needs of the organization. Reference to the strategic objectives and human resource plans is an essential starting point. This will establish the future demand for procurement skills. A training needs analysis should then be undertaken to assess the competences that exist within the organization. Strategic sourcing entails the details of what a company purchases, their supplier, quantity and the price involved. Strategic sourcing software modules can facilitate the approach by standardizing sourcing requirements and providing users with federated data technology with which to share information about products, markets and business needs


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    Understanding the dynamics of solar energy transitions can facilitate the steering of current and future global developments of clean solutions. The literature reviewed showed that while community participation is important for any development projects in Kenya, exclusion of some people is also possible in most of the counties. This study therefore investigated the impact of community participation on the performance of solar energy projects in Kalobeyei ward in Turkana west sub-county in Kenya. The key objectives of this study were to investigate the impact of community empowerment, feedback mechanisms, conflict management and policy framework. The research study used descriptive research study and regression for the investigation. The target population of the study was 3200 households. Stratified Radom sampling was employed during the study with a sample of 320 household heads. A pilot study was conducted to test the accuracy of the research instruments to ensure reliability and validity of research data. Data was processed and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Independent and dependent variables relationship was determined by use of multiple regression models using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. Research findings were presented using graphs, pie charts and frequency tables. Findings indicated that there was a positive and significant relationship between community empowerment, conflict management, feedback mechanism and policy framework and the performance of solar energy in kalobeyei ward. The study concluded that most of the respondents strongly agreed that in their area civic education was done to transfer and disseminate knowledge, skills, and values to general public and to promote solar energy project efficacy. The study also found out that there are agencies mandated with the responsibility to create awareness and encourage public participation in the solar energy projects. The study established that community satisfaction surveys are important platforms to enhance the project performance and access achievement of the intended program to the beneficiary. Project team managers and agencies used social media to inform the public on the date, time and the progress of solar energy projects. The study concludes that the county has developed policy to guide development of solar energy and that the county has allocated resources in their budget for solar energy projects mainly for public institutions and households with support of different development actors. The study recommends that there is a need to increase the participation of the community in needs identification and prioritization. More emphasis by the development stakeholders, especially the government and other development partners, on more involvement of the community to assist in community empowerment and enhanced the performance of solar energy in the ward. There is also need to have skills development programmes for youths on solar energy and particularly on installation, operation and maintenance of solar energy systems. This is because there are few specialists in this in the local community hence depending on consultants from other parts of Kenya. Finally the study recommends that the community should be trained on aspects of community action planning, such as coming up with project design, project costing and budgeting, resource mobilization, drawing up implementation, monitoring and evaluation plans amongst other


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