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    Marginalized female in two song lyrics, Tragedi Cinta: textual-metaphoric representations

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    Old romantic songs of the 1980s linger; especially for people, at the moment, in their 60s or so. Such songs are rich in moral teaching, applicable in any religion on earth. The current study which examined Benjamin S’ and Ida Royani’s the same song lyrics Tragedi Cinta but of different versions aimed to construe the meanings of both songs viewed from their textual-metaphoric representations. The two song lyrics were analyzed employing a software application UAMCT 6.8, adopting Hallidayan SFL on thematic progression, leading to their modes of the discourse. Also dealt with herein is the use of both grammatical and lexical metaphors to examine how meanings are realized. The findings show that ‘female’ is marginalized in three ways, namely (1) the use of active voice without any attempt to hide the identity for doing sincere things as opposed to ‘male’ put in passive voice to hide the identity for doing bad things, (2) the use of marked themes indicate high literary values employed in both song lyrics, (3) the use of both lexical and grammatical metaphoric styles implies excellently-written song lyrics, and (4) moral teaching of both song lyrics is also highlighted to give evidence of ‘female’ marginalization and it is, thereby recommended to avoid romantic juvenile delinquency, especially of the millennial generation termed as ‘digital natives’ who can get access to abundant information without limit of time and space; no matter how hard the social, religious and familial authorities try to ban the negative impacts of the world’s largest information technology industry

    Washback effects of Google Meet automatic caption feature in assessing students’ pronunciation

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    The utilisation of technology in assessing speaking tests is not a novel concept. Conducting an analysis of the washback effect should be done following the implementation of the assessment. This research study aimed at finding the washback effects of the use of the Google Meet automatic caption feature in assessing students’ pronunciation skill. A mixed-method was employed with the embedded case study as the research design. The instrument was a survey questionnaire designed with a four-point Likert scale. It was distributed to 63 students in English subject from the first semester of Management study program in Universitas Tidar, Magelang which were selected using the purposive sampling. A descriptive statistics analysis was used to analyze the results of the questionnaire. To strengthen the data, a semi-structured interview was conducted to gain more accurate descriptive data. It was found that there are three pedagogical dimensions of washback effects: students’ attitudes, motivation, and pronunciation awareness. Based on these results, further research on the feature’s accurateness in captioning is highly suggested

    Failure of Bloom’s learning domains in online learning: EFL learners’ perspectives

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     This naturalistic qualitative research investigated the insufficient performances of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains in online-class learning and the paradigm shifts of Bloom’s learning domains from face-to-face teaching learning process to internet-based teaching learning process. This research adapted the theory of Bloom’s taxonomy which discussed the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. The data was taken by semi-structured interview with the university students about the online learning experience and the analysis was done by categorizing to get the grand theory. It was found that the online learning brought several positive sides such coming to class on time, saving cost for transportation, and paperless, and the negative sides of online learning were the limited reach, limited facilities, and over-cost of internet connection. Then, the cognitive failure in online learning affected the understanding, the affective failure in online learning affected the receiving, responding, valuing, organization, and characterization. The psycho-motoric failure in online learning affected fundamental movement, perceptual abilities, physical abilities, and skilled movement. The paradigm shift of Bloom’s learning domain is the way to teach, the way to behave, and the way to socialize

    Comparing pedagogical competence performances of English and non-English educational background teachers in teaching English at an elementary school

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    Regulation of the Minister of National Education number 16 of 2007 stated that Teachers at the Elementary school level (SD/MI), or other equivalent forms, must have a minimum educational academic qualification of diploma four (D-IV) or bachelor (S1) in the field of Primary Education (D-IV/S1 PGSD/PGMI) or psychology obtained from an accredited study program. Thus, there are many schools that have English teachers from non-English educational backgrounds (NEB) rather than English teachers from English educational backgrounds (EEB). This condition will affect the quality of English teaching in Elementary schools. In order to evaluate further the suitability of government regulation regarding teachers’ criteria in teaching Elementary students, this study was to compare the pedagogical competence of English and non-English educational background teachers in teaching English at the elementary school level. The design of the study is qualitative research with a case study approach. The researcher took four English teachers consisting of two English teachers with EEB and two English teachers with NEB. This study used interviews, observation, and questionnaires to collect the data. This study used 10 indicators from the Ministry of Education, 2007. The results showed that from the 10 aspects, it can be highlighted that English teachers from EEB and English teachers from NEB have similarities and differences in implementing the indicators of pedagogical competence established by the Ministry of Education, 2007. It showed that the English teachers from EEB are more dominant in implementing indicators 1,2,8,9,10. Furthermore, the English teachers from NEB are more dominant in indicators 6 and 7. Thus, they have similarities in the rest of the indicators (3,4,5)

    Stylistic analysis on Douglas Malloch’s “Be the Best of Whatever You Are†poem

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    The current study aims to analyze the stylistic devices and describe their realization in constructing the theme and meaning in Douglas Malloch’s “Be the Best of Whatever You Are†poem. This descriptive qualitative study applied critical content analysis as an approach. Leech & Short’s (2007) stylistic theory was adopted as an analytical tool to examine the levels of language (style) in the poem. Based on the findings, there are 67 items found in the phonological level, 60 items found in the graphological level, 7 items found in the morphological level, 151 items found in the lexical levels, 30 items found in the syntax level, and lastly, there are 13 items found in the semantic level. The stylistic realization has revealed that Malloch uses varied linguistic elements in constructing the theme of this particular poem. Importantly, Malloch, through this poem, conveys a message of hope and motivation for people of all ages to always remember that a complex reality and negative aspects in life can be juxtaposed with the positive ones such as being the best version of ourselves and share it to the world

    EFL students’ readiness to have online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic among undergraduate students

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    This study aimed to analyze the readiness levels of EFL students of the even semester of the English Education Study Program of Sultan Agung Islamic University to have online learning. This research was a descriptive study with a quantitative approach. The method used was a survey method. The data were collected through a closed-ended questionnaire. Ninety-seven English Education Study Program students in the academic year 2021/2022 participated in this research. It was found that computer and internet literacy had a mean of 25.53, which was moderate. While self-directed learning was at a low level with a mean of 24.74, and motivation of learning was also at a low level with a mean of 24.41. It means that the students could use computers, laptops, and smartphones to complete course assessment tasks and facilities available on campus. It reported that students could not manage difficulty to present high performance on online learning to work independently. Besides computer and internet literacy and self-directed learning, motivation to learn was another factor that affected students' readiness. It found that during Covid-19, many students did not have high motivation to learn

    Translation shift and the equivalence in children’s novel “The House at Pooh Cornerâ€

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    Translating literary works such as novels, poetry, short stories, and dramas is widely conducted in Indonesia to introduce literature to the Indonesian people. In translating literary works, the transfer of messages from the source language must be appropriate and flexible in the target language because literary works have their aesthetic function, so translators need to have a broad knowledge of the qualified sociocultural background. Translators do not only translate meaning but also translate the values of literary works such as moral value and cultural value. The role of translators is to find out the equivalence in the target language and use their creativity to solve the non-equivalence in the target text. Equivalence is the main concept to achieve translation quality. This study aims to find the type of translation shift that occurred in the translated version of the children’s book entitled ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ based on Catford theory and to analyse the equivalence of translation according to Popovic. This research is qualitative research which applies content analysis. The data was collected through documentation. It is found that there are level shifts and category shifts in the translated version of The House at Pooh Corner. In addition, the types of equivalence found in this research are paradigmatic equivalence, stylistic equivalence, and textual equivalence. This research is expected to be used as the material for students to understand more about shifts and equivalence in literary translatio

    The acculturation process of old Mrs. Pan reflected in Pearl S Buck’s The Good Deed

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    Diaspora still becomes one of the big issues in sociological aspect. Acculturation has been relevant to the topic of diaspora. The issue raised in this study is acculturation process which is experienced by people who do migration by leaving their homeland to a new country caused by any condition happens in their homeland. This study attempts to analyze the acculturation process experienced by old Mrs. Pan in Pearl S Buck’s short story “The Good Deedâ€. This study applied descriptive qualitative method and several steps used in organizing the data; reading the short story, identifying the data, classifying the data, reducing the data, analyzing the data and finally the data analysis presented in descriptive form. In conducting this study, primary data and secondary data were used. The primary data were taken from The Good Deed short story by Pearl S. Buck published in 1953 and the secondary data were taken from journals, e-journals, books, e-books. In conclusion, this study found that acculturation process reflected in old Mrs. Pan as the main character. She experienced the acculturation process as she moved to America because of the conflict which happened in China. She faced the acculturation process in her movement to the new country such as acculturative stress and separation as one of acculturation’s strategy she encountered

    The impact of and Yenni's English content to students’ descriptive writing skills of HOTS

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    This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of and Yenni's English content towards students’ descriptive writing skills of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) at SMPN 42 Semarang. In this research, a quasi-experimental study design was used. This was a quantitative study that compares Experimental Group 1 and Experimental Group 2, constructed using model treatment and Yenni Dwi Maria's English Content at model therapy, respectively. The sample was taken through a purposive sampling technique. The test was done for both experimental classes. The pre-test was carried out before the treatment in data collection. The present researchers used a t-test of SPSS to test the hypothesis in data analysis. Based on the results of the t-test, it was found sig. (2-tailed) = 0.001 < sig. 0.05. It means there is a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test data (H0 rejected, Ha accepted). It can be concluded that myenglishstep model and Yenni’s content for the seventh-grade students effectively improved students’ descriptive writing skills of HOTS

    Building beginners’ self-confidence in speaking at private high school in Makassar

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    Teaching spoken English has been a critical issue in the EFL context. The researchers are focusing on how to improve students' public speaking abilities. Several studies, however, have focused on how teachers build EFL learners' self-confidence before focusing on their speaking skills. Lack of self-confidence makes it difficult for beginners to speak, and it also makes it difficult for teachers to design activities that foster students' self-confidence. In response to this growing demand, this article provides an empirical account of how scripted role-plays are used as an innovative learning design in a private high school setting with a majority of students who are beginners. This research applied the Classroom Action Research study. The scripted role-play intervention was carried out for eight meetings following an action research protocol. Classroom observations and semi-structured interviews with students and the teacher were used to collect data. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) was used to analyze these data. According to the study's findings, the students had finally gained confidence in public speaking. Being confident allowed students to practice more, which improved their speaking skills. The study's findings have three practical implications. First, increasing opportunities for students to practice speaking should be prioritized in EFL classes. Second, providing scripted role-play for beginner students allows them to easily use the language. Finally, before asking students to improve their speaking skills, teachers should focus on developing their students' self-confidence


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