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    Uptake and participation in physical activity referral schemes in the UK: an investigation of patients referred with mental health problems

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    The study compared outcomes of uptake, attendance, and completion between two patient groups (mental health, n = 134 and physical health, n = 2767) in a physical activity referral scheme in the UK during 2000 to 2003. Despite similar rates for the physical health and mental health groups for initial progression (94% vs. 90%), referral uptake (60% vs. 69%; p < 0.001) and programme completion (22% vs. 34%; p < 0.001) were significantly lower in the mental health referrals. In conclusion, physical activity referral schemes appear to be less well suited to the needs of the mental health patient. Further research is recommended

    Private banking consumer perception and the influence of acquisition

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    The primary aim of this dissertation is to research the private banking consumer perception and to analyse the impact acquisition in private banking has or might have on private banking consumer perception. A literature review discovered that existing research in the field of private banking consumer perception is relatively rare and no studies were discovered that dealt with private banking consumer perception and, in particular, the influence of an acquisition. In addition to that, private banking consumer perception is not defined by any literature. Hence, there is a gap in existing literature and the literature review resulted in research questions which were analysed and discussed by gathering primary data. A holistic case study based on the Swiss and German private banking market was used to gather primary data. This type of case study offers the researcher a holistic view(Patton, 1990) on the present subject as it considers all parties which have an influence on the topic under investigation. The first phase of the case study consisted of nonparticipant observation at a finance fair. Private banking consumers, relationship managers and consultants were observed. In the next phase semi-structured interviews were undertaken with relationship managers, banking managers, private banking clients and lawyers. Both phases were qualitative in its nature. Based on the findings it was established that private banking consumers have expectations on private banking. If the private banking service provider is able to fulfil or exceed these expectations the client perceives this as "satisfaction". Determinants of private banking consumer perception were elicited. These determinants are defined as categories and sub-categories of different criteria used by the consumer to evaluate a perceived service. Apart from that, the research findings revealed that acquisition can influence all private banking consumer perception determinants depending on the context of the acquisition. The independent advice of private banks as well as retaining the relationship manager was found to be of primary concern to the clients during an acquisition process. A model of private banking consumer perception was developed from the primary data results. With the knowledge gained from this research private banks are better able to understand bank consumers’ expectations and perceptions. This contributes to higher levels of competitiveness for banks as customers’ needs can be better met, and client movements during an acquisition process reduced

    Selection and Deselection of the National Narrative: Approaches to Heritage through Devolved Politics in Wales

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    Howell explores the impacts of devolved politics on the heritage and museums sector in Wales. His work focuses on efforts by the Welsh Government to create a ‘Heritage Bill’ specific to the needs of the Welsh cultural sector. This chapter looks at the impacts and priorities of government in Wales regarding heritage resources and heritage providers. Howell questions the motivations of the Welsh Government in its failed attempt to bring bodies such as the Royal Commission ‘in house’. He concludes with a consideration of the demands placed on the National Museum in Wales by government, as the heritage sector is increasingly called upon to achieve the wider goals of government policy

    New Photographic Work Exhibited in 'Visages de la Mediteranee, Le Voyage de Tara, la mer, l'intimate', Galerie du Jour, Paris (8 November – 20 December 2014)

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    New photographic work about childhood was exhibited in 'Visages de la Mediteranee, Le Voyage de Tara, la mer, l'intimate', Galerie du Jour, Paris (8 November – 20 December 2014). Other artists were Brigitte Cornand, Dash Snow, Gabriel Orlowski, Hervé Guibert, Luc Choquer, Malick Nejmi, Nan Goldin, Olivia Bee, Samuel Gratacap and Tim Barber. The exhibition coincided with Paris Photo 201

    Quartz luminescence dating of Anglian Stage (MIS 12) fluvial sediments: Comparison of SAR age estimates to the terrace chronology of the Middle Thames valley, UK

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    Quartz optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) is increasingly being used to constrain the depositional age of fluvial and glaciofluvial sequences over orbital (Milankovitch) timescales within the British Isles. Few of these previous studies have had any age control; however there is some evidence that OSL ages based on the single aliquot regenerative dose (SAR) protocol may be subject to systematic age underestimation as samples approach saturation. In this study, the age of 12 luminescence samples from a chronologically well-constrained site dating to 450 ka from the Thames terrace sequence, southern Britain, was measured using SAR in order to test the performance of the method close to its upper age limit. The characteristics, dose response and thermal stability of the OSL signal in these samples were assessed by investigating equivalent dose (De) as a function of stimulation time and component-resolved pulse annealing. Despite the fact that the samples are dominated by the quartz fast component, these results showed that both the medium and slow components have lower stabilities than the fast component, but with the unstable medium component most affecting the initial part of the OSL signal used in dating. Based on isolating the fast component either through curve fitting or eliminating the medium component using the early background subtraction method, OSL ages up to 450 Gy were found to compare well with the expected age of the site of 450 ± 23 ka. In contrast, a systematic age underestimation of 10% was manifested at lower doses when using the initial part of the OSL signal, contaminated by the medium component. These results suggest that the early background subtraction method should be used when dating in the non-linear part of the growth curve as it provides a better separation of thermally unstable signals and represents a more convenient approach than curve fitting in well-behaved samples

    Rewriting Home: A Life Writing Study in Post-Postwar Lebanon

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    This article examines the role that creative writing, specifically life writing or creative nonfiction, can play in subverting dominant discourse in a post-conflict environment such as post-postwar (post-2006) Lebanon. To engage the views of Lebanese youth on home matters that shape their lives, I examine 62 personal narratives written by creative writing students at the University of Balamand in Beirut, Lebanon, over a three-year period (2013–2016). Produced against the backdrop of a fractious political climate worsened by the Syrian refugee crisis and military tensions disturbing the Middle East, the texts, I argue, focus on two subject groupings. The first is ‘Coming of Age in an Unstable Home Culture’, and the second is ‘Rewriting Home’. These I separate into six sub-themes: the sectarian and patriarchal gridlock, dim prospects, non-conformist choices, the plight of domestic workers, alternative communities and activism, and green texts. The memoirs reveal how coming of age amid risk and turmoil compelled students to develop contact zones and counter-spaces where non-sectarian initiatives can both circumvent and resist the political and patriarchal sanctions that prescribe life choices and reproduce mainstream followings

    Gay Sweatshop Theatre Company

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    The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Queer Culture covers gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) life and culture post-1945, with a strong international approach to the subject. The scope of the work is extremely comprehensive, with entries falling into the broad categories of Dance, Education, Film, Health, Homophobia, the Internet, Literature, Music, Performance, and Politics. Slang is also covered. The international contributors come from a wide array of backgrounds: scholars, journalists, artists, doctors, scientists, lawyers, activists, and an enormous range of ideologies and points of view are represented. Major entries provide in-depth information and consider the intellectual and cultural implications of their subjects in a global context. Information is completely up-to-date, including full coverage and analysis of such current or ongoing issues as same-sex marriage/civil union and the international AIDS epidemic. Additionally, there are important appendices covering international sodomy laws and archival institutions, which will be of great value to researchers. The Encyclopedia is fully cross-referenced and many entries carry a bibliography. Where possible internet references have been given and there is a full index. The combination of its wide scope, determined international coverage and appendices make the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Queer Culture a uniquely ambitious work and an extremely rich source of information. It is a priority addition for all libraries serving scholars and students with an interest in GLBTQ culture, history and politics across the disciplines

    Psychology and Philosophy of Abstract Art: Neuro-aesthetics, Perception and Comprehension

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    This book examines how we perceive and understand abstract art in contrast to artworks that represent reality. Philosophical, psychological and neuroscience research, including the work of philosopher Paul Crowther, are considered and out of these approaches a complex model is developed to account for this experience. The understanding embodied in this model is rooted in facet theory, mapping sentences and partially ordered analyses, which together provide a comprehensive understanding of the perceptual experience of abstract art
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