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    Multiplicity is a photographic project produced for a group photographic exhibition at The Photographers Gallery in London responding to The London Olympics. The exhibition was held in 2012, and entitled The World in London. The work was then toured by The Photographers gallery to OCT Loft in Shenzhen, China in 2015 and that group exhibition was entitled Work, Rest & Play

    'Twilight and Dreams', Martin Bills (composer), Danielle Meunier (soprano)

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    Song composed by Martin Bills Solo voice by Danielle Meunier This audio recording cannot be shared publicly due to copyright

    The Performance of Creative Machines

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    Cybernetic and robotic agents have long played an instrumental role in the production of ‘machine creativity’ as a cultural discourse. This paper traces the cultural legacy of the performance of automata and discusses historical and contemporary works to explore machine creativity as a cultural, bodily practice. Creative machines are explored as performers, capable to expand the script they are given by their human creator and skillful in bidding for the audience’s attention

    Pool School Gallery CIC Contemporary Artist Programme 2019/2020

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    Pool School Gallery CIC Contemporary Artist Programme 2019/2020 presents 4 public facing projects of exceptional quality. • Seamas Carey’s Inflatable Choir - Pool Academy staff, Friends of Pool Academy and young people write and perform new songs based on their lived experiences. • Lovers of Camp Ben Sanderson and young people curate a group exhibition featuring newly commissioned and existing works to ‘explode what painting can be’. • Zoe Williams Bangers and Mash-Up Zoe Williams collaborates with young people towards an exhibition for The Bangers and Mash-Up Festival 2020 • PSG Summer School 2 week pilot David Paton works with young people to create an exhibition during a 10 day Summer Schoo


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    Accomplice is a large-scale robotic installation that embeds a group of autonomous robots into the walls of the gallery. The work nestles itself into our human environment and turns it into a playground for a colony of curious, social machines. In this mingling of wall and machine, the walls become the milieu for the machines to develop and express their desires


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    Exhibition of abstract landscape painting

    The Claze; Time to be friends

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    Design and artwork for Cornish folk outfit The Claze. Their second full album ‘Time to be friends’ was recorded over a number of months in early 2016. I was commissioned to design the artwork for the cover, and was also invited to contribute guitar parts to a number of the tracks. The work has gone on to be part of the BBC Introducing series, and they have received regular airplay on BBC Radio 2

    Feeling my way: tactility, text and biography in Pick me up

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    This paper will consider books as material objects from an aesthetic, textural perspective. The case study will be Atlantic Press Books and, in particular, my chapbook Pick me up, produced in collaboration with illustrator Harriet Lee Merrion, (forthcoming, April 2014, Atlantic Press Books). In ‘Agency, biography and objects’, Janet Hoskins suggests that: ‘In certain contexts, people can seem to take on the attributes of things and things can seem to act almost as persons’. She adds that, ‘Within this framework, things can be said to have biographies.’ (Hoskins, p74, 2013) The attribution of literary characteristics to non-literary object-texts is a counterpoint to the erosion of textural textuality in a digital age. Biographies in this sense tell two stories, and discourse analysis is aligned equally with the words on the page and the material culture and alternate aesthetic account. This paper constitutes part of my PhD research. I am studying part time at Stirling University and my PhD is entitled: Writing Culture and Cultural Value: Ethnographies of Contemporary Publishing (1996-2016)

    On a Knife Edge

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    On a Knife Edge is the coming of age story of a teenage Lakota boy, George Dull Knife guided by his father, growing up in the poorest district of the United States but born into a family rich in culture and tradition, a family that five generations back led their tribe. It's been a 6 year [and counting] labour of love project and has developed organically. The film follows George as he becomes involved in the American Indian Movement [AIM] and takes to the streets to protest alcohol and other injustices his tribe face. Across the years we spend time at home, school, out in Pine Ridge with his father, and follow him out on the protest trail, all of which leads him ultimately to Standing Rock and the protests there against the oil pipeline, via White Clay and Wounded Knee. The film is Directed by Jeremy Williams [Ghosts of the 7th Cavalry, Orphans of Burma's Cyclone], produced by Eli Cane [Land Rush, Market Maker] of Normal Life Pictures, photography by Steve Robinson [Amish: A Secret Life] and it is edited by Nick Fenton [The Arbor, The Selfish Giant, Submarine]. The doc is funded by ITVS, Vision Maker, Gucci TriBeCa Doc Fund, South Dakota Humanities & Nebraska Humanities Councils and is a co-production between Normal Life Pictures and 24 Frames Per Second Films

    Lost Classic: A Serious Man (Joel & Ethan Coen, 2009)

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    Feature article on the film A Serious Man
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