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    Early Life Nutrition Factors and Risk of Acute Leukemia in Children: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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    Acute leukemia commonly occurs in young children with peak incidence at the age of 2–5 years. However, the etiology is still unclear and many preventable risk factors still deserve to be reviewed. The focus of this systematic review and meta-analysis is to summarize the evidence concerning early life nourishment (breastfeeding, early life diet), neonatal vitamin K administration and the risk of acute leukemia. All epidemiological studies published up to June 2023 and assessing diet-related risk factors for childhood acute leukemia were identified in two electronic databases (PubMed and Web of Science), with no limits on publication year or language. A total of 38 studies (37 case–control studies and 1 study with pooled analysis) were included. The published risk estimates were combined into a meta-analysis using the Generic Inverse Variance method. The current evidence shows that breastfeeding (yes vs. no) has a protective effect against acute lymphoblastic leukemia (odds ratio = 0.85; 95% CI, 0.76–0.94). Evidence related to the role of other studied factors (foods and supplements) is inconclusive. Further research into the potential role of diet in early life and the risk of acute leukemia is needed to develop prevention strategies at population level. Review Registration: PROSPERO registration no. CRD42019128937

    Iridium-(K2-NSi) catalyzed dehydrogenation of formic acid: effect of auxiliary ligands on the catalytic performance

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    IThe iridium(III) complexes [Ir(H)(Cl)(κ2-NSitBu2)(κ2-bipyMe2)] (2) and [Ir(H)(OTf)(κ2-NSitBu2)(κ2-bipyMe2)] (3) (NSitBu2 = {4-methylpyridine-2-yloxy}ditertbutylsilyl) have been synthesized and characterized including X-ray studies of 3. A comparative study of the catalytic activity of complexes 2, 3, [Ir(H)(OTf)(κ2-NSitBu2)(coe)] (4), and [Ir(H)(OTf)(κ2-NSitBu2)(PCy3)] (5) (0.1 mol%) as catalysts precursors for the solventless formic acid dehydrogenation (FADH) in the presence of Et3N (40 mol%) at 353 K has been performed. The highest activity (TOF5 min ≈ 3260 h−1) has been obtained with 3 at 373 K. However, at that temperature the FTIR spectra show traces of CO together with the desired products (H2 and CO2). Thus, the best performance was achieved at 353 K (TOF5 min ≈ 1210 h−1 and no observable CO). Kinetic studies at variable temperature show that the activation energy of the 3-catalyzed FADH process is 16.76 kcal mol−1. Kinetic isotopic effect (5 min) values of 1.6, 4.5, and 4.2 were obtained for the 3-catalyzed dehydrogenation of HCOOD, DCOOH, and DCOOD, respectively, at 353 K. The strong KIE found for DCOOH and DCOOD evidenced that the hydride transfer from the C–H bond of formic acid to the metal is the rate-determining step of the process

    Reports of Symptoms Associated with Supraventricular Arrhythmias as a Serious Adverse Drug Reaction in the Spanish Pharmacovigilance Database

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    This study aimed to determine the type of drugs reported as suspected of causing severe supraventricular arrhythmias from the Spanish Human Pharmacovigilance System database. A total of 1053 reports were analysed, of which 526 (50%) were on men and 516 (49%) were on women. The most affected age group was the over-65s, with 593 reports (56%). Of the 1613 drugs, those belonging to the cardiovascular system (ATC Group C) were the most numerous (414 reports, 26%), with digoxin being the most frequent drug (49 reports, 12%). Other common groups were antiinfectives for systemic use (ATC Group J; 306 reports, 19%), antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents (ATC Group L; 198 reports, 12%), and nervous system drugs (ATC Group N; 185 reports, 11%). The most common supraventricular arrhythmia was atrial fibrillation (561 reports, 51%). Regarding outcomes, 730 (66%) patients recovered, 76 (7%) did not recover, 25 (3%) recovered but with sequelae, and 23 (2%) resulted in death. This study revealed that certain drugs have reported to be associated more frequently to supraventricular arrhythmias as serious adverse reactions, especially in the older population. Proper clinical management and effective strategies to ensure medication appropriateness should always be considered to improve patient safety when prescribing drugs

    Metal-organic framework (mof)-pebax-based mixed matrix membranes for post-combustion CO2 capture

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    Las membranas más interesantes para aplicaciones de separación de CO2 son las denominadas MMM (membranas de matriz mixta), compuestas por una fase polimérica continua y una fase dispersa, también llamada relleno. Por su afinidad hacia el CO2, existen varios MOF (¿metal-organic framework¿) adecuados para fabricar MMM. Sin embargo, la sostenibilidad de los materiales de la membrana presenta limitaciones en términos de síntesis de MOF y de fabricación de MMM, debido al impacto medioambiental de los desechos químicos involucrados. Como caso de estudio más representativo, el ZIF-94 obtenido del reciclado de las aguas madre de su cristalización, se incorporó a MMM aplicadas a la separación CO2/N2. Además, se estableció el reciclado de MMM para extraer sus componentes clave (MOF y polímero) y reutilizarlos en MMM. Por otro lado, se estudió el MIL-178(Fe), otro material poroso unidimensional nanoestructurado, para comprobar su adaptabilidad en MMM aplicadas a la separación CO2/N2 y CO2/CH4.<br /

    Integral development of an innovative concept of dump trailer body for carrying arid materials

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    The authors develop a new concept of dump trailer vehicle designed to carry arid materials, with a series of advantages and improvements with regard to equivalent structures. For this reason, design criteria and objectives that must have been carried out in executing different stages to reach the final 'optimum' vehicle have been taken into account. From a detailed study of previous performances for this type of vehicle, it is intended to reach a series of objectives involving redesign and modification. The structural lightening and changes must mean the improvement of structural performances, both in terms of rigidity and endurance. The improvement of these variables will make possible the launch of a new product incorporating an improvement over current models. Moreover, the inclusion of sandwich structures in the design of the dump box's floor and door supposes a great novelty, intended to achieve significant weight saving

    A new crocodylomorph related ootaxon from the late Maastrichtian of the Southern Pyrenees (Huesca, Spain)

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    Crocodylomorph eggs and eggshells are known as old as the Late Jurassic and are frequent components of most multiootaxic eggshell assemblages. Classified within the oofamily Krokolithidae, thei histo- and ultrastructures are conservative throughout geological time, characterised by inverted-trapezoid-shaped shell units that grow from highly spaced basal knobs and present a diagnostic tabular ultrastructure. Here, we report 327 eggshell fragments from a new fossil site from the Maastrichtian of the Southern Pyrenees, Veracruz 1, and erect a new oogenus and oospecies, Pachykrokolithus excavatum oogen. et oosp. nov. characterised by crocodyloid morphotype and a prominent rugosocavate ornamentation. Eggshells from the slightly older locality of Blasi 2b, previously reported as aff. Krokolithidae, are also assigned to this new ootaxon. Different crocodylomorph taxa coexisted during the Late Cretaceous of the Tremp Basin, hindering the attribution of Pachykrokolithus excavatum oogen. et oosp. nov. to a single clade. Nevertheless, allodaposuchid eusuchians were dominant in this ecosystem, and are the most probable producers of Pachykrokolithus excavatum oogen. et oosp. nov. eggs

    Variation of mechanical and electrical performances of Bi2Ca2Co1.7Ox ceramics above working conditions

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    This work explores the effect of exposing the Bi2Ca2Co1.7Ox-textured ceramics at temperatures above working conditions, on mechanical and electrical properties. Microstructural studies have shown a first improvement of microstructure with an important grain growth, followed by the formation of porosity and the appearance of cracks for larger times. These features were reflected on their mechanical and electrical properties. Three point bending tests have revealed an increase of bending strength with the thermal treatment, reaching the maximum at 24 h and decreasing for further treatment time, which is very slight for times larger than 196 h. On the other hand, electrical resistivity is drastically reduced with the thermal treatment when compared to the as-grown samples. Moreover, the samples behavior is modified from semiconducting-like for as-grown samples to metallic-like for the thermally treated ones. Accordingly, Seebeck coefficient is decreased with the thermal treatment, being very similar for all thermally treated samples. As a consequence of the drastic decrease of electrical resistivity, although with lower reduction on the Seebeck coefficient, all thermally treated samples display higher power factor values than the as-grown ones. The highest values at 650 °C (0.29 mW/K2 m) have been obtained in textured samples thermally treated for 48 h, which are comparable to the best values reported in the literature without the use of expensive materials

    Returning to work in cancer survivors: a multi-center cross-sectional study in Spain

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    Objetivo: Analizar la situación laboral, así como variables sociodemográficas (edad, sexo, estado civil y titulación) relacionadas con el cáncer (tipo de cáncer, estrategia de tratamiento primario y fase de supervivencia) en supervivientes españoles de cáncer. Método y procedimiento: Estudio transversal sobre una muestra heterogénea de 772 supervivientes de cáncer de inicio en la edad adulta en edad laboral. Se realizaron análisis correlacionales y de regresión logística para estudiar la capacidad predictiva de las variables sociodemográficas y relacionadas con el cáncer sobre la situación laboral y la posible modulación de los resultados por la CVRS evaluada mediante el QLACS. Resultados: Sólo el 55% de los supervivientes de cáncer estaban empleados. La edad, la cualificación y el tipo de cáncer fueron predictores independientes de la situación laboral, así como de la fase de supervivencia en los supervivientes con una CVRS baja. Conclusiones: Un alto porcentaje de supervivientes en edad laboral no vuelve a trabajar tras la experiencia oncológica. Algunas variables sociodemográficas y relacionadas con la enfermedad pueden ayudar a la identificación precoz de la población de riesgo en la que centrar la atención. Objective: To analyze the employment status as well as sociodemographic (age, gender, marital status, and qualification) and cancer-related variables (cancer type, primary treatment strategy, and survival phase) in Spanish cancer survivors. Method and procedure: Cross-sectional study on a heterogeneous sample of 772 working-age survivors of adult-onset cancer. Correlational and logistic regression analyses were performed to study the predictive ability of sociodemographic and cancer-related variables on employment status and the possible modulation of results by HRQOL assessed by the QLACS. Results: Only 55% of cancer survivors were employed. Age, qualification, and type of cancer were independent predictors of employment status as well as the survival phase in survivors with a low HRQOL. Conclusions: A high percentage of working-age survivors do not return to work after the cancer experience. Some sociodemographic and disease-related variables can help in the early identification of the risk population on which to focus attention

    Optical and motor changes associated with lighting and near vision tasks in electronic devices

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    Purpose:To assess optical and motor changes associated with near vision reading under different controlled lighting conditions performed with two different types of electronic screens. Methods: Twenty-four healthy subjects with a mean age of 22.9±2.3 years (18-33) participated in this study. An iPad and an e-ink reader were chosen to present calibrated text, and each task lasted 5 minutes evaluating both ambient illuminance level and luminance of the screens. Results:Eye-tracker data revealed a higher number of saccadic eye movements under minimum luminance than under maximum luminance. The results showed statistically significant differences between the iPad (p=0.016) and the e-ink reader (p=0.002). The length of saccades was also higher for the minimum luminance level for both devices: 6.2±2.8 mm and 8.2±4.2 mm (e-ink max vs min), 6.8±2.9 mm and 7.6±3.6 mm (iPad max vs min), and blinking rate increased significantly for lower lighting conditions. Conclusions: Performing reading tasks on electronic devices is highly influenced by both the configuration of the screens and the ambient lighting, meanwhile, low differences in visual quality that are transient in healthy young people, were found

    Relationship between corneal tissue and shape in short-term soft contact lens wear

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    AbstractPurposeTo investigate which morphometric and ocular surface tissue parameters are affected by short‐term soft contact lens (CL) wear and to assess whether they carry related or independent information.MethodsTwenty‐two healthy participants wore silicone hydrogel (SiHy; MyDay, CooperVision) soft CLs for 8 h in their left eye. Corneal tomography and corneoscleral topography were captured before and immediately after CL wear. Central corneal thickness (CCT), corneoscleral parameters (limbus position and corneoscleral junction [CSJ] angle) and corneal tissue parameters (corneal transparency and homogeneity) were evaluated.ResultsCorneoscleral parameters (limbus position and CSJ angle) were independent of corneal tissue parameters (transparency and homogeneity) at baseline and after CL wear. CCT was independent of all the other parameters examined at baseline, but baseline values of corneal tissue parameters were moderately correlated with CCT change (transparency: r = −0.51; p = 0.007), homogeneity: r = −0.46; p = 0.02).ConclusionsA complete characterisation of ocular surface changes following CL wear should consider corneoscleral topography and corneal densitometry simultaneously, since they carry complementary information


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