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    Simulation on position control of the Space Gravitational Wave Telescope DECIGO satellite

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    DECIGO (DECi-hertz Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory) is a space gravitational wave antenna planned in Japan for the detection of gravitational waves in the 0.1-10 Hz frequency range.DECIGO\u27s key technologies are Formation Flight Control and Drag Free Control. These technologies enable DECIGO to counteract the effects of disturbances such as solar wind and solar radiation pressure. However, it is not possible to achieve all degrees of freedom on the ground. In this paper, simulations are performed to study the feasibility of thesontrols

    The “Cradle” of the Sociology of Kanji Ikeda : How He Made It under the Three Teachers

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    This study proposes a graph structuring and feature word extraction method for business information documents extracted from corporate websites for corporate and market trend research. The graphs created from business documents consist of a hierarchical structure graph reflecting the relationship between businesses and companies, and a dependency graph using the dependency relations of business documents. For feature word extraction, RGCNs were used for the dependency graph, and the F value was 0.33 for the business document graph consisting of a single company, and 0.37 for the business document graph consisting of multiple companies in a single industry


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    A simple method for evaluating a waveguide-type polarization converter with an asymmetric cross-section has been studied with an emphasis on the conversion length. We introduce the conversion length L_c1 obtained with the FDTD-CW analysis instead of the conventional length L_c determined by the eigenmode analysis. We show the characteristics of L_c1/L_c as a function of wavelength and defect ratio. Two models are investigated, i.e., a completely buried type and a model loaded on a Si substrate. It is found that the introduction of L_c1 allows highly accurate evaluation of the wavelength response in terms of the extinction ratio and the insertion loss, confirming a good correlation with the FDTD results

    Consideration of housing complexes as a Compact City

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    This paper examines the number of business facilities in housing complexes, which in the Tokyo Bay area have a population of 9,000 to 85,000. We obtained the numbers by using Google Map and defined the typical standard number of facilities for a population of 10,000. A mathematical model of a previous study supports the reliability of the values. Finally, we calculated the population required to maintain a business

    Special Issue : The 35th Symposium on International Labour Issues Labour of Seafarers and Distribution of Goods : Supply Chain That Support Our Daily Life : Panel Discussion

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    Consideration on issues and future directions of multicultural coexistence policy in Osaka City

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    研究の抂芁(和文)本研究は、自治䜓の倚文化共生の取り組みに関する実態に぀いお把握するこずを目的に倧阪垂24区を察象にしたもので、本報では倧阪垂が抱える課題に぀いお倧阪垂においお倚文化共生を担っおいる倧阪垂垂民局ダむバヌシティ掚進宀人暩䌁画課に察しむンタビュヌ調査を実斜し分析したものである。その結果、倧阪垂における近幎増加する倖囜人圚䜏者に察する課題ずしお次の3぀のこずが分かった。①倧阪垂倚文化共生指針2020.12に基づく行動蚈画2021.2の評䟡ず倖囜人䜏民のニヌズに合った取り組みが求められるこず、②自治䜓からの倖囜人䜏民に察する情報発信策情報環境敎備が求められるこず、③日本人ず倖囜人䜏民の盞互理解コミュニティ圢成の堎の必芁性があるこず。日本においおは、倧阪垂のように短期間に倚囜籍化が進んだ地域が倚数存圚するが、倧阪垂においお持続可胜な倚文化共生が実珟されるこずによっお、今埌の圚䜏倖囜人が集䜏する地域にずっおも、倚文化共生のモデルずなるこずが考えられる。研究の抂芁(英文)This study was conducted in the 24 wards of Osaka City with the aim of grasping the actual situation regarding the efforts of local governments for multicultural coexistence, and this report conducted and analyzed the issues facing Osaka City by conducting an interview survey with the Human Rights Planning Division of the Diversity Promotion Office of the Osaka City Citizens’ Bureau, which is responsible for multicultural coexistence in Osaka City.As a result, the following three issues were identified as issues for the increasing number of foreign residents in Osaka City in recent years. 1 Evaluation of the action plan February 2021 based on the Osaka City Multicultural Conviviality Guidelines December 2020 and efforts to meet the needs of foreign residents are required 2 Measures to disseminate information to foreign residents improvement of information environment from local governments are required 3 There is a need for a place for mutual understanding community formation between Japan and foreign residents.In the Japan region, there are many regions such as Osaka City where multinationalization has progressed in a short period of time. If sustainable multicultural coexistence is realized in Osaka City, it will become a model for multicultural coexistence in areas where foreign residents will congregate in the future

    Scale Estimation of Monocular Camera SLAM using a 2D Lidar

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    SLAM using a monocular camera has the problem that scale cannot be uniquely estimated, and scale drift occurs. This study uses 2D Lidar scan data to improve scale drift and enable scale estimation. Specifically, we improve scale estimation and scale drift by averaging the ratio of distances between the 3D point cloud reconstructed by monocular SLAM and the 2D Lidar point cloud by mapping the data based on the viewing direction. The accuracy is further improved by following the concept of M-estimation


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