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    The choices of weights in the iterative convex minorant algorithm

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    In statistics one often encounters the problem of estimating a function based on a given dataset. Sometimes shape properties such as monotonicity of the function are known. This property can be used in a non-parametric regression model. The iterative convex minorant(ICM) algorithm can be used to compute an estimate of a convex regression function. In the ICM algorithm positive weights can be chosen arbitrarily. In this thesis we describe the (solution of the) isotonic regression problem, explain the ICM algorithm, describe the convex regression problem and present a simulation study to assess the effect of the choice of weights.StatisticsMathematicsElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Scienc

    The new real-time measurement capabilities of the profiling TARA radar

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    In the past 10 years, the S-band FM-CW TARA (Transportable Atmospheric RAdar), placed at the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research (CESAR), provided in real-time vertical profiles of the Doppler moments. Classical spectral processing was carried out. The polarimetric and multi-beam measurement capabilities of the radar were not exploited in real-time. It was only possible to acquire raw data for case studies. Based on them, new algorithms were developed using spectral polarimetry and the multi-beam capability of TARA. They have been tested during the COPS (2007) and EUCAARI-IMPACT campaigns (2008). To measure in real-time the Doppler moments of three beams, the differential reflectivity, the linear depolarization ratio, the horizontal wind and the vertical mean Doppler velocity, it became necessary to upgrade TARA. This resulted in a new design of the radar control unit and a new processing based on spectral polarimetry. This major upgrade took place in 2011. TARA can now deliver multi-parameters profiles with high spatial and time resolution and raw data in real-time. They are stored with the NetCDF format. Detailed quick-looks of the observables are available in real-time at http://ftp.tudelft.nl/TUDelft/irctr-rse/tara/index.html. For the design of the radar control unit and processing, a flexible solution that can process the data in a high level programming language, was chosen. This was done to be able to easily implement future developments in radar signal processing and algorithms.Geoscience & Remote SensingCivil Engineering and Geoscience

    The added financial value of office conversion into housing

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    Conversion into housing can contribute to the expansion of the housing supply and at the same time offer a solution for office buildings that are no longer eligible for the office function. Yet, postponing and denial are still common used strategies by offices owners. Financial motives and the project complexity of adaptive re-use crucial barriers to entry this sector of property development. Financially unfeasibility of conversion is usually caused by a difference in the perceived value of vacant offices. The residual value a developer would pay for a property, often is not in line with the price (the capitalized rental value) that the investor desires to receive. For that reason, this research is focusing on to which extent converting structurally vacant offices into residential use adds financial value to the property. Furthermore, this research explores who appropriates this added financial value.Real Estate ManagementReal Estate and HousingArchitecture and The Built Environmen

    Fusion architectuur - oude wijn in nieuwe zakken

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    In het vorig jaar verschenen boek Fusion. Pleidooi voor een sierlijke architectuur in een open samenleving van Wilfried van Winden wordt de architectuur van zijn bureau WAM gepresenteerd als het ideale gerecht dat iedereen op de wereld herkent en smakelijk vindt. Het bijna opgeleverde woongebouw De Oriënt in de Haagse volkswijk Transvaal zou zo'n voortreffelijk recept moeten zijn. Maar is 'fusion architectuur' werkelijk een nieuw maakbaarheidsideaal zoals WAM-architecten betoogt?UrbanismArchitecture and The Built Environmen

    'Teveel olifanten in één hok'

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    Succes kan soms tegenwerken bleek bij het 4e ADHD-debat Over het beeld van de Internationale Stad op 9 maart 2011. Sinds Den Haag in het nieuwe millennium in de belangstelling kwam te staan van veel internationale instellingen werpen zij hun eerste schaduwen over de stad. Door het omvangrijke formaat van de huisvesting van deze instellingen komen Haagse groen en woonomgeving in de verdrukking. Misschien biedt een ring van groene parkachtige ruimten rondom de stad met daarin ruimte voor de internationale instellingen uitkomst?UrbanismArchitecture and The Built Environmen

    Situational Deliberation: Getting to Social Intelligence

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    Socially intelligent systems exhibit, understand, and reason about social behavior, in order to support people in their daily lives. We claim that a fundamental new approach based on social concepts is needed to build these socially intelligent systems. In this paper, we explore how the concepts of social practices and social identities can be used to structure deliberations about actions. We then show the consequences for the architecture and reasoning capabilities of these systems.Engineering, Systems and ServicesTechnology, Policy and Managemen

    A Public Commissioning Maturity Model for Construction Clients

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    Being a public organization with construction needs, whether they are housing, building or infrastructure related, implies close co-operation and interaction with the supply chain. Substantial research exists that focuses on project related aspects of commissioning and on the role of the construction client in general. Only limited research has been done, however, into the impact of organizational characteristics on the level of professionalism and competences of commissioning entities. This research is particularly relevant, when public organizations are re-evaluating their sourcing strategy. As part of the establishment of a new chair of public commissioning, the development of a 'Public Commissioning Maturity Model' (PCCM) is presented in this paper. The model aims to identify the key characteristics of being a competent construction client. The overall aim of this research is to establish an overview of and insight into the nature and impact of characteristics of public organisations as determinants of their professionalism as public commissioning entities. In the PCMM, for each aspect of the commissioning role, maturation stages are defined. Research methods used include a literature survey and expert sessions. The model and methodology build on maturity models developed in asset and project management, supply chain management and purchasing. The research resulted in a framework containing a set of coherent aspects jointly framing the concept of 'professional public commissioning'. This framework can be applied by public commissioning entities to explore their current status and define their desired further development.Real Estate & HousingArchitecture and The Built Environmen

    Ultra Wideband Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Data Acquisition & Antenna Analysis

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    A system has been developed that utilises the techniques of Ultra Wideband and Synthetic Aperture Radar to produce top view images of a scene using measurements from the side. The system consists of the PulsON P410 radar module, a set of antennas, a moving platform and an imaging algorithm. This thesis will cover all the aspects of the data acquisition part of the system with additionally an analysis on antennas
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