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    Presence of virus in the primordial meristem

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    Dickite from sandstones in Northern England and Northern Wales

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    The reduction of iron oxide by bacteria

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    Fertilizer use on grassland in England and Wales

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    The paper describes the use of fertilizers on grassland in England and Wales, as shown by surveys of fertilizer practice carried out during 1957–60. About a third of the total consumption of N and K and almost half the total consumption of P is on grassland. Fertilizer use on leys has increased rapidly in recent years and the overall average rate of application is now of the order of 0·3 cwt N, P2O5 and K2O per acre per annum; permanent grass receives about half as much P and very much less N and K than the leys. Generally speaking, consumption of N and K per acre of grassland was higher in arable districts than in livestock‐farming areas, and on dairy farms than on rearing and feeding farms. However, rearing and feeding farms received more P per acre of grass (in particular, more basic slag) than arable farms. Little farmyard manure was used on grassland in the arable districts, whereas in the dairy counties of the western half of England and in Wales it formed a substantial part of the total plant nutrients supplied to grassland, particularly on fields mown for hay. The paper also gives information on types of fertilizers used and the timing of fertilizer applications to grassland. All but about a fifth of the nitrogen used on grassland was applied between February and April. RESP-479

    A Scrutiny of the British Potato Crop

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