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    Party Politics in Turkey

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    Although the literature on party politics has significantly advanced both methodologically and theoretically in recent years, the study of political parties in Turkey has been noticeably disconnected and lacking from such conversations. This book evaluates well-established theories and trends in exiting party politics literature and relates them to the case of Turkey. It explores fundamental questions such as: Who controls party organizations and how does the locus of control change over time? What kinds of power struggles are observed inside a party and between whom? What do the present and past records of party membership imply for party organizations? What role do grassroots activists play in local and national politics? How do the ideological orientations of party members differ from party leaders and other voters? What types of social cleavages shape political parties and how do they change over time? What constitutes the relationship between the state and parties today? Who finances political parties and what does this imply about the quality of democracy? How and why do party systems change? The various chapters show that party politics in the Turkish context is significantly different to Western and new democracies. By highlighting the significant contribution the Turkish case can make to existing conceptual frameworks and theories, this book will be a valuable resource for anyone studying political parties, party systems and comparative politics, as well as Turkish politics

    Lettere alle “tre amiche”

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    This volume presents the letters (approximately 600) that Scipio Slataper wrote between late 1909 and December 1915 to his “three friends” from Trieste, Anna Pulitzer, Gigetta (Luisa) Carniel, and Elody Oblath. These letters bring to light complex existential and intellectual storylines: of friendship, love, and pain, of the search of the purpose of life, cultural commitment, and artistic creation

    Finnish Settler Colonialism in North America

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    Finnish Settler Colonialism in North America reinterprets Finnish experiences in North America by connecting them to the transnational processes of settler colonial conquest, far-settlement, elimination of natives, and capture of terrestrial spaces. Rather than merely exploring whether the idea of Finns as a different kind of immigrant is a myth, this book challenges it in many ways. It offers an analysis of the ways in which this myth manifests itself, why it has been upheld to this day, and most importantly how it contributes to settler colonialism in North America and beyond. The authors in this volume apply multidisciplinary perspectives in revealing the various levels of Finnish involvement in settler colonialism. In their chapters, authors seek to understand the experiences and representations of Finns in North American spatial projects, in territorial expansion and integration, and visions of power. They do so by analyzing how Finns reinvented their identities and acted as settlers, participated in the production of settler colonial narratives, as well as benefitted and took advantage of settler colonial structures. Finnish Settler Colonialism in North America aims to challenge traditional histories of Finnish migration, in which Finns have typically been viewed almost in isolation from the broader American context, not to mention colonialism. The book examines the diversity of roles, experiences, and narrations of and by Finns in the histories of North America by employing the settler colonial analytical framework

    Recent Advances in OMICs Technologies and Application for Ensuring Meat Quality, Safety and Authenticity

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    Consumers and stakeholders are increasingly demanding that the meat industry guarantees high-quality meat products with stable and acceptable sensory and safety properties. To do this, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms that underlie the conversion of muscle into meat, as well as the impact of pre- and post-harvest procedures on the final quality and safety of meat products. Over the last two decades, sophisticated OMICs technologies—genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, peptidomics, metabolomics and lipidomics, also known as foodomics—have been powerful approaches that extended the scope of traditional methods and have established impressive possibilities of addressing meat quality issues. Foodomics were further used to elucidate the biological basis/mechanisms of phenotypic variation in the technological and sensory quality traits of meat from different species. Overall, these techniques aimed to comprehensively study the dynamic link(s) between the genome and the quality traits of the meat that we eat compared to traditional methods, hence improving both the accuracy and sensitivity thanks to the large quantities of data that can be generated. This Special Issue focused on the cutting-edge research applications of OMICs tools to characterize or manage the quality of muscle foods. The research papers applied transcriptomics, targeted and untargeted proteomics, metabolomics, and genomics, among others, to evaluate meat quality, determine the molecular profiles of meat and meat products, discover and/or evaluate biomarkers of meat quality traits, and to characterize the safety, adulteration, and authenticity of meat and meat products

    Kommunikationsformen und Deliberationsdynamik

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    This book is dedicated to the dynamics of public deliberation online. Based on a critical examination of the traditional concept of deliberation, it discusses narration, expressions of emotion and humour as deliberative forms of communication in addition to argumentation. In addition to classic counter-argumentation, it considers empathy, constructiveness, reflection and genuine questions to be components of deliberative reciprocity. Empirically, relational content analysis and sequence analysis of two online participation platforms are used to investigate to what extent different forms of communication influence subsequent traditional and inclusive deliberative reciprocity.PublishedDie Arbeit widmet sich der Dynamik öffentlicher Online-Deliberation. Basierend auf einer kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit dem klassischen Deliberationskonzept werden neben der Argumentation außerdem Narration, Emotionsäußerungen und Humor als deliberative Kommunikationsformen diskutiert. Neben der Gegenargumentation werden Empathie, Konstruktivität, Reflexivität und echte Fragen als Bestandteile deliberativer Reziprozität betrachtet. Empirisch wird mittels relationaler Inhalts- und Sequenzanalyse zweier Online-Beteiligungsverfahren untersucht, inwiefern unterschiedliche Kommunikationsformen nachfolgende klassische und inklusive deliberative Reziprozität beeinflussen

    Chapter 8 Non- South African SADC Navies and Maritime Security in the Post- Cold War Era

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    Africa, Cape of Good Hope, maritime security, naval history, piracy, Suez Cana

    Technology Assessment in a Globalized World

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    This open access book explores the relevance of the concept of technology assessment (TA) on an international and global level. Technologies play a key role in addressing global challenges such as climate change, population aging, digitization, and health. At the same time, their use increases the need for coordinated action and governance at the global level in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI). Featuring case studies on STI fields such as energy, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and health technology, as well as TA activities at the national and international levels, this book reflects on the challenges and opportunities of global technology governance. It also provides an in-depth discussion of current governmental STI cultures and systems, societal expectations, and the policy priorities needed to achieve coordinated and effective STI intervention in policymaking and public debate at the global level. Lastly, the book promotes the establishment of a forum for a truly global dialogue of TA practitioners, fostering the articulation of their needs, knowledge and perspectives

    Marine Mammals

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    This highly-readable Open Access textbook provides basic background information about marine mammals and anthropogenic impacts on them. The book includes inspiring exercises for education school programs in natural sciences. The book also provides advice on career paths using case studies of marine scientists and veterinarians describing their journeys from student to profession. By sharing real-life career paths, readers find answers to questions such as “What needs to be considered when choosing a career in science?” and “What kind of tasks do scientists undertake on a daily basis?” Marine mammals are amongst some of the most celebrated creatures on Earth, with their high intelligence, social and communicating skills, and capacity for deep diving. Alongside general information about marine mammals, the book aims at generating awareness of the impact of litter and noise pollution on the marine environment using marine mammals as an example. Huge numbers of marine animals, including marine mammals, die every year from entanglement in fishing gear, by ingestion of litter or because of chemical pollution. In the last decade many technological and scientific tools have been developed to aid research, for instance miniaturised sound recorders which can be attached to cetaceans and seals and record noise levels around them, their vocal production as well as their diving behaviour. This Open Access textbook can be used by undergraduate students interested in the fundamentals of marine mammal biology and medicine, and in pursuing the profession of a marine scientist

    14. mezinárodní vědecká konference Didaktická konference 2021

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    Title in English: 14th International Scientific Conference Didactic Conference 2021: Proceedings Didactics of mathematics, natural sciences and vocational education represent developing areas and are a breeding ground for new ideas and approaches. In mathematics and physics, the proceedings provide an overview of the historical development of education process and the possibilities of activating students. From a practical point of view, physics and chemistry are interconnected by using simulations in teaching. Vocational education is represented from various perspectives, whether in technical education, by solving logistical problems, or educational activities in the teaching of economic subjects. Due to the current situation, there are abundant contributions on the effects of the ongoing pandemic on the educational process and distance learning

    Crystallographic Studies of Enzymes (Volume II)

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    In this Special Issue of Crystals, entitled "Crystallographic Studies of Enzymes (Volume II)", eleven research papers on key findings and methodologies of structure, function, and reaction mechanisms of enzymes are presented


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