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    The implementation on Education about Standardization at Universities:Experiences of University of Surabaya

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    As a university located in town the industrial, commercial, maritime and education, University of Surabaya (UBAYA) is very concerned about the success of the business and industry community, particularly in the city of Surabaya and surrounding areas. One of univeritas mission is to produce graduates who are competent in accordance with the needs of business and industry. Needs of the business and industry community are implementation both of Indonesia National Standard (SNI) or International Standard (ISO). Therefore, graduates UBAYA in the future should be more understanding and have skills related to the standards. This paper addressed about UBAYA experience in implementation on education about standardization starts from the scope UBAYA themselves by implementing the international standards of quality management system ISO 9001:2008, inserting the material of standardizing or content of the standardization into the curriculum or subjects, then together with National Standardization Agency (BSN) and the East Java Province participated promoting standard to schools, colleges, community of business and industry. All these things are done also in order to fulfill one mission UBAYA. The results of the various activities carried out showing good results, it seen from a survey of customer satisfaction, increased demand for training and assistance for the implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2008 in the industry, some of graduates majoring in industrial engineering has been working in areas relevant to standards such as a internal quality auditor, management consultant and management representative

    Does Business Format Matter? Performance Measurement and Internet Retail Format

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    The purpose of this paper is to investigate performance measurement implemented by Internet retailers, its variation in terms of business format, and its potential effect. A mail survey among UK Internet retailers produced 252 usable responses of small and medium-sized businesses. The results indicate that Internet retailers without store presence are likely to have higher complexity of performance measurement than those with store presence. The potential effect of performance measurement to improve business performance was also observed. The results are limited to UK small-and-medium sized Internet retailers, selling tangible goods. The study suggests Internet retailers to measure various aspect of their performance because of its potential impact in improving operational performance. The paper has contributed to enhance the understanding of performance measurement in e-commerce firms and its impact on performance

    Using Wikipedia and Conceptual Graph Structures to Generate Questions for Academic Writing Support

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    In this paper, we present a novel approach for semiautomatic question generation to support academic writing. Our system first extracts key phrases from students’ literature review papers. Each key phrase is matched with a Wikipedia article and classified into one of five abstract concept categories: Research Field, Technology, System, Term, and Other. Using the content of the matched Wikipedia article, the system then constructs a conceptual graph structure representation for each key phrase and the questions are then generated based the structure. To evaluate the quality of the computer generated questions, we conducted a version of the Bystander Turing test, which involved 20 research students who had written literature reviews for an IT methods course. The pedagogical values of generated questions were evaluated using a semiautomated process. The results indicate that the students had difficulty distinguishing between computer-generated and supervisor-generated questions. Computer-generated questions were also rated as being as pedagogically useful as supervisor-generated questions, and more useful than generic questions. The findings also suggest that the computer-generated questions were more useful for the first-year students than for second or third-year students

    Pembuatan Aplikasi Tampilan Utama Dalam Sistem Antrian Layanan Nasabah Di Bank Berbasis Web Dengan Memanfaatkan HTML5.

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    Many customers queue up at customer services area in a bank for a long time. Queueing System applied in a bank should perform something interesting and informative so that it could reduce levels of boredom of the customers. A web based application could be built and implemented in an easy way to achieve this purpose. On the other hand, a new standard, called HTML 5, provides a better choice for the developers to enrich the content of web pages with its multimedia support such as video


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    Internet technology has ghastly impacted the way newspaper readers searching information. Internet also changes the information access, production and circulation. www.alexa.comshowed 100 Top sites of Indonesia, there is on 9th rank and on 13 th rank. and had an increasing percent of traffic on August 2010. There are motivations and attitude of digital newspaper readers that are interesting to be study. This research examined the effect of knowledge current issues, search for updated news, and search for specific information, entertainment, and habit on attitude toward Indonesia digital newspapers. This study uses Structural Equation Modeling technique with LISREL to examine the hypothesized relationships. Sample on this research consisted of one hundred and fifty (150) digital newspaper readers in Indonesia. This study reveals that search for specific information, search for updated news, and entertainment had a positive effect on attitude toward digital newspapers. Knowledge current news and Habit had not significant effecton attitude toward digital newspapers. Keywords: knowledge current news, search for specific information, search for updated news, entertainment, habit, attitude to digital newspaper

    Tingkat Dan Jenis Kepemilikan Perusahaan Di Berbagai Negara Beserta Implikasinya Terhadap Informasi Akuntansi Sebagai Suatu Isu Corporate Governance

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    This paper attempts to describe ownership structure of the companies in some countries and its implications, especially to the quality of accounting numbers by exploring some previous studies that have been done in this area

    The Socio-Cultural aspects of management control system in Chinese business firm

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    This paper attempts to outline the achievement of the studies of socio- cultural aspects in Management Control System with specific reference to the Chinese business firm. Rather than relying upon the Hofstede's positivistic psychological cultural dimensions in analysing the area, a more anthropological view of culture is used to obtain richer understanding of the correlation between culture, society and organisational control. Finally, the paper also points out an alternative perspective in studying this area, i.e the perspective of ethnicity. It is argued that such a perspective may offer a richer analysis of the socio-cultural aspects


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    Dalam upaya mencari senyawa antikanker dari tumbuhan, telah dilakukan uji toksisitas terhadap larva artemia Salina leach.fraksi n-heksan, kloroform, etil asetat dan air dari ekstrak etanol 80% rimpang temu putih (Curcuma zedoaria (Berg.) Rosc.) menggunakan metode Brine Shrimp Lethality Test(BST). Kandungan senyawa yang terdapat pada rimpang tanaman diekstraksi dengan Soxhlet menggunakan pelarut etanol 80%. Ekstrak etanol setelah diuapkan pelarutnya, difraksinasi berturut-turut menggunakan pelarut n-heksan, kloroform dan etil asetat. Fraksi-fraksi yang diperoleh diuji toksisitasnya pada konsentrasi 1000,100, 10 ug/ml menggunakan metode Meyer et al. (1982), dan harga LCso dihitung menggunakan Probit Analysis Methode. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa harga LCso, untuk fraksi n-heksan, kloroform, etil asetat dan air masing-masing adalah: 33,lO; 276,85; 4600,16 dan 2492,57 ug/ml., sehingga dinyatakan bahwa fraksi n-heksan dan kloroform toksik, dan mempunyai prospek untuk diuji lebih lanjut dengan uji sitotoksik/antikanker, karena mempunyai harga LCso<lOOO pgfml


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    Today, many firms were struggling with the combined impact of high interest rates, growing international competition and shrinking productivity, which led to the demand for greater accountability in all functions of the company. The new human resource function was not exempt from this trend, and while methods for assessing the costs and benefits of HR programs were available, they were not widely utilized. Strategic alliances between firms are now a ubiquitous phenomenon. Their proliferation has led to a growing stream of research by strategy and organizational scholars who have examined some of the causes and consequences of such partnerships, mostly at the dyadic level. It will develop a social network perspective on some of the key questions associated with strategic alliances, going beyond the dyadic level to the larger network in which alliances are embedded. Over the years, there has been tremendous emphasis placed on HR practitioners becoming strategic business partners and being a value-added source within organizations. Furthermore, the HR function is often viewed as an expense-generator and an administrative function and not as a value-added partner. Businesses have long understood the importance of networking and how it helps them grow their business through referrals. In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional local networking events arranged by chambers or associations to online networking, which is global in nature. According to all reality conditions above and the fundamental basic concept that HR always become an specific asset and have several roles in organization to reach goals, So, the specific question is how we prepare our HR to have strong capabilities as Human Capital (HC) to enable the organization network activities implementation will be more effective and efficient. This condition will impact organization value and its capability to have higher competitive advantage chance

    Metal Chelating Activity Of Rice Bran And Rice Husk

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    Free radical-induced oxidative stress is the root cause for many human diseases. Naturally occurring antioxidant supplements from plants are vital to counter the oxidative damage in cells. The main objective of the present study was to explore and compare the antioxidant activity of rice bran and rice husk extracted from rice milling waste. N-hexane extracts of rice bran and rice husk were used to study their in vitro antioxidant activities using metal chelating activity (iron (II)-phenanthroline complex). Vitamin E was used as standard material. The ability of the sample to chelate metal ion (ferrous ion) was calculated relative to the control and expressed as % inhibition. % inhibition of two samples were analyzed with student test (P=0.05). The results have shown that at the same concentration (10 ppm), rice husk extract, rice bran extract and vitamin E have the different activity, i.e.: 0.51%, 2.27% and 5.55% in inhibition of chelat formation, respectively. In conclusion, metal chelating activity of rice husk extract is smaller than rice bran extract. Activity of rice bran extract is almost a half from vitamin E, so thi
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