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    Welfare and Work for All: King Lear and Poor Relief in China and Early Modern England

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    In this chapter, I read King Lear\u27s well-known concern with indigence and homelessness in the light of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century accounts that portrayed China as a welfare utopia, arguing that these accounts allowed dramatists such as Shakespeare to engage critically with the social realities around them. ... The obvious interest with which English writers and compilers looked at the social policies of China suggests not just that there was a desire for reform but also that contact with East Asia gave shape and substance to that desire. It is against this background that I turn to King Lear and underscore the play\u27s scathing critique of the Poor Laws in England, which were mostly punitive in focus and repressive in inspiration. I see the play as championing relief for all, without the use of an arbitrary measure of a person\u27s worth, and in the process validating the potential contribution of all people to society

    Collison Course: Rural Track Crossing Habits and the Railroad in the United States, 1915-32

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    Mobility scholars tend to portray people on the move as using various strategies to outmaneuver the governments or companies aiming to control them. This article shows that when some travelers prioritized convenience on their daily trips, their shortcuts and hacks led to unexpected run-ins with dangerous machinery. In early 1900s rural America, pedestrians and motorists used railroad tracks carelessly and intentionally—a chaotic combination epitomizing the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When those travelers died in train collisions, their survivors sued railroad companies, thus pitting the victims\u27 risky behavior against companies\u27 powerful legal defense. Two trials from Pennsylvania in 1915 and 1932 contrast the adversaries\u27 sense of railroad space, presenting the landscape\u27s impact on everyday movements that people take for granted. The case studies will push historians to pay more attention to the gray zone of popular, yet illegal, behaviors that bring people into contact with technology

    Audio Production Worktext: Concepts, Techniques, and Equipment

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    Now in its tenth edition, the Audio Production Worktext offers a comprehensive introduction to audio production in radio, television, and film. This hands-on, student-friendly text demonstrates how to navigate modern radio production studios and utilize the latest equipment and software. Key chapters address production planning, the use of microphones, audio consoles, and sound production for the visual media. The reader is shown the reality of audio production both within the studio and on location. New to this edition is material covering podcasting, including online storage and distribution. The new edition also includes an updated glossary and appendix on analog and original digital applications, as well as self-study questions and projects that students can use to further enhance their learning. The accompanying instructor website has been refreshed and includes an instructor’s manual and PowerPoint images. This book remains an essential text for audio and media production students seeking a thorough introduction to the field.

    Short Sharp Shocks: An Interview with Women Who Make Horror Shorts

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    An interview with four women directors of horror short films, this work is a chapter in Bloody Women, a work which traces changing gender dynamics in the horror film industry to explore how women have played a crucial role in defining the genre of horror understood as a scholarly discipline, cultural institution, and site of pleasure. While acknowledging that women in the industry face ongoing challenges, this book focuses on their diverse contributions as creators, consumers, and critics of horror, showing how women have been essential in shaping the goals and methods of the genre. Aimed at both scholarly and general readers, the chapters bring together the expertise of filmmakers, festival programmers, and scholars to argue that women have effected a reimagining of horror

    Numerical semigroups generated by quadratic sequences

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    We investigate numerical semigroups generated by any quadratic sequence with initial term zero and an infinite number of terms. We find an efficient algorithm for calculating the Apéry set, as well as bounds on the elements of the Apéry set. We also find bounds on the Frobenius number and genus, and the asymptotic behavior of the Frobenius number and genus. Finally, we find the embedding dimension of all such numerical semigroups

    Communalism in the Veld: Rethinking property in South Africa

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    This is a personal essay grappling with the meaning of communal, customary property arrangements in South Africa and what they might have to offer humanity in the context of the Anthropocene. It was published as part of a special folio issue of the Yale Review focusing on the concept of ownership

    Effects of Students\u27 Career/Field Experience on Retirement and Career Goals

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    Past experiences are at the heart of understanding how college students visualize their lives after graduation. Therefore, a student\u27s past experiences will influence their decisions about their future (Haratsis et al., 2015). We are interested in expanding on these ideas to view how college students\u27 past experiences influence their career and retirement goals. In the current study, the relationship between past experiences, career goals, and retirement was measured. The items ask students about past field/job experience, career goals, retirement expectations, and self-efficacy. The Scale of Positive and Negative Experience (SPANE) (Diener et al., 2010) served as our criterion variable. The Future Time Perspective (Koposko & Hershey, 2014) was a statistically significant (p = .043) predictor variable in our study, while the Satisfaction with Life in Retirement Scale (SWLRS) (Gutierrez & Hershey, 2014) also served as a predictor variable for our study but was not significant (p = .344). We determined that an individual who has a better perspective of their future is more likely to be satisfied with their current job. This data suggests that a positive general outlook of the future will impact one’s job satisfaction. From an applied perspective, students should be encouraged to foster a positive outlook toward career aspirations in order to create a stable perception of the future. Additionally, our research supports the development of university-level career development and retirement education programs to create a foundation for students beyond matriculation

    Warming increases activity in the common tropical frog Eleutherodactylus coqui

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    Tropical ecosystems are expected to experience climate warming, with predicted increases in drying and heat extremes in the coming years. Understanding how these changes will affect terrestrial vertebrates such as amphibians is limited. The Tropical Responses to Altered Climate Experiment in the Luquillo Experimental Forest in northeastern Puerto Rico allows us to study how the tropical forest responds to warming within a replicated plot design. From September 2018 to August 2019, we used mark-recapture sampling to investigate how the spatial population ecology of the common coqui frog (Eleutherodactylus coqui) is impacted by experimentally increasing surface temperatures by 4 °C above ambient. We compared estimates of baseline detection, space use, and the density of frogs in control and warmed plots. Coqui space use and population density did not differ between control and warmed plots. However, coqui detection probabilities were higher in warmed plots, suggesting an increased level of activity relative to individuals in the control (unwarmed) plots. Frog detection increased in all plots with increased precipitation. Our results suggest that, at least in the short-term, the density of an ecological generalist frog like E. coqui does not change as a response to increased surface temperatures. However, short-term responses to warming such as changes in behavior may lead to changes in population dynamics in the long-term. Our research highlights the need to consider mutiple responses in order to understand the effects of climate warming on tropical vertebrates

    Against Interiority: Negotiating the Mind and Body in Corinne Manning’s We Had No Rules and Bishakh Som’s Apsara Engine

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    The short story has always been about the collective body just by the simple fact that short stories rarely exist alone. And, certainly, the short story has been foundational to any fiction writer from a marginalized group who wants to prove that a readership exists for their work. ... This means-to-an-end fascination with the short story, though, obscures its more important cultural and literary function. It has for the last century been the way—particularly with the privileging of first-person and third-person–limited points of view over omniscience—for a writer from a marginalized group to represent the lives and truths of their larger communities. It’s this second vision of the short story that’s at the core of two recent debut collections: Corinne Manning’s We Had No Rules (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2020) and Bishakh Som’s Apsara Engine (Feminist Press, 2020)

    The Impact of Movement in the Elementary Classroom

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    With the rise of virtual learning, sedentary time in the classroom is at an all-time high. Students and teachers alike are restricted in how and where they move within a school to adhere with COVID-19 safety guidelines. Despite these restrictions and time spent virtually learning, increased daily physical activity is a necessity to the developing child, as well as the adult. The purpose of this self-study was to determine the impact of movement on my teaching practices as a pre-service teacher. The participants of this study included 40 5th grade students and 38 3rd grade students who were a part of my spring student teaching practicum. During my practicum, I implemented two types of movement integration: brain breaks and academic-based movement. In addition, I recorded my own movement by tracking my steps taken within a day. Students consistently presented a positive shift in energy and on-task behaviors were increased when movement was implemented. My own teaching practices and pedagogical philosophy is now heavily influenced by purposeful movement in the academic setting, where students can receive mental breaks from assignments or can transform the environment by incorporating movements or exercise into each lesson


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