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    Pengaruh faktor situasi terhadap amalan tingkah laku kitar semula dalam kalangan pelajar tingkatan enam di daerah Beaufort, Sabah

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    Kegagalan dalam menguruskan sisa pepejal boleh mengakibatkan kemerosotan sumber alam sekitar. Bagi mengurangkan penggunaan sumber asli, guna semula barangan perlu menjadi salah satu kaedah yang boleh diamalkan. Program kitar semula sering dijadikan antara aktiviti bagi menggalak dan mendidik masyarakat mengenai penggunaan semula barangan. Walaupun kesedaran pengguna sedikit sebanyak mulai meningkat melalui program tersebut, namun penyertaan dalam kitar semula masih rendah. Objektif kertas kerja ini adalah untuk mengenal pasti pengaruh faktor situasi terhadap tingkah laku kitar semula. Kajian ini akan menggunakan data yang diperoleh melalui tinjauan terhadap 259 pelajar yang terpilih secara persampelan rawak mudah dari tujuh buah pusat tingkatan enam dalam daerah Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia. Data yang diperoleh dianalisis menggunakan statistik deskriptif dan statistik inferens (korelasi dan regresi). Dapatan kajian menunjukkan bahawa min tahap situasi adalah berada pada tahap sederhana manakala amalan tingkah laku kitar semula berada pada tahap tinggi. Hasil analisis korelasi (Pearson) pula menunjukkan faktor situasi mempunyai hubungan yang signifikan terhadap tingkah laku kitar semula pada tahap yang sederhana. Selain itu, faktor situasi juga memberi pengaruh yang signifikan kepada amalan tingkah laku kitar semula di rumah namun pada tahap sederhana. Penemuan ini mempunyai implikasi yang ketara khasnya bagi memberi maklumat yang lebih tepat berkenaan faktor yang mempengaruhi amalan kitar semula. Hasil kajian ini dapat digunakan untuk menjana idea dan cadangan untuk meningkatkan amalan dan tingkah laku pro-alam sekitar yang menyokong kitar semula dalam kalangan pelajar sekolah

    Eastward bound: Exploring the enigmatic trade of Japanese Red Seal ships in Southeast Asia during the 15th to 17th century

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    This research aims to examine the historical influence of the Japanese Red Seal ship trade on Southeast Asia during the early modern era. This study investigates the historical origins, underlying reasons, and subsequent consequences of the Red Seal ship system for both Japan and the Southeast Asian nations that participated in it. This study centres on the trade routes of these ships within Southeast Asia, with a particular emphasis on notable destinations such as Indochina, Siam, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Tonkin (present-day Vietnam). This study aims to analyse the dynamics of commerce among Japanese merchants, Southeast Asian cultures, and European colonial powers, with a specific focus on the impact of such trade on local markets and economies in Southeast Asia and Japan. This study aims to fully comprehend the Japanese Red Seal ship trade in Southeast Asia through a meticulous analysis of historical records, archival materials, and existing scholarly works. This study significantly enhances our comprehension of Japan’s early modern international trade and its interrelations with Southeast Asia, illuminating the regional dynamics’ intricacies during that particular era. In summary, this analysis underscores the considerable importance of the Red Seal ship trade in Japan’s involvement with Southeast Asia, its extensive economic ramifications, and its central role in influencing diplomatic ties among Japan, Southeast Asian nations, and Western colonial powers during that specific era

    Physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic properties of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata) yoghurt with the addition of gotu kola leaf (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban) extract

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    Cowpea yogurt is a functional food product made from cowpeas and gotu kola leaves. This mixture of cowpeas and gotu kola leaves is expected to increase its functional value i.e., protein and antioxidant activity. This research aims to analyze the physicochemical, microbiological, and organoleptic properties of cowpeas yogurt with the addition of gotu kola leaf extract. The study used a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with one factor, with the ratio of cowpea’s milk: gotu kola leaf extract, namely F1 (98%: 2%), F2 (96%: 4%), F3 (94%: 6%), K2 (100%: 0%), and K1 (100% pure milk). Testing parameters include viscosity, pH value, (moisture, ash, fat, protein, carbohydrate) content, antioxidant activity, total lactic acid bacteria, and organoleptic (color, aroma, taste, texture). The results showed that the highest pH and viscosity values in K2 were 3.77 and 419.59 cP; the highest moisture content in F3 was 85.04%; the highest ash, fat, and carbohydrate content in K2 were 0.62%, 1.87%, and 10.21%; the highest protein content in F1 was 3.25%; the highest antioxidant activity in F3 with an IC50 value of 87.008 ppm; the total lactic acid bacteria in K2 met the minimum SNI requirements of 107 CFU/mL; and K2 showed the most favorable overall organoleptic test. This study shows that the addition of gotu kola leaf extract affects on the physicochemical, microbiological, and organoleptic properties of cowpea yogurt

    Tripartite introductions of PGPR, humic acid, and N-fertilizer improve the growth and yield of sweet potato under glasshouse conditions

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    This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) with humic acid (HA) as amendments on the morphological and physiological growth characteristics and yield of Sepang Oren sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam). The experiment was conducted under glasshouse conditions at the Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, for 110 days. Two factors were used in this experiment: The first factor was PGPR-HA inoculations (UPMB10, UPMRB9, and mixed strains) and non-inoculation-HA, and the second factor was the Nitrogen fertilizer levels (50, 75, and 100%). The treatments were replicated three times and arranged factorially in a randomized complete block design. The results showed that inoculations with PGPRs-HA (UPMRB9 and UPMB10 strains) positively affect the plant growth significantly (SPAD measurements, number of leaves, vine length, root length, leaf area index, root dry weight, shoot dry weight, and root: shoot ratio) of sweet potato upon addition of 50% and 75% of N-fertilizer, respectively. The nutrient content of soil and plant leaf significantly increased by 12-15% and 14-18%, respectively, compared to the uninoculated, when applied with the same inoculation. After 30 days, the population of soil bacteria increased, reaching a value of 8.65 log10 CFU/g soil. The use of PGPR-HA inoculations with N-fertilization resulted in a considerable rise in the majority of plant and soil parameters compared to the treatments without PGPR inoculation. Therefore, PGPR supplemented with humic acid (HA) may be considered a viable and sustainable strategy for enhancing sweet potatoes’ morphological and physiological attributes. This technique can result in increased crop productivity and serve as a substitute for nitrogen-based fertilizers

    Effect of food waste on the growth performance, waste reduction efficiency and nutritional composition of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens (L.), Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae

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    The rate of solid waste generation, especially in Malaysia, has become one of the major concerns for environmental and public health issues. Food waste accounts for the highest percentage of solid waste that ends up in landfills. Due to the living nature of humans and their involvement in agricultural, industrial, and municipal activities, the disposal of food waste happens on a regular basis. Due to the absence of an incineration plant, these wastes are commonly sent into landfills which are considered to be the most cost-effective method for disposal. Nevertheless, consideration for an alternative disposal method such as composting shall not be ruled out entirely. One of the established methods for composting food waste is the utilization of the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. A study was conducted to assess the growth and nutritional composition, waste reduction capacity and nutritional composition of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) reared on food waste. We found that the larvae reared with the food waste and effective microorganism (EM), LFWEM (BSFL reared with a mixture of food waste and effective microorganisms), have a slightly better relative growth rate (2.66 ± 0.35 day-1) compared to larvae reared with only food waste (2.44 ± 0.17 day-1). The waste reduction index was higher in the LFWEM group (5.36 ± 0.18 g/day) compared to the control group, LFC (BSFL reared with chicken feed) (4.85 ± 0.03 g/day) and the LFW (BSFL reared with food waste) group (5.13 ± 0.17 g/day). The nutritional composition of the BSFL reared using food waste shows some potential as it surpasses some of the amount of essential amino acids including Arginine, Histidine, Threonine and Valine, found in the commercially available animal feeds. This finding serves as a baseline to propose potential replacements for animal protein by using BSFL reared with food waste

    A Critical review of women’s consumption and empowerment in China

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    As Chinese women become more educated and participate in the labor force, they earn more money independently. At the same time, thanks to China's one-child policy, women have gained more intergenerational wealth. The economic foundation allowed Chinese women to play bigger power in the consumer market, and a phenomenon called "Her Economy" since 2007. The improvement of discourse power and economic empowerment of Chinese women in the consumer market rendered them better achieve self-empowerment. However, female behavior is also shaped by society, and female consumption is more likely to be influenced by consumer culture and become the background board of consumer society, and women find it difficult to achieve real empowerment through consumption. Although the existing literature has explored this issue, the research field has not been extended to Chinese female consumers, and the theoretical perspective of empowerment is lacking. Thus, this paper reviews women’s consumption and empowerment in China from a critical perspective

    The (Re) construction of househusband’s role in the intern film

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    The role of the male as breadwinner is a common construction in society. However, there are families with certain agreements with particular conditions that require the husband to stay at home with domestic roles. This condition usually addressed the husband as a househusband. This research analyzes signs identified in The Intern film (2015) that portrays the househusband which further interprets the characteristics and roles of the househusband. Roland Barthes’ semiotics method is applied in order to be able to analyse both the denotative and connotative meaning of the identified signs regarding the househusband. From the study, it is identified that there are two roles of househusbands constructed in the film 1) caregiving, and 2) act of service. Househusband duties are identified as everything domestic affairs outside of the public domain. The term househusband is not meaningfully accepted based on the preferences of men carrying out domestic duties, therefore, the term stay-at-home dad is preferred because it constructs the role of the father as a whole

    Patriarchal oppression in palestinian society through the institution of marriage in the novel of Noble Origins by Sahar Khalifeh

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    The institution of marriage prescribes different norms for men and women. Patriarchal and heterosexual marriage expects husband and wife to follow their set gender roles which is an inseparable part of this institution. It works in a hierarchy. The Palestinian novelist Sahar Khalifeh, who hails from the West Bank, condemns the hypocrisy of the institution of traditional marriage that oppresses women in Arab society. In her literary narratives, Khalifeh portrays the traditions and customs of Arab society which act as weapons of oppression against women. In her works, she demonstrates that it is the customs and traditional practices imposed on women that are oppressive rather than religion. The objective of the paper is to dissect the way in which the institution of marriage largely supports and upholds the patriarchal and neopatriarchal values even in an ostensibly revolutionary population such as the Palestinian society by focusing on one of the Arabic novels of Khalifeh - Of Noble Origins translated into English. This paper examines the patriarchal norms of male dominance in public spheres and also highlights how the Palestinian women resist these sexist ideologies prevailing in their society. Thus, the study of Khalifeh’s narratives in this paper is two-pronged: first, to analyse how male domination works, and second, to scrutinize how the women in her novels find ways to respond to the multi-level patriarchal domination. The paper includes a theoretical framework comprising patriarchy, neopatriarchy and male gaze. Keywords: patriarchy; neopatriarchy; gender discrimination; institution of marriage; Sahar Khalife

    The linguistic landscape of “controversial”: sentiment and theme distribution insights

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    The language used to frame controversial topics on social media has profound implications for public discourse and opinion formation, warranting a close examination of their sentiment and thematic distribution. This study investigates the sentiment and themes associated with controversial topics by analyzing Reddit posts containing the token “controversial” in their titles on three news-related subreddits, aiming to bridge a gap in existing literature by focusing on platform-specific sentiment analysis with an emphasis on content typology. A mixed-methods NLP approach instrumented via Python was employed, combining VADER-supported sentiment analysis and a qualitative content analysis using n-grams to identify and categorize themes. The sentiment analysis results indicated that most of the content had neutral sentiment, which testifies to the predominantly fact-based approach to presenting information with lack of strong emotional connotations. However, the overall compound sentiment scores were negative, which suggests a strong negative undertone in the framing of controversial topics. The theme distribution analysis revealed that Politics and Legislation was the most predominant theme, followed by Technology and Surveillance, Social Issues and Controversies, Health and Medicine, and Environment and Energy. This distribution attests to a range of societal issues that generate controversy on social media platforms. Study findings can be used by content creators and social media analysts to track online content sentiment, guide content moderation practices, and improve audience engagement. By demonstrating the potential of NLP techniques, this study also contributes to the fields of media research and language technology, which can encourage a better scholarly evaluation of online discourse

    Green shadows: exploring tropes of ecophobia in jean rhys’ wide sargasso sea

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    E. O. Wilson commented that phobia is not innately present but acquired. The article highlights how the fear of nature shapes the cultural and social behaviours of Man. Wide Sargasso Sea, written by Jean Rhys, primarily portrayed as a postcolonial response to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, is replete with gothic imagery. Fear and anxiety of nature are commonly found as the centre of Gothicised texts throughout literary history, wreathing concerns of ecophobia, a term used by Simon Estok to define this irrational traumatic response to the natural. The article aims to explore tropes of ecophobia, fear of nature, through the two main protagonists of the novel- Rochester and Antoinette. The EcoGothic reverberations in the text highlight intersections between the biophilic human psyche and the contrasting colonial upbringing that develop into an aversion towards Nature and its subjects. The article draws from concepts of colonialism and Gothic shifting focus towards EcoGothic, ensuing the ecological destruction. Further, it discusses tropes of ecophobia which is also a trajectory of the related aversion to otherness. Ecophobic tendencies tune themselves into destruction, manipulation and domination, hastening climate degradation. The world in contemporary times suffers from anxiety related to the altering changes in the environment, and the article attempts to briefly decode the reasons for this disconnect while also putting the theories of ecophobia at the forefront in attempt to re-analyse postcolonial texts


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