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    The Chain Rule Does Not Have to be a Pain Rule

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    Relational and instrumental understanding of the Chain Rule can help teachers provide students a deeper and more meaningful calculus experience

    On the Even Distribution of Odd Primes: An On-Ramp to Mathematical Research

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    The authors consider a conjecture by Chebyshev in 1853 on the distribution of odd primes among those that are one more than a multiple of four and those three more than a multiple of four—and use technology to explore the cardinality of these subsets. Generalizations are presented for student exploration along with several sources for more in-depth research

    Today’s mathematics student: Take two

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    Current mathematics students are members of Generation Z, a generation proving to be quite different than previous ones. Generation Z has never known a time without Google, nor a time of safety. Generation Z has a declining tendency to even attend college. If they do attend college, their expectations need to be met to keep them engaged in mathematics. Professors will need to adjust pedagogy

    Montana Kaimin, January 18, 2024

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    Student newspaper of the University of Montana, Missoula.

    Max Baucus Tie Pin

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    Red and white metal tie pin that reads Max Baucus with a checked box next to his name.

    Max Montana\u27s Senator Stickers

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    Green, blue and white senatorial campaign stickers that read: Max Montana\u27s Senator Paid for by Friends of Max Baucus

    John Adams of Montana Free Press (Part Two)

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    This week\u27s guest is John Adams, executive director at Montana Free Press. In the second installment of this two-part conversation Justin and John talk about the Montana Free Press model, the state of journalism in general, and its future here in Montana. They delve into the importance of funding transparency for non-profit news organization and the implications of A.I. for print journalism. Justin asks John about how Montana Free Press covers polarizing topics.


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    The Serban lab has previously developed and reported on a single application drug delivery system for the treatment of otitis externa. Otitis externa also known as outer ear infections is a very common ailment that impacts large portions of both human and domestic animal populations. Typical treatment for otitis externa typically requires an extended dosing regimen over several days that is inconvenient and can lead to poor clinical outcomes due to poor patient compliance. Our delivery system employs a thixotropic gel to deliver a steady dose of medication over the duration of the infection. Here we evaluated the reproducibility and repeatability of the development process for our thixogel delivery system. We also investigated various ways to increase the shelf life of our thixogel formulation. Specifically, the employment of enzyme degradation of hyaluronic acid for size preprocessing as opposed to acid degradation that is normally used for the commercial generation of low molecular weight was investigated. In parallel we also investigated the use of silk fibroin as an additive and its impact on shelf life. A second project that built on a fundamental understanding of the intrinsic colorimetric sensing properties of silk fibroin was also explored. Our lab has observed that silk fibroin is able to undergo visible color change post exposure to various external stimuli, namely changes in pH and UV exposure. Further understanding of these intriguing properties is a valuable first step in eventually employing silk as a natural and cheap material for environmental, and chemical monitoring applications. Therefore, my work focused on showing that silk undergoes distinct and proportional changes in color when exposed to acid or base, as well as color development to UV. Tryptophan side chains in the protein were identified as the key piece for color development. Finally, the data showed that silk can be readily enhanced with tryptophan residues to increase sensing capabilities

    Documents from the January 24, 2024 meeting of the Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM)

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    Agenda and meeting minutes from the January 24, 2024 meeting of the Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM)

    GLI Weekly, January 18, 2024

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    GLI Students Making a Splash! -- ISO Conversation Partners! -- Financial Opportunity: Resident Assistant Position -- Paid Internship: S.E.A. Change Mentor Program -- Summer Session 2024: Flathead Lake Biological Station -- Class Offering: CSD 110 - Intro to Speech, Language, & Audiology -- Class Offering: BIOB 291 - Conservation & Genetics of Wildlif


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