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    Identifying Annual Brome Within Joshua Tree National Park

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    Non-native invasive grass species such as bromus tectorum and bromus rubens (annual brome) negatively impact the native ecosystems of the Mojave Desert. Not only do these grasses prevent the growth of native plant species, they also serve as highly flammable fuels that increase the frequency and scale of devastating wildfire. Using remote-sensed Landsat data, locations of known annual brome presence, areas of human disturbance, and historic fire boundaries, this project serves to accurately identify and map the current extent of annual brome within Joshua Tree National Park in order to support land management and fire mitigation efforts

    Modeling Interdependencies within a Petrochemical Industrial Complex

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    Critical infrastructures are those upon which a country’s health, economy, and security collectively depend. Understanding interdependencies and dynamics between critical infrastructures will enhance communication and coordination between emergency management and homeland security as well as many other authorities. This project addresses the need for assessing the supply chains of petrochemical products within a petrochemical complex. A geometric network was used to model connectivity between different supply chain networks in the petrochemical complex. ArcGIS Utility Network was used to create failure events on the failed facilities and select the impacted facilities. Then the Failure Consequences Model was used to provide graphical and statistical figures on the cascaded failure impact

    From: Hell, with Love The Role of the Délog Tradition in Tibetan Buddhism

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    There was a time in my life when I would have agreed with the above observation of the elusive and separate nature of death. Of course death is of little eonsequence; why worry about that which one cannot predict, control, or understand? Over the years, however, it has become clear to me that the very nature of mankind, as it is observable throughout human history, serves to stand in stark contrast to Epicurus\u27 opinion of death. We exist now, that is undeniable. And death is everywhere, though we may not be able to control or even understand it. Societies have built religious philosophies that attempt to provide some answers about what awaits in the afterlife, poets have tried to capture it in their prose, artists on their canvases. Today, death stares back at us from our televisions and movie screens, and yet we in the 21 5t century have come to avert our eyes when faced with the prospect of our own death, or that of loved ones. Ours is an environment in which the reality of death must be hidden from our immediate environment. Imaginary death is somehow enticing and entertaining, yet real death is made to seem disgusting and fearful. (Mullen 1987:2) We have built a culture that fears and ignores death. Society glorifies the young and sexy, and is made uncomfortable by aging and death. The only outcome of ignoring death is that when it comes, which it certainly will, we are unprepared. The 12th century master Drakpa Gyaltsen said human beings spend all their lives preparing, preparing, preparing .... Only to meet the next life unprepared. (Sogyal Rinpoche 1993:23) In general, humans tend to concern themselves with world matters like wealth and appearance. This is useless in death; we won\u27t be able to take any of it with us. From the wealth of literature, spawned by uncertainty about death and the afterlife, has come a trans-tradition theme of travels to the respective netherworld. The Tibetan tradition of Tantric Buddhism contains a number of biographies of men and women known as delogs (\u27das-log) who die, tour the Buddhist hell realms, meet with the Lord of Death, and return as messengers of the afterlife to their body in the human realms. The. following essay is devoted to analysis and cross-comparison of several important delog stories, to better understand their place within the broader Buddhist themes of afterlife and karmic justice in religion and society. I hope to show how the personal experiences of a d610g show that death is a mirror in which the entire meaning of life is reflected. (Nyima Rinpoche 1993:11

    Evolutionary Models of Word-Meaning Associations

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    One method to study the origin of language indirectly is to develop mathematical and computer models to explore the development of different aspects of language. One aspect is the way in which associations between words and meanings developed. We wish to know how linguistic convention was established. That is, how groups of people came to associate the same word with a particular meaning

    What are You Looking at? : Gazing at the Non-Western Other

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    This paper will investigate three images which reflect colonial and post-colonial attitudes: Women of Algiers in Their Apartment by Eugene Delacroix, 1834; Harem Fantasy by Antoin Sevruguin, ca 1900; and Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry, 1985. These representations of the non-Western Other exhibit strong similarities despite the spans of time between them. The link that an artistic representation claims to reality makes it much easier for viewers to overlook their complicity in visual (as preceded by cultural, economic, military, etc) conquest and confinement. However, upon further examination, these images can complicate preexisting relationships, despite the West\u27s continued prescription to the maintenance of the given hierarchy

    The Use of GIS in the Morongo Basin Regional Conservation Plan

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    The preservation of open space areas provides habitat protection for a number of plant and animal species, as well as places of natural beauty by redirecting future development to existing communities. The Morongo Basin Open Space Group (MBOSG) is ensuring the preservation of these areas, by developing a regional conservation plan for Morongo Basin that focuses on open space protection. Because of the basin’s large geographic coverage area, the MBOSG has prioritized its conservation efforts. The group, however, needed a tool to help evaluate their priorities and effectively communicate other conservation information to the public. This project addressed these needs by developing an analysis tool and a series of online maps of the group’s conservation themes and prioritized areas. The analysis tool aimed at helping conservation planners and other decision-makers to develop strategies and effectively allocate resources to the most appropriate places. The online maps served to enhance public access to important conservation material

    Design for Water Quality Index Mapping Tool for Kuyalnik Liman, Ukraine

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    Kuyalnik Salt Lake (local name - Kuyalnik Liman) is of great importance for Ukraine because of its recreational and natural resources (medicinal mud and mineral water) and balneology spa network. Because of its location near a large industrial and port city, the liman is under permanent anthropogenic influence that negatively impacts the fragile ecosystem of Kuyalnik Liman as well as the neighboring area. Because of the significance of the liman for Ukraine, it requires continual environmental monitoring of the liman area including monitoring its water quality. This project designed and implemented a set of tools for water quality mapping based on the hydro-chemical index of water pollution. It combined both processing the data from water sample analysis with methods of spatial analysis for the lake. This tool will serve to help specialists in the environmental monitoring of Kuyalnik Liman area

    Does a Progesterone Receptor Mechanism Maintain Pregnancy?

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    Progesterone is a gonadal steroid that maintains pregnancy and prevents ripening of the cervix. Previous research has shown that progesterone has a strong binding affinity for both progesterone and glucocorticoid receptors. However, what is not known is the role these receptors play in the parturition process. The purpose of this study was to determine whether progesterone withdrawal promotes the neuroinflammatory processes within the pre-partum cervix through the action of progesterone receptors. To test this, time-dated pregnant mice were subjected to pure agonists or a progestagen that binds to both receptors. Sections of cervix were analyzed to count resident immune cells and determine ripening within each cervix. Immune cell counts did not display any significant differences between the mice treated with the pure progesterone agonist and the mice treated with the mixed progestagen. Cell nuclei counts revealed a significant increase in cell nuclei of the pre-partum cervices treated with the pure progesterone agonist. Serum progesterone levels behaved as expected. Further analysis of cervical tissue will be performed in order to improve the validity of the results found in this study

    Does Taves Reconsider Experience Enough? A Critical Commentary on \u27Religious Experience Reconsidered\u27

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    Three problems beset Ann Taves’ thought-provoking book. The first is her failure to recognize that her focus on “experiences deemed religious” makes just as many metaphysical claims as does the focus on “religious experiences” that she seeks to replace. Second, her building-block definition of religion drops her into the middle of controversies over the nature of religion, rather than rescuing her from them. Third, her approach embodies a peculiarly North American cultural ambiguity about religion: on the one hand, it contains an abstract democratic affirmation of the importance of studying people’s beliefs and practices on their own terms; on the other hand, it pairs to this a concrete sense of horror at what those beliefs and practices actually are

    Shanghai and Globalization through the Lens of Film Noir: Lou Ye’s 2000 Film, Suzhou River

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    In the 1990s, the film industry in China decentralized with the bankruptcy of the state-owned studio system. Privatized independent film companies took over where the government had left off and a more independent film culture emerged. Although obstacles such as political censorship, financial pressures, and Hollywood infiltration were still in the way for Chinese filmmakers, privatization of the film industry was under way. As a result of this process, new film productions of controversial subject matter came into being. In 1998 one of China’s first independent film production companies—Dream Factory—was founded. Dream Factory’s first production, in association with Berlin-based German producer Philippe Bober, was the Suzhou River, directed by its founder Lou Ye.1 The 2000 film, though winning prizes at international film festivals such as the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Paris Film Festival, has been banned by the Chinese government since its production


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