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    Company X Collaborative Thesis: Real Estate

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    abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to radically shift the workplace. An increasing percentage of the workforce desires flexible working options and, as such, firms are likely to require less office space going forward. Additionally, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic provides an opportunity for companies to secure favorable rent rates on new lease agreements. This project aims to evaluate and measure Company X’s potential cost savings from terminating current leases and downsizing office space in five selected cities. Along with city-specific real estate market research and forecasts, we employ a four-stage model of Company X’s real estate negotiation process to analyze whether existing lease agreements in these cities should be renewed or terminated. (abstract

    Stephen Kuebelbeck, collaborative piano

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    Josephine LangFranz SchubertClara Wieck-SchumannAmy BeachHalim El-DabhJason Robert BrownStephen SondheimMarvin Hamlisch & Craig Carneli

    Laurana Wheeler Roderer, violin

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    Johann Sebastian BachPeter Ilich Tchaikovsk

    3D Printed Device for Mechanical Fatigue Testing and Analysis of Li-ion Batteries and Electrodes

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    abstract: In the last several years, there has been interest in the development of flexible batteries as a substitute for traditional Li-ion batteries. Flexible batteries can fold, bend, and twist; studies have shown that mechanical stresses and fatigue may decrease battery performance and cause defects. In this paper, the viability of producing a mechanical fatigue-testing device from 3D printed and other off-the-shelf components was explored. The device was made using a servomotor and LCD screen controlled by a programmed Arduino board, and successfully met the expectations to be cheap, easily reproducible, versatile, and applicable to the testing of battery components. In a proof-of-concept test, the device was used to perform repeated folding tests on lithium cobalt oxide cathodes in different configurations, which were then characterized using a laser microscope. 3D topographical renderings suggested that bending at acute angles induces defects on the surface of the electrode where the electrode is creased. In future work, the device will be used to further explore the effect of mechanical fatigue on Li-ion battery components. (abstract

    Links Between Adolescents’ and Parents’ Depressive Symptoms in Mexican-origin Families

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    abstract: The present study examined associations between depressive symptoms among mothers, fathers, and adolescents and considered whether different associations emerged by parent and adolescent gender. In addition, the combination of maternal and paternal depressive symptoms was examined in relation to adolescents’ depressive symptoms. Participants were 246 families of Mexican-origin in two-parent households who resided in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Data were collected during home interviews at Time 1 and phone calls with adolescents at Time 2. Findings revealed concurrent bivariate associations between adolescents’ and mothers’ and fathers’ depressive symptoms. Further, mothers’ depressive symptoms predicted increases in adolescents’ symptoms two years later. However, there were no significant gender differences, and the combination of mothers’ and fathers’ depressive symptoms did not predict adolescents’ depressive symptoms. These findings contribute to understanding the interrelations between Mexican-origin mothers’, fathers’, and adolescents’ depressive symptoms. (abstract

    Building a Web-Based Platform for Student Communication

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    abstract: Arizona State course enrollment regularly reaches triple digits. Despite the large enrollment numbers, the level of communication among students remain relatively low. Students often create Discord servers to keep in touch with classmates, but this requires each individual student to track down the invite link. The purpose of this project is to create an inviting chat service for students with minimal barriers of entry. This website, https://gibbl.io, offers a chat room for every class at ASU, making it simple for students to maintain communication. (abstract

    HyeonSeon Jo, violin

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    Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLudwig van BeethovenJoan TowerOliver Messiae

    WIC Community Spill-Over: Access to WIC-authorized Stores and Child Consumption Behaviors

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    abstract: Background: Stores authorized by the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) have been shown to improve the community food environments of lower-income areas by stocking healthy food items in accordance with the program’s food package guidelines. Whether greater access to WIC-authorized stores is associated with improvements in diet among children from WIC and non-WIC households is not well understood. Methods: Secondary analysis of cross-sectional data collected in 2009-2010 and 2014 for the New Jersey Child Health Study (NJCHS). Surveys from 2,211 urban households with 3-18-year-old children. Counts of WIC stores near children’s homes determined through geo-coding of store and household addresses using roadway network distances of 0.5 and 1.0 mile. Children’s consumption was categorized in age-specific deciles of quantities consumed for each food category examined: fruits, vegetables, sugar from sugar-sweetened beverages, total added sugars. Associations between counts of WIC stores and children’s consumption were examined, first for the full sample, then by household WIC participation. Results: No significant associations between WIC store counts near children’s homes and consumption were observed in the overall sample at any distance. A small, but significant inverse relationship was seen in total added sugar consumption among children residing in WIC households only, with each additional WIC store within a 0.5 mile roadway network associated with a 0.24-decile lower consumption (p = .047). In age-stratified exploratory analysis, higher vegetable (p = .024) and combined fruits and vegetables (p = .006) consumption were seen in the under 5 age group only. Conclusions: Living close to more WIC-authorized stores was associated with healthier consumption, but only for a subset of children and only for a few food categories examined. Lack of a consistent pattern of healthier consumption among children suggests that access to WIC stores may have a positive, albeit limited impact on children’s diets.Dissertation/ThesisMasters Thesis Nutrition 202

    An Engineering Degree is Not Enough: The Tools Necessary for Engineering Students to be Successful in a Competitive Job Market

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    abstract: A survey of 133 engineering students at Arizona State University (ASU) was conducted to determine if extracurricular activities correlated to the amount of internships a student receives. The problem that ASU engineering students are having is that finding an internship during college and consequently finding a job after graduation is getting more difficult due to the intense competition, not only at ASU, but at every other college and university across the globe. The literature review showed that employers are looking for more from a potential candidate besides a degree and a good GPA (Grade Point Average). Employers are looking for well-developed leadership and soft skills (Dalessio, 1989). These attributes are not always learned in the classroom and many students are under the false impression that an engineering degree alone is enough to land them a job. The survey that was conducted proved that the more engineering-related extracurricular activities a student engages in, the greater the chance of finding an internship. Similarly, a linear relationship was also found between the number of activities involved in and number of interviews received. From the literature review, relevant experience is of utmost importance to many employers. Because of this, not receiving an internship throughout college greatly lessens a students’ success finding a job after college. The survey showed male students do far less extracurricular activities according to the survey compared to females. The males from the survey had a 51% percent success rate of finding an internship compared to the 71% success rate of females. As a Peer Career Coach at ASU, students come to me far too often and far too late in their academic career with empty resumes and lack of involvement. Each and every one of these students struggle heavily to find internships and eventually jobs. This problem can easily be addressed, but students must be aware that a high GPA in an engineering degree alone will not make them competitive in the job market. (abstract

    Female Agency in the Canterbury Tales and Telling Tales

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    abstract: My thesis, titled Female Agency in the Canterbury Tales and Telling Tales, compares Geoffrey Chaucer’s fourteenth century work and Patience Agbabi’s modern adaptation in regards to their portrayal of female agency. While each work contained a whole selection of tales, I focus on four tales, which were The Miller’s Tale, The Clerk’s Tale, The Physician’s Tale, and The Wife of Bath’s Tale. I also include relevant historical information to support and assist in the analysis of the literary texts, and secondary sources were also used supplementarily to enhance the analysis. I argue that female agency is irrationally believed to be dangerous, and the consequent attempts at protection manifest as limitations, which are themselves damaging. The paper is divided into two main sections, which are themselves separated into three smaller categories. The first of the two main sections concerns what actions and options are available to women influenced by a distinction of gender; this section is divided into female gender ideals, marriage, and occupation. The second of the two main sections addresses the entities or individuals enacting the limitations upon female agency, and its three subsections are society, men, and women. I ultimately conclude that not only is it irrational to believe that female agency is dangerous, but also that making gender-based judgment on the capacity of a group of people or an individual is inherently flawed. (abstract


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