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    Spring 2021 student showcase recital 1

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    Antoine DardClara SchumannGiuseppe Tartin

    How Should Goodwill Be Evaluated?

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    abstract: This research study aims to find out the way how goodwill should be evaluated. This paper is about accounting for goodwill which will provide general information about goodwill value, especially of public companies. Additionally, I will discuss sources of goodwill, the importance of goodwill, why it is important to evaluate goodwill correctly, and what methods have been applied to evaluate goodwill. This thesis will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of accounting for goodwill which are the impairment testing method and the amortization method. This study is done by researching studies, journal articles, reviews, books, and websites about accounting. Lastly, this study will provide a suggestion for how goodwill should be evaluated effectively. (abstract


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    abstract: SYSTEMA NERVOSUM is an interdisciplinary personal narrative on design, music, and identity. The project is composed of eleven parts, each addressing the themes of interconnection, the power of the human body, internal and external misunderstanding, and fear. The goal of SYSTEMA NERVOSUM was to create a body of work that reflected the very essence of creative and interdisciplinary thinking. (abstract

    Quantifying Pressure Metrics from the Appropriate Utilization of a Pelvic Circumferential Compression Device

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    abstract: The purpose of this study is to collect baseline internal and external pressure data for the three most commonly used pelvic circumferential compression devices (PCCD). Unstable pelvic fractures as a result of automobile accidents, falls, and other traumatic injuries mortality rate [3]. Early use of pelvic circumferential compression devices can mitigate fatal outcomes [4]-[5]. Prolonged eternal pressure above 9.3kPa can result in long-term soft tissue damage and pressure ulcers [7]. This study hypothesizes that the application of the three most commonly used PCCDs would result in the same mean maximum point pressure exertion. To study this, internal and external, both analog and digital, pressure apparati were used to collect data. The results of this data collection demonstrate a discrepancy in the pressure distribution between right and left greater trochanters within each PCCD. Additionally, the results suggest there is an effect of internal packing on the pressure exertion externally at the two greater trochanters within each PCCD. Lastly, the differences in pressure exertion between each PCCD, internally and externally, were inconclusive as some compared metrics resulted in statistically significant results while others did not. The methodologies employed in this study can be improved through fixation of pressure collection instruments, utilization of digital pressure mats, and removal of confounding factors. The results of this study indicate that digitized, discrete data over a fixed time interval may be clinically useful, suggesting that a digital data collection would yield more reliable data. Additionally, internally mounted pressure sensor data will provide more precise results than the analog method employed herein, as well as provide insight towards bone reduction and displacement following the application of PCCDs. Finally, the information gathered from this study can be utilized to improve upon existing technologies to create a more innovative solution. (abstract

    StreetWise: A skill service for students by students

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    abstract: Stress for college students is nothing new and as more kids go to college the number of cases are on the rise. This issue is apparent at colleges across the nation including Arizona State University. StreetWise aims to help students prevent or appropriately deal with stress through interactive lessons teaching students life skills, social skills, and emotional intelligence. In order to prove the value of our service, StreetWise conducted a survey that asked students about their habits, thoughts on stress, and their future. Students from Arizona State University were surveyed with questions on respondent background, employment, number one stressor, preferred learning method, and topics that students were interested in learning. We found that students’ number one stressor was school but was interested in learning skills that would prepare them for their future after graduation. We used the results to make final decisions so that StreetWise could offer lessons that students would get the most value out of. This led to us conducting a second survey which included mock ups of the website, examples of interactive lesson plans, and an overview of the app. Students from the first survey were surveyed in addition to new respondents. This survey was intended for us to ensure that our service would maintain its value to students with the aesthetic and interface that we envisioned. (abstract

    The Making of a Family

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    abstract: I spent the first half of my project researching Mexican cuisine, as well as the history of traditional recipes and how various ingredients became incorporated into the food of the Southwest region. The second half of my project was focused on creating a video to document my family's recipe for making tamales. I analyzed the recipe and its larger cultural and social implications which I presented with a PowerPoint. (abstract

    “The Apartment...for the Airbnb Generation!: A Rewrite of the 1960 Romantic Comedy-Drama for Modern Audiences.”

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    abstract: I write a modern revamp of the 1960 romantic comedy-drama film The Apartment, intentionally filling it with topical issues and touching upon (post)modern concepts such as intertextuality and parody. Additionally, I contextualize my creative work with an academic supplement that gives weight to my various stylistic and content choices, and bring them into conversation with those utilized by the original 1960 film. (abstract

    Animal Overpopulation in California: Addressing the Issues of Overpopulation and Euthanasia of Stray Animals through the Creation of a Non-profit Animal Relocation Organization

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    abstract: Every year, nearly 1.5 shelter animals are euthanized.(1) By the end of 2020, California was reported to be responsible for the second most dog euthanasia’s in the United States, behind Texas by nearly 15,000 dogs. Sadly, these numbers do not include the euthanizing of cats which is generally a fraction larger. Additionally, a majority of numbers tallied by euthanasia centers do not include animals that younger than 1 month old and under 2 pounds. These animals are referred to as “neonate,� which is essentially unsavable newborns. In fact, the New York Times writes, “Many of the shelters do not track outcomes uniformly or make historical data readily available online. Until recently, there has not been a concerted national effort to standardize and compile shelter records.�(2) If these numbers were to be included, we would see a large spike for shelter euthanasia’s in every state. Traveling Paws is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization that was created to help reduce the number of shelter and stray animals euthanized in California. Our mission is to rehome animals from dangerous environments and kill shelters into their “forever homes,� or shelter facilities where they then can further be adopted and live out the rest of their lives happily. In addition to animal relocation, our team has begun programs such as sheltering, fostering, and put an emphasis on a trap, neuter, and return program to help increase the health and safety, while reducing reproduction rates of stray cats in the Southern California region. While we have been able to substantially help animals located in areas of Southern California, our work is nowhere near complete. Through this write up, I will tell you the story of my journey, creating and managing our nonprofit organization, along with our successes, problems faced, business plans to help guide us toward our future goals and success, and what I have learned throughout the process. (abstract

    Rethinking the Incentive Structure behind Utility Regulation

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    abstract: Previous studies about the effects of regulatory institutions on the outcomes of regulation have resulted in a lack of consensus on the nature of these impacts. This paper seeks to resolve some of this ambiguity by analyzing two dimension of electric utility regulatory outcomes, prices and reliability, with a broader panel of explanatory variables and with a Hausman-Taylor regression technique. The results suggest that elected regulators and deregulated electricity markets result in worse reliability outcomes for consumers without strong evidence that either institution secures lower electricity prices. Incorporating these insights into a theoretical model of regulation could give more detailed insight into how to create regulatory institutions that can optimize the outcomes of governance. (abstract

    Assessing the Economic Net-Benefits for Solutions to Heat-Related Illness in Maricopa County

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    abstract: As temperatures increase across the United States, some populations are more at risk for heat-related death and illness than others. One of these at-risk demographics is mobile home and trailer park inhabitants, who are disproportionately represented among indoor heat-related deaths (Solís, “Heat, Health�). In this paper, we outline a cost-benefit analysis that was used to calculate the net present economic value of projects related to reducing heat burden on mobile home owners and parks in Maricopa County. We use this model to assess solutions developed by student teams under the Knowledge Exchange for Resilience’s Summer Heat Resilience Challenge. We find that one of the seven solutions has a positive net present value (NPV) even in the lowest effectiveness (10%), while three more solutions have a positive NPV in the mid-level (50%) effectiveness scenario, showcasing their economic viability. (abstract


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