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    Palmprint verification with moments

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    Palmprint verification is an approach for verifying a palmprint input by matching the input to the claimed identity template stored in a database. If the dissimilarity measure between the input and the claimed template is below the predefined threshold value, the palmprint input is verified possessing same identity as the claimed identity template. This paper introduces an experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of utilizing three well known orthogonal moments, namely Zernike moments, pseudo Zernike moments and Legendre moments, in the application of palmprint verification. Moments are the most commonly used technique in character feature extraction. The idea of implementing orthogonal moments as palmprint feature extractors is prompted by the fact that principal features of both character and palmprint are based on line structure. These orthogonal moments are able to define statistical and geometrical features containing line structure information about palmprint. An experimental study about verification rate of the palmprint authentication system using these three orthogonal moments as feature descriptors has been discussed here. Experimental results show that the performance of the system is dependent on the moment order as well as the type of moments. The orthogonal property of these moments is able to characterize independent features of the palmprint image and thus have minimum information redundancy in a moment set. Pseudo Zernike moments of order of 15 has the best performance among all the moments. Its verification rate is 95.75%, which also represents the overall performance of this palmprint verification system

    MPIglut: powerwall programming made easier

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    A powerwall is an array of separate screens that work together to provide a single unified display. Powerwalls are often driven by a small cluster, which requires parallel software to organize and synchronize the distributed rendering process. This paper describes MPIglut, our powerwall-friendly implementation of the popular sequential GLUT OpenGL 3D programming interface. MPIglut internally communicates using MPI to provide a single coherent display even across a distributedmemory parallel machine. Uniquely, MPIglut is sourcecode compatible with ordinary sequential GLUT code while providing high performance

    Charge carrier transport in Ta2O5 oxide nanolayers

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    The paper will present the modeling of charge transport in Ta2O5 nanolayers together with experimental verification of the model. MIS structure model for tantalum capacitors with conducting polymer cathode will be described on the base of the leakage current analysis. Ta205 films show good electrical and dielectric properties for considered applications and low leakage current density value 10-4A/m2 for the electric field 100 MV/m. It is assumed that electrons tunnel from the localized states in the impurity band into the conduction band of the insulating Ta2O5 layer and, at low temperatures, from conducting polymer cathode to the conduction band of Ta2O5. The decreasing the thickness of the insulating Ta2O5 layer below 100 nm, the classical physical models are not able to give satisfactory descriptions of charge transport mechanism, and voltage and temperature dependences of electrical current. Dominant mechanism of charge carrier transport is ohmic conduction for the low electric field, while Poole-Frenkel mechanism becomes dominant for electric fields is the range 100 to 200 MV/m. Tunneling current becomes dominant for the electric field higher than 200 MV/m. Ohmic current component and Poole-Frenkel current component are thermally activated, while the tunnelling current component is temperature independent. We have observed that for temperatures above 250 K the leakage current is given predominantly by the ohmic and Poole-Frenkel mechanism. For temperatures below 250 K the tunneling is dominant charge carrier transport mechanism. VA characteristics measured for tantalum capacitor in the temperature range 10 to 300 K were analyzed.

    Automatic text detection in video frames based on bootstrap artificial neural network and CED

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    In this paper, one novel approach for text detection in video frames, which is based on bootstrap artificial neural network (BANN) and CED operator, is proposed. This method first uses a new color image edge operator (CED) to segment the image and achieve the elementary candidate text block. And then the neural network is introduced into the further classification of the text blocks and the non-text blocks in video frames. The idea of bootstrap is introduced into the training of the ANN, thus improving the effectiveness of the neural network greatly. Experiments results proved that this method is effective

    Real-time image processing in robot soccer

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    This paper deals with design of fast image processing necessary for robot soccer system of MIROSOT category. The robots are small cubes with color patches on their top. A color camera situated over the playground captures the image of the playground. The purpose of image processing is to acquire the position and orientation of the robots in appropriately short time (the frame rate is 50 fps) from the image. In this paper we present our approach to this problem. Our techniques of image segmentation, objects classification and scene understanding are optimized for speed and robustness. We also present various types of the patches and methods for their recognition

    The order path through the company information system

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    Tato bakalářská práce s názvem ?Projekt průběhu zakázky v IS podniku? se zabývá charakteristikou a návazností jednotlivých procesů průběhu zakázky, zhodnocení procesů průběhu a návrhem na zrychlení a zefektivnění zakázky v podniku STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň. První kapitola, teoretická část, se zabývá projektem a projektovým řízením a jeho vlivem na efektivitu firmy. Druhá kapitola představuje podnik STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň a informační systém KAISER SQL. Třetí kapitola je zaměřena na popis procesu zadávání a průběhu zakázky v IS KAISER u firmy STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň. Kapitola čtvrtá je zaměřena na doporučení, zlepšení a odstranění nedostatků průběhu zakázky podnikem STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň. Cílem této bakalářské práce je poskytnutí přehledných informací o tomto tématu, názorně jej popsat, zdokumentovat obrazovou přílohou, stanovit problémová místa a navrhnout zlepšení ve společnosti STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň.Katedra financí a účetnictvíObhájenoThis Bachelor work is named ?The order path through the company information system?. This work deals with characteristic and continuity of process during realization of order. It evaluates process during of realization and suggests an acceleration and an increasing of efficiency of the order in the company STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň. The first chapter is the theoretical part and describes the project and the project management and its influence on efficiency of company. The second chapter introduces the company STREICHER,spol. s r.o. Plzeň and the information system KAISER SQL. The third chapter is focused on description of process - enter and realization of order in the information system in company STREIHCHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň. The fourth chapter is focused on recommendation, improvement and elimination of defects during realization of order. The goal of this bachelor work is to give transparent information about this topic, describe it clearly, document visual attachment, determine weaknesses and suggest improvement in company STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň

    Design and fabrication of MEMS low power heating membrane

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    The aim of this work is design and fabrication of micro hotplates. This type of device is often used for gas-sensing applications. The main goal is to produce the structure of the heating membrane using different fabrication process. Only wet etching process is used. Mainly two types of membranes are discussed – suspended and close type of the membrane. The sample which is going to be produced will be a membrane with the size of 1×1 mm, to ensure a suitable fabrication technology and the applicable design of the micro hotplate. The micro hotplates power consumption has to be up to 100 mW at the operating temperature 480 °C

    Improved gradient estimation methods for rendering of volume data

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    The paper presents two methods that improve gradient estimation in 3D voxel space. The gradient estimation is an important step in the rendering and shading process to obtain realistic and smooth final images of visualized objects. The most used gradient estimation methods, gray-level gradient methods, Z-buffer gradient methods and binary gradient methods in some cases produce artifacts that appear as dark areas and staircase structures in a final image. To deal with the problem, two new methods for gradient estimation are suggested, the reverse gradient method and the angle difference method. The new methods were tested and compared with other gradient estimation methods. Measurements, which have been made on both the data and image levels, have shown that both developed methods improve the quality of volume data rendering

    Zamyslenie sa nad stavom a smerovaním slovenského finančného práva

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    In his article, the author deals with the development of financial law, one of the branches of Slovak law. First of all, he presents a sketch of the development of Slovak law on the basis of changes which have occurred after November 1989. He points out the adoption of several laws, which were supposed to create the conditions for a market-oriented model of economy, business environment, new democratic system of territorial self-governance, as well as for the creation of new organizational forms of business enterprises. Furthermore, the author deals with the condition and level of financial legislation during the past twenty years. He also analyses the changes in the object of financial-law legal regulation, mainly in connection with the creation of new non-profit subjects, as well as with the problem of the law of financial market. The author pays special attention to the position and importance of financial law in the society during the time-period starting from November 1989, as well as to the changes, which have occurred in the area of financial law in connection with the accession of Slovakia to the economic and legal structures of the European integration
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