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    Kajian Interaksi Obat pada Pasien Gagal Ginjal Rawat Inap di RSUD Panglima Sebaya Tanah Grogot: Drug Interaction Studies in Patients with Kidney Failure Inpatient at Panglima Sebaya Hospital, Tanah Grogot

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    Patients with acute and chronic kidney failure generally have accompanying diseases so many drugs are often prescribed. The increasing complexity of the drugs used will lead to an increased risk of drug interaction events, potentially affecting the success of the patient's therapy. This study aims determine the potential of drug interactions of patients with kidney failure inpatient of Panglima Sebaya Hospital. This research is a descriptive study retrospectively with purposive sampling techniques. The results of the study of 64 medical records of patients who qualified for inclusion showed that the characteristics of the most patients were men as many as 34 patients (53.13%), ages ranging from 46-55 years (early elderly) as many as 19 patients (29.69%), with the number of diseases accompanying 1-2 diseases as many as 50 patients (78.13%) such as anemia as many as 27 patients (28.13%). The total use of 6-10 drugs was mostly given to 31 patients (48.44%) in the form of cardiovascular system drugs which is 149 prescribing (31.17%). The potential drug interactions found were 12% minor, 80% moderate, and 8% major. Keywords: Kidney failure, Drug interaction, Treatment pattern Abstrak Pasien gagal ginjal akut maupun kronik umumnya memiliki penyakit penyerta sehingga banyak obat yang sering diresepkan. Meningkatnya kompleksitas obat yang digunakan akan menyebabkan peningkatan resiko kejadian interaksi obat, yang secara potensial mempengaruhi keberhasilan terapi pasien. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui potensi interaksi obat pada pasien gagal ginjal rawat inap di RSUD Panglima Sebaya. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian deskriptif secara retrospektif dengan teknik purposive sampling. Hasil penelitian 64 rekam medik pasien yang memenuhi syarat inklusi menunjukkan bahwa karakteristik pasien terbanyak adalah laki-laki sebanyak 34 pasien (53,13%), usia rentang 46-55 tahun (lansia awal) sebanyak 19 pasien (29,69%), jumlah penyakit penyerta 1-2 penyakit sebanyak 50 pasien (78,13%) dengan penyakit penyerta yaitu anemia sebanyak 27 pasien (28,13%). Jumlah penggunaan 6-10 obat paling banyak diberikan kepada 31 pasien (48,44%) berupa obat sistem kardiovaskular yaitu 149 peresepan (31,17%). Potensi interaksi obat yang ditemukan yaitu 12% minor, 80% moderate, dan 8% major. Kata Kunci: Gagal ginjal, Interaksi obat, Pola pengobata

    Uji Efektivitas Patch Ekstrak Daun Sirih Hijau (Piper betle L.) pada Penyembuhan Luka Sayat Punggung Kelinci (Oryctolagus cuniculus): Effectiveness Test of Patch Green Betel Leaf Extract (Piper betle L.) on Healing of Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Back Wounds

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    Betel leaf (Piper betle L.) has potential as wound healing. The purpose of this research is formulate green betel leaf extract into patch with good stability and physical quality, knowing green betel leaf extract has healing effect, determine the concentration green betel leaf extract which is effective in healing cut wounds. Development in patch form due to the advantages, namely therapeutic effect, practical, and comfortable. The patch formula using extract concentrations 2%, 6%, and 10%. Patches are tested for physical quality, stability checks, and determination of active substance content. Observations effectiveness of wound healing were carried out every day before giving treatment including wound length, healing time, erythema, edema, degree of dryness, scab, and pus. Data wound healing were analyzed with Kruskall-Wallis and Mann Whitney. The results showed that green betel leaf extract could be formulated into a patch with good physical quality and stability. Green betel leaf extract 2%, 6%, and 10% has wound healing effect. The concentration of extract that effective as wound healer is 6%. Keywords:          green betel leaf, extract, patch, wound healing   Abstrak Daun sirih hijau (Piper betle L.) memiliki potensi sebagai penyembuh luka sayat. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk memformulasikan ekstrak daun sirih hijau dalam bentuk patch dengan mutu fisik dan stabilitas yang baik, mengetahui ekstrak daun sirih hijau memiliki efek penyembuhan luka sayat, mengetahui konsentrasi ekstrak daun sirih hijau yang efektif dalam menyembuhkan luka sayat. Pengembangan dalam bentuk patch karena memiliki kelebihan yaitu efek terapi lama, praktis, dan nyaman digunakan. Formula patch menggunakan konsentrasi ekstrak yaitu 2%, 6%, dan 10%. Patch diuji mutu fisiknya, pemeriksaan stabilitas, dan penetapan kadar zat aktif. Pengamatan efektivitas penyembuhan luka dilakukan setiap hari sebelum pemberian perlakuan meliputi panjang luka, waktu penyembuhan, eritema, edema, tingkat kekeringan, keropeng, dan nanah. Data pengamatan penyembuhan luka dianalisis menggunakan SPSS Kruskall-Wallis dan Mann Whitney. Hasil menunjukkan ekstrak daun sirih hijau dapat diformulasikan ke dalam bentuk sediaan patch dengan mutu fisik dan stabilitas yang baik. Ekstrak daun sirih hijau dengan konsentrasi 2%, 6%, dan 10% memberikan efek penyembuhan luka sayat. Konsentrasi ekstrak yang efektif sebagai penyembuh luka sayat yaitu 6%. Kata Kunci:         daun sirih hijau, ekstrak, patch, penyembuhan luka saya

    The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Livestock Subsector

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    The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on human activities and all sectors globally. This study aims to review the impact of the pandemic on livestock products. Furthermore, data were collected from several literature, websites, national, and international news, relevant to current policies and conditions. The impact on the livestock sub-sector is not measured and includes a decrease in purchasing power and demand for livestock products such as meat, milk, and eggs, decreased profitability, hampered distribution of production inputs such as feed and medicine affect the increasing production costs, veterinary services limitation, hinder the livestock animal and product distribution, disruption on marketing and business downturn. Meanwhile, the positive impact is that farmers created an online-based digital innovation, known as e-commerce, involving product marketing, business, and product diversification. The Government also plays a vital role in demand and price stabilization, which ensures the supply chain sustainability of the products. Therefore, the livestock business can keep running sustainably, especially during the pandemic

    Isolation and Toxicity Test of Chitosan from Green Mussels (Perna viridis L.) With Brine Shrimp Lethality Test (BSLT) Method

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    Green Mussels (Perna viridis L.) is one of Indonesia's fishery resources. The purpose of this study was to determine the toxicity level of chitosan from green clam shells (Perna viridis L.) by looking at the LC50 value tested on the BSLT method. This study included isolation of chitin and chitosan: deproteination, demineralization, depigmentation and deacetylation of chitin into chitosan, chitosan characterization, FTIR, and chitosan Toxicity Test using the BSLT method to see the number of deaths of Artemia salina L larvae obtained data (LC50). The results showed that the Chitosan Green Clam Shell (Perna viridis L.) had an LC50 of 4369.1806 ?g/mL. The results showed that green clam shell chitosan (Perna viridis L.) was non-toxic (LC50 > 1000 ?g/mL) in the BSLT test. Keywords:          BSLT, Chitosan, Shellfish, Toxicity Tes

    Manajemen Terapi Bakterial Meningitis Akut pada Pasien Anak (Fokus Terapi Antibiotik dan Kortikosteroid): Management of AcuteBacterial Meningitis Therapy in Pediatric Patients (Focus on Antibioticand Corticosteroid Therapy)

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    Acute bacterial meningitis is an inflammatory condition of the brain that develops rapidly due to bacterial infection in the lining of the brain (meninges) or in the subarachnoid space (fluid-filled space between the meninges). Common clinical manifestations include headache, fever, convulsions, and nuchal rigidity with diagnosis based on cerebrospinal fluid analysis. Management of cases of acute bacterial meningitis, especially in pediatric patients, focuses on selecting antibiotics and corticosteroids as the key treatment, followed by other supportive therapies such as antifever and anticonvulsants. There is a case of a 1-year-old child with a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, this case report aims to examine the selection, dosage, method of administration, and monitoring of the effectiveness of antibiotics and corticosteroids as therapy in this case. The patient received treatment at RSUD Dr. Soetomo for 4 days by receiving ceftriaxone and dexamethasone injections per kg of body weight. In this case, observation was carried out in the form of observing the patient's clinical condition every day until the patient experienced an improvement in seizures and fever from the 2nd day of treatment. On the 4th day, the patient was allowed to go home and continue oral therapy for outpatient treatment. In conclusion, patients with acute bacterial meningitis need to be given antibiotics which must be started as soon as possible, aimed at eradicating bacteria that infect the lining of the brain, while corticosteroid injections are aimed at reducing the inflammatory response that occurs in the brain so as not to worsen the prognosis of the disease in my condition. Keywords:          bacterial meningitis, ceftriaxone, dexamethasone   Abstrak Meningitis bakterial akut adalah kondisi peradangan otak yang berkembang dengan cepat akibat infeksi bakteri pada selaput otak (meningen) atau pada ruang subarachnoid (ruang berisi cairan di antara meningen). Manifestasi klinis yang umum meliputi sakit kepala, demam, kejang dan kakukuduk dengan penegakan diagnosis berdasarkan analisis cairan serebrospinal. Penatalaksanaan kasus bakterial meningitis akut, khususnya pada pasien anak-anak difokuskan pada pemilihan antibiotik dan kortikostreroid sebagai kunci pengobatan, diikuti dengan terapi suportif lain seperti antidemam dan antikonvulsi. Terdapat kasus anak berusia 1 tahun dengan diagnosa bakterial meningitis, laporan kasus  ini  bertujuan  untuk mengkaji pemilihan, dosis, cara pemberian serta monitoring efektivitas antibiotik dan kortikosteroid sebagai terapi pada kasus ini. Pasien mendapatkan perawatan di RSUD Dr. Soetomo selama 4 hari dengan mendapatkan injeksi ceftriaxone dan deksametason per kg berat badan. Pada kasus ini dilakukan pengamatan berupa observasi kondisi klinis pasien setiap harinya hingga pasien mengalami perbaikan kejang dan demam sejak hari ke-2 perawatan. Pada hari ke-4, pasien diperbolehkan pulang dengan melanjutkan terapi per oral untuk menjalani rawat jalan. Kesimpulannya, pasien dengan meningitis bakterial akut perlu pemberian antibiotik yang harus dimulai sesegera mungkin yang ditujukan untuk eradikasi bakteri penginfeksi selaput otak sedangkan pemberian injeksi kortikosteroid ditujukan untuk menurunkan respon inflamasi yang terjadi di otak agar tidak memperparah prognosis penyakit pada kondisi akut Kata Kunci:         bakterial meningitis, ceftriaxone, deksametaso

    Aktivitas Obat Golongan SGLT-2i dan GLP-1RA serta SGLT-2i dan DPP-4i dengan atau tanpa Metfomin pada Tikus Diabetes tipe 2 dengan Model Kerusakan Sel Beta Pankreas dan Resistensi Insulin: Comparing Drug Classes SGLT-2i and GLP-1 as well as SGLT-2i and DPP-4i with or without Metfomin in Type 2 Diabetic Rats with Pancreatic Beta Cell Damage and Insulin Resistance

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    Type 2 DM occurs in approximately 90-95% of total DM cases, antihyperglycemic agents such as GLP-1RA, SGLT2i, DPP-4i, and metformin have been shown to have glycemic control benefits of the four groups which have been confirmed as single administration. in type 2 DM patients, but not yet. neither explains which drug combination has the strongest effect on lowering blood glucose levels. In this study, the effect of both with and without metformin on the blood glucose profile was examined. Animals were induced with lipomed 20% MCT/LCT 20 ml/kg BW for 14 days then continued with a double dose of 35 mg/kg BW streptozotocin. Animals were treated according to the group, negative control and positive control were given 0.5% Na-CMC, empagliflozin (1 mg/kg BW), liraglutide (0.062 mg/kg BW); linagliptin (0.5 mg/kgBW); metformin (87.8 mg/kgBW); combination 1 (0.062 mg/kgBW liraglutide and 1 mg/kgBW empagliflozin); combination 2 (0.5 mg/kgBW linagliptin and 1 mg/kgBW empagliflozin); combination 3 (liraglutide 0.062 mg/kg, empagliflozin 1 mg/kg and metformin 87.8 mg/kg); combination 4 (linagliptin 0.5 mg/kg, empagliflozin 1 mg/kg and metformin 87.8 mg/kg for 30 days. The blood glucose control profile was determined by measuring GDP, administering SGLT-2i, GLP-1RA, DPP-4i, and metformin either alone or in combination can reduce the value of GDP every week. The value of GDP in the SGLT-2i (Empagliflozin) and combination group 1 (Empagliflozin + Liraglutide) can reduce GDP significantly. In improving insulin sensitivity all groups except metformin can significantly increase KITT values. Keywords: Diabetic, empagliflozin, liraglutide, linagliptin, metformin Abstrak DM tipe 2 terjadi pada sekitar 90-95% dari total kasus DM, agen antihiperglikemik seperti GLP-1RA, SGLT2i, DPP-4i dan metformin terbukti memiliki manfaat kontrol glikemik dari keempat golongan tersebut telah terkonfirmasi pemberian tunggalnya pada pasien DM tipe 2, namun belum ada yang menjelaskan kombinasi obat mana yang memiliki efek paling kuat dalam menurunkan kadar glukosa darah. Pada penelitian ini diteliti efek kombinasi keduanya dengan atau tanpa metformin terhadap profil glukosa darah. Hewan diinduksi dengan lipomed 20% MCT/LCT 20 ml/kgBB selama 14 hari kemudian dilanjutkan streptozotocin dosis ganda 35 mg/kg BB. Hewan diberikan perlakuan sesuai kelompok, kontrol negatif dan kontrol positif diberi Na-CMC 0,5%, empagliflozin (1 mg/kgBB), liraglutide (0,062 mg/kg BB); linagliptin (0,5 mg/kgBB); metformin ( 87,8 mg/kgBB); kombinasi 1 (liraglutide 0,062 mg/kgBB dan empagliflozin 1 mg/kgBB); kombinasi 2 (linagliptin 0,5 mg/kgBB dan empagliflozin 1 mg/kgBB); kombinasi 3 (liraglutide 0,062 mg/kgBB, empagliflozin 1 mg/kgBB dan metformin 87,8 mg/kgBB); kombinasi 4 (linagliptin 0,5 mg/kgBB, empagliflozin 1 mg/kgBB dan metformin 87,8 mg/kgBB selama 30 hari. Profil kendali glukosa darah ditentukan melalui pengukuran GDP, pemberian obat golongan SGLT-2i, GLP-1RA, DPP-4i, dan metformin baik tunggal ataupun kombinasinya dapat menurunkan nilai GDP di setiap minggunya. Nilai GDP pada kelompok SGLT-2i (Empagliflozin) dan kombinasi 1 (Empagliflozin+Liraglutide) dapat menurunkan GDP secara signifikan. Pada perbaikan sensitivitas insulin semua kelompok kecuali metformin dapat meningkatkan nilai KITT secara signifikan. Kata Kunci: Diabetes, empagliflozin, liraglutide, linagliptin, metformi

    The Problematic of Medicinal Plant: Negative effect of Catha Edulis (Khat) Abuse and Its Potential Benefits

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    Catha edulis (khat), belongs to a group of psychotropic plants, which has an amphetamine-like structure and contains many catin and cation. The plant contains hallucinogenic compounds and known for its calming effect. The excessive catin contained inside the fresh leave of khat could potentially induce a plenty of side effects especially when the leaves are directly consumed and uncooked. The side effects vary according to how long the plant has been consumed, started from local organ disruption to cardiovascular complication such as increased blood pressure to myocardial infarction. In the contrary, positive effects of the composition of khat have also been reported such as anti-inflammatory effect, antidiabetic, anticancer, immunomodulatory and increased improvement in respiratory diseases. Although myriad studies have been conducted to examine the best benefit obtained from the such plant, the legal issue on its utilization is still questionable. Therefore, khat consumption must be maintained with a proper and strong regulation to lessen the negative impacts. However, studies on the potency of khat are still ongoing. The literature review was written based on various books, journals, and search databases in Pubmed, Medline, Cochrane and Google Scholar to show the positive and negative effects of the habit in consuming khat

    Oksidasi Serium Berdasarkan Agen Pengoksidasi: Oxidation of Cerium Based on Oxidizing Agents

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    Rare earth elements (REEs) is the name given to 15 elements from the lanthanide group and 2 elements have the same chemical properties that make them included in the REEs, namely scandium and yttrium. The use of rare earths triggers the development of new materials for application, one of which is cerium metal. Currently, cerium is widely applied in industry to improve product quality, one example is as a catalyst to increase the power output of Ni-MH batteries. In the world of health, cerium has been developed for use in electrochemical sensing and electrochemical biosensors, as well as drug delivery systems, antioxidants, and detection of various diseases by utilizing the characteristics of cerium. Separation of cerium from REEs can be done by oxidation of cerium(III) to cerium(IV), so it is very important to take advantage of the valence property of cerium which can be changed so that cerium is separated from other REEs(III). In acidic solutions, the oxidation of Ce(III) to Ce(IV) can occur by chemical oxidation with strong oxidizing agents such as persulfate, permanganate, or perchlorite by electrochemical oxidation or by direct oxidation. This review discusses some commonly used oxidizing agents, such as potassium permanganate (KMnO4), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), sulfuric acid (H2SO4), and caroic acid (H2SO5). Keywords: REEs, Oxidation, Separation, Cerium Abstrak Logam tanah jarang (LTJ) merupakan nama yang diberikan untuk 15 unsur dari kelompok lantanida serta 2 unsur memiliki sifat kimia yang sama sehingga termasuk dalam unsur LTJ, yaitu skandium dan yttrium. Penggunaan LTJ ini memicu berkembangnya material baru untuk diaplikasikan, salah satunya adalah logam serium. Saat ini, serium banyak diaplikasikan dalam bidang industri guna meningkatkan kualitas produk, salah satu contohnya sebagai katalis untuk meningkatkan power output dari baterai Ni-MH. Dalam dunia kesehatan, serium dikembangkan dalam penggunaanan sensing elektrokimia serta biosensor elektrokimia, digunakan juga sebagai sistem penghantar obat, antioksidan, dan deteksi berbagai penyakit dengan memanfaatkan karakteristik serium. Pemisahan serium dari LTJ dapat dilakukan dengan metode oksidasi serium(III) menjadi serium(IV), sehingga sangat penting untuk memanfaatkan sifat valensi serium yang dapat diubah agar serium terpisah dari LTJ(III) lainnya. Dalam larutan asam, oksidasi Ce(III) menjadi Ce(IV) dapat terjadi melalui oksidasi kimia dengan oksidator kuat seperti persulfat, permanganat, atau perklorit dengan oksidasi elektrokimia atau dengan oksidasi secara langsung. Tinjauan ini membahas beberapa oksidator yang umum digunakan, seperti kalium permanganat (KMnO4), natrium hipoklorit (NaOCl), hidrogen peroksida (H2O2), asam sulfat (H2SO4), dan caro’s acid (H2SO5). Kata Kunci: LTJ, Oksidasi, Pemisahan, Seriu

    Potensi Interaksi Polifarmasi Pasien Jantung Koroner (PJK) di Rumah Sakit I.A. Moeis Samarinda: Polypharmacy Potential Interactions in Coronary Heart (CHD) Patients at I.A. Moeis Hospital, Samarinda

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    The condition of the heart experiencing changes is called Coronary Heart Disease namely, changes in body cells that encourage organ work. According to the 2018 Basic Health Research, coronary heart disease in Indonesia is 1.5% or is estimated to be 883,447 people and for East Kalimantan it is 1.9% or as many as 13,977 people. The use of a lot of drugs, often occurs in coronary heart patients with additional comorbiditiens that require doctors to prescribe more than one drug to overcome the complaints suffered by the patient. The purpose of this study was to determine the interaction of the use of drug in patients with coronary heart disease and additional comorbidities. The concept was carried out using a random sampling data collection method in the form of taking outpatient prescription data at the cardiac polyclinic for 1 year, from January to December 2021. There were 242 patients, 59.1% male and 40.9% female. The highest comorbidities, of the 7 comorbidities with the most patients being hypertension, amounted to 122 and followed by diabetes mellitus 40 patients. The highest drug interactions were found in 108 clopidogrel and lansoprazole drugs, 31 spironolactone and furosemide drugs, and 26 simvastatin and amlodipine. With the incidence of drug interactions as many as 218 of 242 samples. Keywords: Heart, Polyclinic, Drug Interactions, Additional Disease, Polypharmacy Abstrak Kondisi jantung mengalami perubahan disebut Penyakit Jantung Koroner yaitu, terjadinya perubahan sel-sel tubuh yang mendorong kerja organ. Menurut Riset Kesehatan Dasar 2018, penyakit jantung koroner di Indonesia sebesar 1,5% atau diperkirakan menjadi 883.447 orang dan untuk Kalimantan Timur sebesar 1,9% atau sebanyak 13.977 orang. Penggunaan obat yang banyak, sering terjadi pada pasien jantung koroner dengan tambahan penyakit penyerta yang mengharuskan dokter meresepkan obat lebih dari satu untuk mengatasi keluhan yang dialami pasien. Tujuan dari penelitian ini untuk mengetahui interaksi dari penggunaan obat pasien penyakit jantung koroner dan tambahan penyakit penyerta dengan adanya penelitian ini agar menjadi sumber informasi agar dapat meningkatkan profil pengobatan pada peresepan obat. Konsep dilakukan dengan metode pengumpulan data random sampling berupa pengambilan data resep pasien rawat jalan yang ada di poliklinik jantung selama 1 tahun yaitu pada bulan Januari – Desember 2021. Ditemukan 242 pasien, 59,1% laki-laki dan 40,9% perempuan. Penyakit penyerta tertinggi, dari 7 penyakit penyerta dengan pasien terbanyak adalah hipertensi berjumlah 122 dan disusul diabetes melitus 40 pasien. Interaksi obat terbanyak ditemukan pada obat clopidogrel dengan lansoprazole sebanyak 108, spironolakton dengan furosemide sebanyak 31, dan pada obat simvastatin dengan amlodipine sebanyak 26. Dengan kejadian interaksi obat sebanyak 218 dari 242 sampel. Kata Kunci: Jantung, Poliklinik, Interaksi Obat, Penyakit Penyerta, Polifarmas

    Penentuan Konsentrasi Terbaik Hidrogel Tongkol Jagung (Zea Mays L.) dengan Karbopol 940 Menjadi Penurun Panas: Determination of the Best Concentration Formation of Corn Cob Hydrogel (Zea Mays L.) With Carbopol 940 Become Heat Lowering

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    Corn is called one of the leading commodities in the Jamin Ginting area, Medan Tuntungan, North Sumatra. This study was to determine whether hemicellulose can be used as a hydrogel base material and to obtain the best concentration of hydrogel formulation from the combination of hemicellulose on corn cobs (Zea mays L.) with carbopol 940 as a febrifuge preparation. Isolation of hemicellulose corn cobs was continued with hemicellulose characterization including organoleptic test, solubility test, and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) test. The heat-reducing hydrogel preparations obtained were then tested for evaluation of preparations such as organoleptic tests, homogeneity, pH, weight uniformity and degree of development tests. For a good hydrogel formulation formula is formula 4. In the evaluation test of heat reducing hydrogel preparations for the homogeneity test results of all homogeneous formulas, the pH results, formulas F1 to F5 meet the requirements for the physiological pH range of the skin, namely 4.5-6.5. Conclusion: Corn cob hemicellulose gel can be used as a base or a combination of gel bases, and the best concentration is found in formulation 4, so that corn cob hemicellulose gel base is suitable as a hydrogel. Keywords: Hemicellulose, Hydrogel, carbopol 940, Corncob Abstrak Jagung disebut salah satu komoditas unggulan daerah Jamin Ginting, Medan Tuntungan, Sumatera Utara. Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui apakah hemiselulosa dapat digunakan sebagai bahan dasar hidrogel dan untuk mendapatkan konsentrasi formulasi hidrogel terbaik dari kombinasi hemiselulosa pada tongkol jagung (Zea mays L.) dengan karbopol 940 sebagai sediaan obat penurun panas. Isolasi hemiselulosa tongkol jagung dilanjutkan dengan karakterisasi hemiselulosa  meliputi uji organoleptik, uji kelarutan, dan uji FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared). Sediaan hidrogel pereduksi panas yang diperoleh selanjutnya diuji evaluasi sediaan seperti uji orgnoleptik, homogenitas, pH, keseragaman bobot dan uji derajat perkembangan. Untuk formula sediaan hidrogel yang baik adalah formula 4. Pada uji evaluasi sediaan hidrogel pereduksi panas untuk hasil uji homogenitas semua formula homogen, Hasil uji pH, formula F1 hingga F5 memenuhi syarat rentang pH fisiologis kulit, yaitu 4,5-6,5. Kesimpulan: Hemiselulosa tongkol jagung dapat digunakan sebagai basa atau kombinasi basa gel, dan konsentrasi terbaik terdapat pada formulasi 4, sehingga basis gel hemiselulosa tongkol jagung cocok sebagai hidrogel. Kata Kunci: Hemiselulosa, Hidrogel, Karbopol 940, Jagun


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