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    Research of Etiology Cancers in Jammu and Kashmir Valley

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    Our aim is towards conduct a widespread review of the literature on the prevalence and etiology of the various malignancies into the Jammu and Kashmir to identify potential future research areas. Worldwide, melanoma is one of the leading foundations of illness and death. The Kashmir Valley, with its diverse socio-religious traditions, eating habits and locations, appears to have a higher incidence of cancer than other parts of India. All forms of cancer have be present conveyed in the Jammu and Kashmir basin, which including skin, dome and turtleneck, abdominal swathe, genitourinary system, lung, breast, skin, thyroid and blood. Cancer etiology is the result of complex interactions between genetic and environmental variables

    Enhancement of Proline and Hydroxyproline Metabolism and Heavy Metals Toxicity in Plant Life: A Study

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    A significant amount of heavy metals have been added to the soil and water as a result of more anthropogenic and natural activity. Both humans and plants are much disturbed by these. As a result, there is a growing interest in the scientific study of the toxicity of heavy metals in plants. In this way, osmolytes, such as proline, are organic substances that typically control the sustenance and growth of plants that are commonly grown in the areas. Therefore, increasing the activity of various enzymes and metabolic pathways by adding proline or/by introducing gene(s) is a very effective strategy to deal with the toxicity of heavy metals. The specific function of proline in protecting against the toxicity of heavy metals has been briefly reviewed in this review

    Factors of Global Warming and its Effects on the Environment

    No full text are concerned that the Earth has warmed unnaturally by 0.74 degrees Celsius during the last century. A number of academics feel that the last few decades of the 20th century were among the hottest in the last 400 years. Reports indicate that from 1990 to 2007, 10 of the world's warmest years were recorded, the greatest level in the last 150 years. This problem appears to be a direct result of industrial activity, which has made a significant impact to global warming. There has been a rise in the Earth's temperature and ocean surface due to global warming

    A Review Study on Healthcare Management

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    Healthcare is an integral part of the mankind development. Managing the Healthcare sector has its own sphere of challenges. There are players in the market who have been contributing quit well towards healthcare. These Entrepreneurs who enter the field of Healthcare product demonstrate a unique feature of commercialisation with the moral attributes of producing product that protects the health interest of People. The Healthcare Entrepreneurship which entails to provide the solutions to the Healthcare Needs of the Society has been a great advent in the society since ages. Healthcare Startups have also gained momentum with time. The Healthcare starts ups in the Nation have been adopting innovative practices to solve needs of people. Healthcare Management supports this momentum and involves supervising medical services and facilities to ensure efficient patient care through tasks like planning, organizing, staffing, and resource allocation. This review paper is a descriptive article attempted by collecting data through the Secondary sources. The study aims to understand the concept & essence of Healthcare Management. It further aims to gather insights on the Healthcare Management through structured review of literature. The authors have contributed a Healthcare Management recommendation based on the review study. The study depicts the knowledge on Healthcare Management and the literary effort can serve as Literature for further studies. The authors have considered Healthcare Management aspects at large rather any specific wing of Healthcare sector. Hence this may be the limitations of the study. The inferences drawn from the study may be indicative in nature rather exhaustive

    An Overview of Water Pollution and Its Multiple Causes

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    Water pollution is a major problem in every region of the world due to dwindling freshwater reserves and rising wastewater production, which contaminate surface and underground water. Human health, aquatic life, vegetation, and ecological harmony are all seriously threatened by water pollution in India. Despite the proliferation of environmental laws in countries like India that aim to combat this worrying trend, it has only worsened in recent years. In order to present a comprehensive picture and focus the attention of policymakers on the most effective ways to combat water pollution, the authors of this study have used a global perspective with an emphasis on India. The world's fresh water supply is severely threatened by waste water production, which in turn pollutes rivers, lakes, water bodies, and ground water. Human health, aquatic life, vegetation, and ecological equilibrium are all seriously threatened by water pollution in India. Many countries, including India, have passed environmental regulations in an effort to curb this alarming trend, but the problem has only worsened. In order to present a comprehensive picture and focus the attention of policymakers on the most effective ways to combat water pollution, the authors of this study have used a global perspective with an emphasis on India

    Study on Relationship between hexavalent chromium Metal Toxicity on Terrestrial Environment

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    Chemical species, dosage, exposure route, and individual differences in genetics and nutritional status are only few of the many elements that go into determining how poisonous a substance is. In terms of potential harm to human health, the following metals should be considered top priorities: arsenic, cadmium, chrome, lead, and mercury due to their severe toxicity. At low levels of exposure, certain metallic elements are considered systemic toxicants. Additionally, the International Agency for the Study of Cancer classifies them as carcinogenic in humans. Toxicology, genotoxicity, and carcinogenicity are all examined in this study, as well as the likelihood of human exposure and the molecular pathways responsible for these compounds' toxic, genotoxic, and carcinogenic effects. Metals with a high submicroscopic weight and concentration greater than five times that of water are known as "heavy metals." There is a great agreement of concern about the likely effects of these chemicals on human health and the environmental result of their widespread usage in a variety of industrial, home, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and technological settings

    The Effects of Declining Biological Diversity on the Environment

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    India is home to three of the world's ten most biodiverse hotspots on land, a vast variety of forest types, and a temperate to tropical climatic range. The majority of terrestrial species are now only found in forests because their former habitats have been destroyed. 514 natural sanctuaries, 99 national parks (including 18 biosphere reserves), and several holy groves are all part of the extensive network of protected places. Forest degradation and biodiversity loss persist due to increasing human population needs, shifting land uses, and the introduction of invasive alien species, despite a supportive forest policy and a robust regulatory framework. Individuals should be encouraged to take part in large-scale biodiversity conservation restoration efforts, and the degree and rate of biodiversity loss should be monitored continuously

    Critical River Transport for Agra's Economic Revival: Problems and Solutions

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    It's safe to say that everywhere you look, you can see evidence of how important transportation has been to the growth and development of human civilization. It is true that conquests and expansions have been accomplished both by sea and by river travel inland. When possible, travelling by boat was a faster option than driving. The Yamuna riverfront in Agra quickly rose to prominence as the Mughal nobility's preferred location for living close to the Fort. Even into the first quarter of the twentieth century, the Yamuna River was a vital transportation artery. The paper establishes the significance of the Yamuna to the city of Agra and emphasises the importance of water transport as a vital mode of freight movement in the early modern period. Within the scope of this article are the many municipalities that played pivotal roles in facilitating riverine commerce to and from Agra. The present research also tracks the development of river transport in Agra, recording the quantity and importance of travel and trade along the riverine route during its heyday in the early modern period. The collapse of river transport in the region with the advent of the railroad system is also discussed. Finally, the paper makes an effort to present potential future obstacles to a renaissance of river transport in this region and provides some recommendations to revitalise the river transport system in Agra

    Study of Covid-19 Pandemic's Effect on the Mental Health of Migrant Workers

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    The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly changed social and professional settings in a number of ways. Social distancing laws, mandatory lockdowns, isolation periods, fear of getting sick, suspension of productive activities, loss of pay, and anxiety about the future all have an impact on residents' and employees' mental health. Pre-existing psychological morbidities, high prevalence of pre-existing physical health morbidities like respiratory disease, tuberculosis, and HIV infections, adverse psychosocial factors like lack of family support and caretaker throughout the crisis, and their limitations to follow the principles and rules of Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and sleep disorders are among the mental issues linked to the health crisis that are more likely to affect healthcare workers, particularly those on the front lines, migrant workers, and workers who interact with the general public. This occupational group is made even more prone to the occurrence of psychiatric illnesses by the blow of economic limitations brought on by labor shortages, the lack or suspension of activity safety and health-related basic regulations with associated activity dangers, and other factors. This review establishes the framework for a deeper comprehension of the psychological situations of workers during the pandemic, integrating individual and social perspectives and offering insight into doable individual, social, and activity approaches to the current "psychological pandemic." &nbsp

    An Anatomical Model of Mothering Behavior in Mus Musculus

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    The scientific study of animal behaviour is called ethology, and it often focuses on behaviour in its natural environment andsees behaviour as an adaptive quality that has evolved over time. The term "behaviourism" also refers to the scientific andobjective study of animal behaviour, typically focusing on trained behavioural responses in a lab setting or measurableresponses to stimuli without a focus on evolutionary adaptability. Numerous naturalists have investigated various facets ofanimal behaviour throughout history. Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and American and German ornithologists from the late19th and early 20th centuries, such as Wallace Craig, Charles O. Whitman, and Oskar Heinroth (1871–1955), laid thefoundations for ethology. The work of three biologists who shared the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine—Dutchbiologist Nikolaas Tinbergen (1907–1988), Austrian biologists Konrad Lorenz and Karl von Frisch (1886–1982)—isgenerally regarded as having launched the current field of ethology in the 1930s


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