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    SNHU's Red-tailed Hawks

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    Red-tailed hawks are birds of prey. Red-tailed hawks are native to North and Central America. These hawks are common in the state of New Hampshire and are spotted frequently. There have been two Red-tailed hawks observed on Southern New Hampshire University's (SNHU’s) campus. The hawks use the campus' surrounding wood and open fields for their home. SNHU’s campus provides an ideal location for the hawks to reside at or near. SNHU is a rapidly growing school. With this growth comes campus expansion. As the school grows, the surrounding wooded landscape will decrease, causing habitat loss for local wildlife. If the hawks reside on the campus, habitat loss could disrupt their natural patterns. This research project aims to study the habits of the Red-tailed hawks to ensure their safety on SNHU’s campus. This will be done by observing the interactions between the Red-tailed hawks and SNHU’s campus. Understanding how the hawks interact with the environment will influence future decisions to guarantee their safety. The campus does not have any formal recognition of the hawks nor any education available to the public about them. Further research must be conducted on the Red-tailed hawks in order to create a solution that ensures their safety, as well as the safety of SNHU’s campus

    Inclusivity and Belonging in the Classroom

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    Inclusivity is a term often used in special education to describe the integration of students with disabilities into the general education setting. Inclusivity, however, can also refer to the feeling of being included, in other words, a sense of belonging. As a future educator, it is essential to create a welcoming classroom environment in which every single student feels safe, included, and represented in the classroom. The following presentation describes the importance of creating a classroom environment of belonging where every student feels accepted, respected, and valued, several practices to create this environment, and the benefits for students of a classroom of belonging

    Race in America: The History of "Passing" in the South

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    Race in America, regarding “The History of “Passing” in the South analyzes biracial individuals who used the color of their skin to pass as white in society while also looking at those who were African American that fell on the lighter side. Racial Passing is an overlooked part of American History that is sitting in pandora’s box, waiting to unveil itself. It’s a taboo topic that unravels so much more to American History that is not understood or seen. Looking at this part of history gives us more information on the mental health issues that took place while also looking at the laws that were created to keep blacks and whites segregated. However, we don’t see what that looked like for those who were biracial or could racially pass for a white American. I ended up using sources for this project from primary sources involving photos, legal cases, and census records. Then when it came to my secondary sources, I was able to use Hollywood movies and books that were written by other historians to help me throughout my project. I believe that having a mixture of sources allows me to answer the questions I came up with when I was going down the rabbit hole in regard to the questions that I had when it came to my topic while allowing me to look at the history in between that I will now get to share with others that were unaware of these group of people that were finding, discovering, and hiding, in such a sad and hateful time.Master ArtsHistoryCollege of Online and Continuing Educatio

    Teachers' Perceptions of Relational Trust, Leadership, and Culture In a New England Middle School

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    Trust in schools has emerged as a foundational component and an extensively studied phenomenon, particularly as it relates to school improvement efforts. Research findings have suggested that collaboration and the establishment of relational trust among and between teachers and school leaders can contribute to improved school culture, teacher efficacy, and student achievement (Nias et al., 1989; Rosenholtz, 1989; Schliefer et al., 2017; Talbert & McLaughlin, 1994; Tschannen-Moran & Gareis, 2015). In this qualitative, phenomenological research study, seven content area teachers in a New England middle school participated in semi- structured interviews focusing on perceptions of leadership dynamics, attitudes, voice, efficacy, and trust in their school. In the 25 years since this school opened, there have been 10 building leaders. Participants’ work experience in the organization ranged from 10 to 25 years. Findings suggested that leadership changes and practices have contributed to a disjointed culture characterized by isolation, lack of voice, and distrust. Initiative fatigue, a confining school schedule, and perceived lack of support from leaders were identified as key components negatively affecting culture. Positive themes included teachers’ resilience, hope, and dedication to their students. The research focused on one school. Findings may inform expanded inquiry in this school and related studies in other organizations. Additionally, findings of this study, in combination with findings from concurrent studies and activities in the organization, may contribute to efforts by leaders to improve relational trust, culture, community, and teacher voice.Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)Doctor of Education in Educational LeadershipSchool of Educatio

    How Habitat Loss Affects Animals In New England

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    In New England, and the country in general, habitat loss is a large problem. Forests are being cleared daily to make room for new developments. Forests have been cleared to create things like highways and apartment complexes, and it seems as if this is a never ending process. The loss of forests does not only hurt the trees that are getting cut down, it hurts the animals and other plants that depended on those trees for habitats and food. Animals are forced to move into new areas after their homes are destroyed. This may cause them to move into areas such as residential areas which may be unsafe. Here we show the effects of habitat loss on animals and the ecosystem and some ways that people may be able to make a difference; like going paperless or shopping responsibly for wood

    The Impact of Habitat Fragmentation on Native Species in New Hampshire

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    Habitat fragmentation is the act of splitting up habitats due to human activity, such as building roads, neighborhoods, or other forms of human development. This impacts local species negatively because it disforms or removes their habitats which can leave lasting impacts on their health and safety. In New Hampshire, there is very little discussion or focus on the impact of habitat fragmentation on native or migratory species. This paper will discuss the ways in which we can protect these species through different adaption strategies. The results show that with these strategies we can effectively support these species with ease

    Fastest Warming Body of Water in the World

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    From the mid-1980s to the present day the Gulf of Maine has been closely monitored due to the ever-warming body of water. The Gulf of Maine is the fastest-warming body of water in the world and the main reason scientists think that is because of various studies performed from the 1980s to the present day. What they found was that it was due to global warming. Cold currents coming from the north are not inputting enough of the cold water and inputting warmer water coming in from other currents. Researchers found out that since 2012 the Gulf of Maine has been warming up by 0.03 Celsius per year (Shelley). The warming body of water is causing a big environmental effect on the marine life that lives there. Migration patterns are also being affected because of the warming body of water making some species less abundant in the area like the write whale that is only really found in Maine. The warming of not only the Gulf of Maine but other bodies of water is concerning, but with the right global laws put into place some of these problems could easily be fixed

    Are SNHU Waterways Impaired by Excess Chloride Due to Road Salt Application?

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    The chloride ion found in road salt accumulates in water bodies and has negative impacts on aquatic life and ecosystems. Amphibians experience developmental and behavioral changes at high chloride concentrations. Ecosystems can also be impacted – too much salt can cause water density changes, soil contamination, harm to algae, and harm to mammals. The road salt that is applied in colder climates is effective at ensuring the safety of drivers, but little attention is focused on the consequences of applying large amounts of road salt. To understand how much road salt is present in water bodies in southern New Hampshire, and to understand the relationship between urbanization and salinization, the conductivity of water samples was measured in an area immediately adjacent to the campus roadways and another remote location. The results are compared to meteorological data and impairment threshold values

    How Does Music Preference Relate to Personality and Memory?

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    How do the Big 5 Personality traits relate to preference for different music genres? Our research investigates how the different music genres would affect the students’ memory and reveal their personality traits. There are some associations among Big Five Personality Traits, different genre of music and a person’s memory. According to the resources, the research indicated that two personality traits such as neuroticism and openness correlated significantly with the music preferences. A 34 question online survey made on Qualtrics was administered. The survey consisted of 12 pages. The questions are consist of multiple choices, text entry and slider. The participants followed the online link for the survey to complete some demographic questions. Then, an experiment to memorize different sets of words under three music conditions was conducted, which are no music condition, soft music condition and loud music condition, then participants are required to fill in the words that they have memorized. The whole survey took approximately five to ten minutes to complete

    International Business Doctoral Student Handbook

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    This is a guidebook for all doctoral students who are currently enrolled in the International Business doctoral Program. It includes all necessary University policies, Program Specific Requirements, and Dissertation Requirements


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