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    Sedimentological and Lithostratigraphic Study of the Senonian Series in Timstiguite Region, Central High Atals, Morocco

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    In this paper, we present the sedimentological, stratigraphic and paleogeographic aspect of the Upper Cretaceous red formations (Senonian series) of Timstiguite region (Central High Atlas of Morocco). The formations were measured bed by bed and sampled in a very detailed way. An exoscopic analysis of the quartz grains was carried out by a systematic prospecting of the grains relief and theirs surface characteristic, this led us to characterize their origin and consequently to determine the different paleoenvironnements. The clay sediments of these formations seem to be a favorable prospect in point of view: evolution of the clay and non-clay sediments in this central basin of the High Atlas will depend mainly on the conjugation of tectonic, eustatic, climatic and other influences. The senonian thickness is more important than other sub basins (Albban and Imider) where it shows a very reduced thickness. The Senonian of Timstiguite corresponds to a succession of detrital and evaporitic carbonate facies, which confirms a coastal depositional environment with passages of some periods of marine emersions

    The Unemployed Main Character in the Fiction of Kunut Hamsun and Najeeb Mahfouz: A Comparative Study in the Light of Sustainable Development

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    The Norwegian novelist Kunut Hamsun published his novel Hunger in 1921. The novel was translated into English by George Egerton. In this novel, Hamsun introduces the character of Andereas Tangen, a journalist who has a good life but starts to lose his living, and his essays begin to be refused. He becomes unemployed and suffers poverty, hunger, and homelessness for some time. By the end of the novel, he finds a job on a ship that is sailing from his town Christiania to fetch coal. During the 1930s the Egyptian novelist and short story writer Nageeb Mahfouz wrote his collection of short stories (Hams Eel- Gnoon) The Whisper of Madness. Among this collection, he published his short story (Al- Goo) The Hunger.  In this short story, the main character, Ibrahim Hanafy has been working in a factory until he cuts his arm in an accident and loses his job. He becomes unemployed and he, with his family, suffers hunger and many social and psychological difficulties. He hates his life, tries to commit suicide but is saved coincidently by the son of the factory's owner. The man promises Ibrahim to find him a job. This paper aims to show that the unemployed main character in Hamsun's and Mahfouz's works is unable either to love a partner or to have a friend and if he is married, he is unable to keep his marriage relation. Another aim of the paper is to shed light on the negative relations of the unemployed character on one side with his god and with the government of his country on the other side. The third aim of the paper is to emphasize that unemployment, in Hamsun's and Mahfouz's works, leads the once good character to try to commit suicide. Thus the paper comes into three parts: the first part deals with Tangen’s failure to have a love relation or enjoy a friendship. This part also tackles Hanafy’s disability to protect his love for his wife. The second part introduces Tangen’s criticism of his god and of the government in his country. In the third part, the paper discusses the once good characters, becoming unemployed, thinking of death as a solution, and may try to commit suicide. The paper depends on the theory of needs' priority and the method of social and psychological analysis in tackling its topic

    Translation as a Reconstructing Factor of Public Relations

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    Translation is very important to create an effective cultural exchange since it substantiates the concept of intercultural communication. Given that the source text is the embodiment of the cultural aspects of a given society or nation, the author makes use of his/her mother tongue to communicate his/her ideas about how he/she perceives his community with his/her readers. Thus, the source text mirrors particular aspects of a given culture and portrays how people of a certain community live and interact. Seen from this perspective, translation is definitively considered as a reconstructing factor of public relations as it draws attention to how linguistic systems operate within social structures and the extent to which cultural patterns prescribe rigid rules on language. The interconnectedness of language and culture is at the heart of public relations, for it determines the nature of relations that circulate within a social structure. Translation, in this sense, deals with the different linguistic and cultural aspects that make up a given social structure in an attempt to come up with an informative conclusion about the communicative patterns that characterize certain nations or communities

    Insertion des femmes diplômées d’universités dans milieu professionnel à Lubumbashi en République démocratique du Congo

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    La République démocratique du Congo en général et la ville de Lubumbashi en particulier enregistrent une croissance démographique rapide accompagnée d’énormes défis socio-économiques. Alors que le chômage ainsi que les inégalités sociales sont largement documentés, cette situation touche malheureusement plus des femmes malgré leurs niveaux d’étude universitaire. À Lubumbashi, l’enquête conduite dans les entreprises publiques et privées renseigne que seulement 9% des femmes universitaires y travaillent dans l’administration malgré le nombre important de femmes diplômées ces dernières années. L’objectif de cette étude était d’identifier les facteurs d’insertion professionnelle ainsi que des défis à relever pour capitaliser, au profit du pays, les compétences des femmes universitaires pour une croissance plus inclusive. Les données utilisées dans le cadre de cette étude proviennent d’une enquête conduite à Lubumbashi auprès de 384 femmes diplômées d’universités choisies de manière aléatoire en 2019. Les résultats indiquent 76% de femmes interrogées ont obtenu leurs licences mais celles qui ont fait leurs études dans des filières spécialisées (par exemple : médecine, accouchement) et des filières techniques (par exemple : géologie, chimie) se sont vite insérées dans le monde professionnel. En outre, la matrice de corrélation montre que la position du mari dans une entreprise et sa rémunération, le statut des parents, la connaissance de la langue anglaise ainsi que de l’informatique sont des éléments supplémentaires positivement corrélées à l’insertion professionnelle des femmes diplômées à Lubumbashi. Ces résultats nous motivent d’inviter et d’encourager les filles à s’inscrire dans les filières techniques et apprendre l’outil informatique et l’anglais pour augmenter les chances de trouver de l’emploi. Cette étude constitue aussi une source d’informations fiables pour le pouvoir public qui cherche à améliorer les conditions d’accès des femmes au marché du travail

    Customer Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period at Private Clinic X Surabaya

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    In an effort to provide public services, there are still many shortcomings when viewed from a quality perspective. It is still far from what the community expects. If this condition is not responded to, it will cause a bad image. During a pandemic period, the health system maintains a balance between meeting the needs for handling a pandemic and fulfilling essential health services. With a health protocol that must be carried out in order to break the chain of the spread of COVID-19, it is necessary to make technical adjustments to health services carried out by the FKTP. This, of course, can affect the quality of service which can also affect the satisfaction felt by patients. This study is an analytic observational study using non-probability techniques with an accidental sampling method with a sample of 200 people who are patients of clinic X in Surabaya and review patient satisfaction documents in the previous year. The variables studied were reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangible aspects. The satisfaction received by clink X patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was 3.60. In 2019, Clinic X received 3.85 satisfaction. The decline in the average score of patient satisfaction was at least in the assurance aspect (0.21), while the other four aspects experienced a decrease (0.26). There is a need for improvement efforts according to the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic to improve service and customer satisfaction at clinic X in Surabaya

    Estimating the Best-Fitted Probability Distribution for Monthly Maximum Temperature at the Sylhet Station in Bangladesh

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    The estimation of a suitable probability model depends mainly on the features of available temperature data at a particular place. As a result, existing probability distributions must be evaluated to establish an appropriate probability model that can deliver precise temperature estimation. The study intended to estimate the best-fitted probability model for the monthly maximum temperature at the Sylhet station in Bangladesh from January 2002 to December 2012 using several statistical analyses. Ten continuous probability distributions such as Exponential, Gamma, Log-Gamma, Beta, Normal, Log-Normal, Erlang, Power Function, Rayleigh, and Weibull distributions were fitted for these tasks using the maximum likelihood technique. To determine the model’s fit to the temperature data, several goodness-of-fit tests were applied, including the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Anderson-Darling test, and Chi-square test. The Beta distribution is found to be the best-fitted probability distribution based on the largest overall score derived from three specified goodness-of-fit tests for the monthly maximum temperature data at the Sylhet station

    How Austerity Undermines School Feeding Programmes: An Analysis of Ghana’s Home-Grown School Feeding Model

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    Starting in 2015, the government of Ghana implemented austerity as a response to economic challenges in the country. The aim of this paper, therefore, is to demonstrate how a political climate of austerity undermines the goal of linking local agricultural production to school feeding markets. The paper draws on one-on-one semi-structured in-depth interviews with 25 service providers and one expert from the international NGO SEND-Ghana to examine the implication of austerity for Ghana’s home-grown school feeding programme. The findings reveal that austerity has meant that the actions and decisions of the service providers undermine the critical goal of linking the school feeding market to local agricultural production. Specifically, due to significant delays in reimbursing service providers for services delivered, the service providers are forced to deliver the programme by relying on credit purchases from the open market, rather than purchasing 80% of their foodstuff from the local smallholder farmers as required of them. Thus, Ghana might miss out on the development policy potential of stimulating local agricultural production through its connection to school feeding markets

    Re-visiting The History of Consumerism: The Emergence of Mass Consumer Culture as a Distinctive Feature of Capitalist Societies

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    The Frankfurt School was the first school to discern the roles of the media in shaping human thought, influencing politics, and increasing the insatiable demand of consumers in capitalist societies. The analysis brought to the fore by Adorno and Horkheimer regarding the ‘Culture Industry’ illustrated a model of media as tools of hegemony and social control advanced by Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, and Jurgen Habermas. The School also examined the repercussions of mass culture and the rise of the consumer society on the proletariat that was aimed to be the instrument of revolution in the classical Marxian scenario. Another thing that was analyzed is how the culture industries and consumer society were considered as stabilizing forces of contemporary capitalism. Therefore, they were among the first to see the expansion of communication and mass media roles in politics, socialization and social life, culture, and the construction of docile subjects as Foucault puts it. In the present article, I review the contributions to media and social theory advanced by the Frankfurt School. The integration of psychoanalysis, aesthetic theory and the critique of mass culture, and the critique of the Enlightenment are the main components discussed in the present article

    La pandémie de la COVID-19, révélatrice et amplificatrice des inégalités et des fractures sociales dans le milieu urbain au Burkina Faso: l’exemple de la ville de Bobo-Dioulasso

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    La COVID-19 a créé une crise sans précédent pour les acteurs des secteurs formel et informel, et a mis chaque entreprise au défi de reconsidérer ses activités commerciales et de s'adapter aux nouvelles circonstances inattendues. Le présent document vise à explorer les conséquences dues aux perturbations causées par la pandémie sur le quotidien des acteurs de l’économie de Bobo-Dioulasso. Une enquête basée sur des entrevues individuelles semi-dirigées a été utilisée pour collecter des données auprès des employés et employeurs des secteurs formel et informel. Les résultats montrent que les acteurs du secteur informel ont eu des difficultés à s’adapter aux mesures-barrières édictées contre la COVID-19. Ces difficultés sont dues à la faible capitalisation de leurs microentreprises, la mauvaise structuration du secteur et l’absence de protection sociale qui rendent les travailleurs de l’informel très vulnérables aux chocs externes. En ce qui concernent les travailleurs du secteur formel, le télétravail a permis la poursuite de leurs activités tout en gardant leur rémunération. Toutefois, les efforts devraient être axés sur l'efficacité de leur gestion opérationnelle interne. Quant aux chefs de service du public et des chefs d’entreprise du privé formel en plus de la protection des travailleurs déjà assurée, un management continue et une communication efficace et démocratique sont impératifs au maintien du niveau de participation et d’efficacité des agents. L’enquête a révélé que l’économie informelle et celle formelle ont des capacités différentes d’adaptation face aux chocs externes comme la crise sanitaire de la COVID-19. Cette crise est venue accentuer les inégalités en amplifiant davantage la fracture sociale dans la ville de Bobo-Dioulasso

    Effects of Modern Strategic Management Accounting Techniques on Performance of Commercial Banks in Palestine: An Empirical Study

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    This research was conducted to investigate the adoption of Commercial Banks in Palestine with strategic management accounting techniques (SMAT) and to evaluate the influences of SMAT on business performance. The SMAT sub-dimensions were identified as customer-oriented, competitor-oriented, and cost-oriented techniques. Hypotheses were used to investigate the effects of SMAT and sub-dimension usages on the perceived performance of businesses. The data collected from 46 of the participants at Commercial Banks in Palestine were used in the testing of the hypotheses. The findings of the study indicated that the participating businesses had adoption intensity of above average for sixteen out of 17 SMAT and they had over 50% adoption with 12 of these techniques. Though SMAT and cost, customer and competitor-oriented sub-dimensions had meaningfully influenced on performance, the positive relationships and effects were found to be adequate to agree to take the hypotheses.&nbsp


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