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    Effect of Mother Tongue on English Language Performance among Grade 3 Pupils in MSU-ILS

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    This research aims to investigate the effects of the mother tongue on English language performance among grade 3 pupils at Mindanao State University-Integrated Laboratory School (MSU-ILS) in Marawi City. The study is grounded in language acquisition theories, including Stephen Krashen’s Input Hypothesis, Jim Cummin’s Interdependence Theory, and Lev Vygotsky’s Theory on Social Interaction. The conceptual framework encompasses psychological, personal, and social factors, with an emphasis on the impact of the mother tongue on learners' English language proficiency. The research employs a descriptive-correlational method, utilizing descriptive statistics such as percentages, frequency distributions, and means to analyze demographic profiles and assess the status of psychological and social factors influencing English language learning. The study addresses specific questions related to the learners' profiles, attitudes, motivations, learning strategies, and environmental factors affecting language acquisition. Additionally, it investigates the relationship between English language performance and psychological, personal, and social factors, with a focus on vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. The hypotheses tested include the absence of significant relationships between English language performance and psychological factors, personal factors, social factors, and cognitive factors. The study, set at MSU-ILS, a laboratory school within the Mindanao State University campus, provides insights into the ongoing debate surrounding the role of the mother tongue in language instruction and its implications for learners' competence and performance. The findings aim to inform educators, curriculum developers, and policymakers, offering recommendations for optimizing language learning strategies in the context of the new curriculum in the Philippines

    Magic Realism and Fantastic in Contemporary Literature

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    Magical Realism and Fantastic are two widely used concepts in contemporary literature. Fantastic is such fiction that blends the realities of our physical world with the supernatural in an indistinguishable manner, with the aim of leading minds of varying abilities on different trails. Both are used in combination to complete the novel. The reader is amazed by the inability to differentiate between real life and the world of fantasy. In Magical Realism, as the name implies, magic, history, fiction and myths are employed. The characters often possess supernatural abilities. It is often mistaken for imaginary realism. The main difference between the two is that in Fantastic, the characters feel shocked and horrified by the happenings, as in  Harry Potter’s series, where the sudden disappearance of ‘the mirror’ causes shock. By contrast, in magical realism, the characters tend to react to the occurrence of magic. Another important point is the relation of both to scientific fiction, where events are analyzed on the basis of facts and scientific development in order to enable humans to face life intelligently

    The Subject of Melancholia in Toer’s Bumi Manusia: Lacan’s Psychoanalytic Study

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    This study aims to analyse and find a description of the subject of melancholia in the novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. This study is conducted with a cursive approach by using the perspective of Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic study that looks for a small lost object. This research is a qualitative study using the literature study method. The main data source for this research is the novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The results of this study found three types of melancholia subjects, namely generational melancholia, cultural melancholia, and alienation melancholia. Nyai Ontosoroh as the main character in the novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, is a melancholia subject who experiences all three types of melancholia, namely generational melancholia, cultural melancholia, and alienation melancholia. Furthermore, the character Minke experiences two types of melancholia, namely cultural melancholia and alienation melancholia. Nyai Ontosoroh as the main character in the novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, is a melancholia subject who experiences all three types of melancholia, namely generational melancholia, cultural melancholia, and alienation melancholia. Furthermore, the character Minke experiences two types of melancholia, namely cultural melancholia and alienation melancholia. Nyai Ontosoroh and Minke are subjects that represent the author's view that wants to criticize two social systems, namely feudal society (colonized) and modern capitalist society (colonizer). These two social systems bring profound changes to the clash of generations in the world of the colonized. The subject's reaction to the changing values of society made them face a clash of cultures and eventually feel a tremendous alienation in their lives

    Digital Marketing and Business Performance of Selected Micro-Enterprises in China

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    Determining the Impact of Digital Marketing on Selected Micro-Enterprises on Business Performance is the study's main challenge. Descriptive-correlational research designs, according to Quaranta (2017), characterize the variables and the inherent relationships that exist between and among them. It measures two or more relevant variables without modification. Consequently, in order to characterize the relationship between variables and ascertain the impact of digital marketing on the performance of chosen microenterprises, the study will employ a descriptive correlational approach. Instead of increased market share, higher product demand, new market acquisition, or higher prices, respondents felt that they do better in more customer acquisition, profitability, sales, and revenue

    Self-Leadership in a Remote Work Environment: Emerging Trends and Implications for Occupational Well-Being

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    When individuals are given the freedom to work remotely, self-discipline and self-motivation become more crucial. Remote work can present challenges to self-leadership as employees are required to independently prioritise their work, make decisions, and hold themselves accountable for meeting deadlines. In this study, structural equation modelling was used to analyse data from 206 employees with remote work experience. The study found that remote work characteristics have implications for occupational well-being and that they influence the effectiveness of leadership and the perception of work roles. It is important that managers ensure employees working remotely enjoy flexible work hours, autonomy, communication and collaboration for improved occupational well-being. This study contributes novel insights into self-leadership and psychological empowerment within the remote work context, emphasising their interconnectedness and implications for occupational well-being

    Revolutionizing Banking Decision-Making: A Deep Learning Approach to Predicting Customer Behavior

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    This article explores a machine learning approach focused on predicting bank customer behavior, emphasizing deep learning methods. Various architectures, including CNNs like VGG16, ResNet50, and InceptionV3, are compared with traditional algorithms such as Random Forest and SVM. Results show deep learning models, particularly ResNet50, outperform traditional ones, with an accuracy of 86.66%. A structured methodology ensures ethical data use. Investing in infrastructure and expertise is crucial for successful deep learning integration, offering a competitive edge in banking decision-making

    Responsibility Accounting and its Tole in Evaluating Performance at Administrative Levels: Applied Research in Sudanese Universities

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    The research aims to identify the responsibility of accounting and its role in evaluating the performance efficiency of the different administrative levels, which helps to guide the management decisions towards the treatment of deviations. The research was based on the premise that "the use of responsibility accounting system leads to the performance evaluation in Institutes of Technical Education Commission", where the commission includes (44) foundations from which there are (27) technical institutes in various managerial, technological and medical competencies. And its ability to achieve the strategic objectives and their suitability as a fundamental means to achieve the desired objectives, which aims to provide management with feedback information about the effectiveness of the departments (responsibility centres), it was reached a set of findings and recommendations compared with the system used in the institutes of commission (governmental accounting). Its most important is the excellent structure, an effective system of periodic reports (performance reports and control reports) and a good incentive system

    Novel AI-Powered Dynamic Inventory Management Algorithm in the USA: Machine Learning Dimension

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    Dynamic inventory management revolves around the practice of progressively modifying inventory degrees to adapt to fluctuations in client demand, production, and supply chain dynamics. At the center, inventory management focuses on upholding enhanced levels of stock to balance consumer service via availability with the costs related to holding excess inventory. This research paper aimed to explore the dynamic inventory management activities employed by organizations in the USA, shedding light on the machine learning strategies that can be deployed and their implications. The performance of the algorithms was empirically evaluated in a Python program experiment utilizing real-world data. To facilitate the data for input into the Neural Network, feature engineering, and selection were imposed to affirm its suitability. This study proposes the Sequence-to-Sequence (Seq2Quant) algorithm, a neural network-powered technique for demand prediction in inventory management.  The current experiment compared and contrasted the performance of the Neural Networks against the following baselines, most notably, Naïve Seasonal Forecast, Moving Average Forecast, ARIMA, Naïve Seasonal Forecast with Averaging over four periods, SARIMAX. From the experiment, it was evident that the Seq2Seq had the lowest MAE (17.44) and the lowest SMAPE (66.91), suggesting that it was the best-performing algorithm overall. Besides, SARIMAX and ARIMAX also performed well, with MAE values of 18.33 and 18.09, respectively

    The Economic Aspects of the Islamic State in the Era of the Prophet According to the Roman Orientalist Constance Giorgio in His Book: A New Look at the Biography of the Messenger of God

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    The Prophet’s conquests had important effects on the various political, economic, and military aspects of the Prophet’s era, and among those effects was what Giorgio reported about the impact of some conquests on the economic aspect of the people of Mecca..The current research sought to show that effect through two main points. In the first, the study described Giorgio’s opinion on the economic role of preventing Mecca's commercial caravans from crossing the roads of Medina.The second point dealt with the company of Abdullah bin Jahsh and its economic role, which was reflected in the preparation of the Quraysh and the Muslims and their readiness for the other, which resulted in the Battle of Badr.Through these two axes, some results have been reached that will be included in this study at its conclusion, God willing. This is because one of Giorgio’s most prominent interests in his study and focus was on the battles that had economic repercussions in addition to the military and religious aspects. Moreover, Giorgio was the only one with different numbers. According to the sources of the Arabic biography of the Prophet, he mentions the number of participants in Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib’s squadron (40) men attacked a Quraysh trade caravan. According to Giorgio, it also appeared that there was a significant economic impact due to preventing the Quraysh tribe from passing its convoys through the roads of Medina and the tribes allied with the Muslims. The topics and others will be the focus of this study and its work, in which it was separated, analyzed and concluded

    The Impact of Mobile Applications on Quran Education: A Survey of Student Performance and Satisfaction.

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    In the field of Quranic education, mobile applications have become cutting edge instruments that offer chances to improve instruction and successfully involve learners. With a thorough survey-based analysis, this study seeks to evaluate how mobile applications affect Quranic teaching. The research methodology comprised creating a structured questionnaire to collect information on a range of topics, such as application usage trends, efficacy evaluations, contributions to bettering education, perceived effects on students' comprehension and retention of Quranic knowledge, improvement of student performance, and contrasts between traditional and mobile application-based learning approaches. Students enrolled in online university programs with an emphasis on Quranic education made up the population for this study. A sample size of 60 respondents provided insightful information. Descriptive statistics and inferential techniques were included in quantitative data analysis, which allowed for a detailed investigation of survey responses and the correlations between variables. The results show that respondents place a high value on mobile applications for improving Quranic education, and the usage patterns of these applications vary widely. Participants generally held favorable opinions about the usefulness of mobile applications in raising student achievement and comprehension of Quranic knowledge. Furthermore, it became evident that mobile application-based learning was preferred over conventional techniques. The study identifies opportunities for further research in this area and emphasizes the significance of using mobile technology to enhance Quranic instruction. In general, the study advances our understanding of how mobile applications fit into Quranic education and influences pedagogical strategies used in online learning environments


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