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    Letters between John T. Hand and William Kerr\u27s secretary

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    Letters concerning a position in the music department at the Agricultural College

    Letter from Robert McCay

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    Letter and blanks from The School and College Bureau concerning their services

    Letters between The Science Agency and W. J. Kerr

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    Letter concerning filling a position in horticulture with The Science Agency

    Letter from Geo. H. Glover

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    Letter of recommendation for E. D. Ball

    Letters from J. D. McLaren and W. J. Kerr

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    Letters concerning a position at Utah Agricultural College as well as a biography detailing John Dice McLaren\u27s qualifications

    A Case for Educational Communication on Sustainable Stormwater Management Sites Using Interpretive Methods: Applications for Utah State University

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    Humans are increasingly urbanizing landscapes, lowering the land’s ability to infiltrate stormwater, increasing surface water runoff. This, combined with decreasing water availability in the Intermountain West, produces the issue of sustainable stormwater management. Professionals are moving toward green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), but public is often not aware of stormwater’s impacts on natural environments or what the purpose of GSI is. Stormwater management design techniques are evolving to use visible, sustainable methods celebrating stormwater, rather than treating the valuable resource as a disposable nuisance, channeling it underground and out of sight. Artful Rainwater Design (ARD), a technique coined by Stuart Echols and Eliza Pennypacker, defines GSI as a community amenity which allows water to infiltrate where it falls and highlights stormwater as a resource. ARD aims to educate the public on the processes of stormwater management and impacts stormwater has on urban water bodies and the local watershed. Through a series of case studies on public universities in the Intermountain West, this study utilizes work done by Echols and Pennypacker, applying their educational objectives to guide the design of educational communication on an existing GSI site on Utah State University’s Logan campus and creation of a design manual guiding integration of education into GSI sites. The outputs will aid campus landscape architects, planners, and facilities members in integrating educational communication into the design of GSI sites on university campuses in the Intermountain West. In addition, the educational communication implemented on USU’s campus will educate the public that visits the GSI site

    Scalability and Robustness of Feed Yard Mortality Prediction Modeling to Improve Profitability

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    Cattle feed yards routinely track and collect data for individual calves throughout the feeding period. Using such operational data from nine U.S. feed yards for the years 2016-2019, we evaluated the scalability and economic viability of using machine learning classifier predicted mortality as a culling decision aid. The expected change in net return per head when using the classifier predictions as a culling aid as compared to the status quo culling protocol for calves having been pulled at least once for bovine respiratory disease was simulated. This simulated change in net return ranged from - 1.61to1.61 to 19.46/head. Average change in net return and standard deviation for the nine feed yards in this study was 6.31/headand6.31/head and 7.75/head, respectively

    Drug Cartels and Government in Mexico: A Replication and Extension

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    This paper analyzes the relationship between drug cartels and the government in Mexico. It also seeks to determine the reasons for an upsurge of violence and cartel related murders in Mexico

    Adverse Childhood Experiences in Mothers and Their Children with Hearing Loss

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    This study examined the relationship between maternal and child ACEs in children with hearing loss ages 3-12. One hundred twenty-four mother-child dyads completed assessments of mother and child ACEs. Adverse cChildhood eExperiences (ACEs) were measured using the Center for Youth Wellness Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire (CYW ACE-Q; Burke Harris & Renschler, 2015). Both maternal and child participants in this study reported higher levels of ACE exposure than previously reported in studies of the general population. Maternal and child ACEs were significantly correlated. White/Caucasian mothers experienced significantly fewer ACEs than mothers of other races/ethnicities. Children living in adoptive, foster, or guardianship placements experienced significantly more ACEs than children living with their biological mothers. The results of this study suggest that maternal and child ACEs are significantly correlated in children with hearing loss and their mothers, as has been found in literature on hearing mother-child dyads

    NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate Small Spacecraft Technology

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