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    Anatomy of the “false thumb” of Tremarctos ornatus (Carnivora, Ursidae, Tremarctinae) : phylogenetic and functional implications

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    Se describe por primera vez el sesamoideo radial o “falso pulgar” del oso de anteojos (Tremarctos ornatus), mostrando la gran similitud morfológica con el del panda gigante (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) y las diferencias que presenta con el resto de los Ursidae. Esto apunta a la existencia de un origen común para esta estructura en ambas especies, pero considerando las filogenias aceptadas de Ursidae, la presencia de falso pulgar en T. ornatus y A. melanoleuca sería una simplesiomorfía respecto al resto de úrsidos, en los cuales el sesamoideo radial nunca aumentó de tamaño, careciendo de la especializada función que posee en Tremarctinae y Ailuropodinae.We describe for the first time the radial sesamoid or “false thumb” of the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus), showing its great morphological similarities with that of the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) and the differences with that of the rest of the Ursidae. This points to the existence of a common origin for this structure in both species, but considering the accepted phylogenies of ursids, the sharing of a “false thumb” in T. ornatus and A. melanoleuca would be a plesiomorphy for these groups, whereas in the rest of the ursids the radial sesamoid was probably reduced, lacking the specialised function that this bone has in Tremarctinae and -Plinio.Montoya@uv.e

    La influencia de la dimensión de género en el Trabajo Social

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    Josefa.Fombuena@uv.esEsta investigación cualitativa explicita la influencia de la dimensión de género en la intervención de las trabajadoras sociales y las dificultades que han de atravesar, no sólo por ser mujeres que atienden a mujeres, sino debido a las categorías que desvelan las trabajadoras sociales participantes: la fragilidad del marco en el que realizan su práctica profesional, la existencia de un isomorfismo en torno a la queja de profesionales y usuarias, la posición de subordinación a la que han sido confinadas las mujeres en las instituciones públicas y la tensión entre derechos y cuidados.This qualitative research explains the influence of gender on the interventions of female social workers and the difficulties they encounter not only as women who provide care for women, but also as a result of the categories which color the contributions made by participating female practitioners: a fragile professional framework, the existence of isomorphism related to the complaints of female professionals and clients, the subordinated position to which women have been confined in public institutions and the conflict between rights and care

    Proton stability, dark matter and light color octet scalars in adjoint SU(5) unification

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    The unification of gauge interactions in the context of Adjoint SU(5) and its phenomenological consequences are investigated. We show the allowed mass spectrum of the theory which is compatible with proton decay, and discuss the possibility to have a cold dark matter candidate. Due to the upper bounds on the proton decay partial lifetimes, tau (p --> K^+ nubar) pi^+ nubar) < 3.0 10^{35} years, the theory could be tested at future proton decay experiments. The theory predicts also light scalar color octets which could be produced at the Large Hadron Collider

    Tratamiento de la enfermedad de Kienbock avanzada mediante la técnica de Graner

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    The authors made a review about 16 patients with Kienbock disease, in late stage (III-IV of de Decoulx clasification), operated by Graner's procedure, this results was excellent about pain, good strength and poor movility. They beleave is a good procedure in that stage for strengh manual workers

    El «Libro quinto de las prosas y versos del Arcadia» de Lope de Vega : una apoteosis emblemática sin imágenes

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    Recourse to emblematic expressive modes is a constant throughout the literary production of Lope de Vega. His pastoral romance Arcadia, especially, occupies a privileged position with regards to allusions and references to emblems, imprese and hieroglyphics (hieroglíficas), as Lope calls them on several occasions. In this respect, the end of the «Fifth Book of the Arcadia» constitutes an authentic emblematic construction with its description of twenty-one imprese painted on tablets in the Temple of Disillusionment (Templo del Desengaño), described by shepherds and shepherdesses on the occasion of an amorous disappointment endured in the course of their lives. This study analyzes the origin of those imprese and seeks to discern the different narrative, autobiographical, polemical and aesthetic functions that can accrue to this extremely long ekphrasis that concludes in an original manner a romance in which Lope included many elements not only from his own life, but also from that of his protector, the Fifth Duke of Alba. Finally, this homage to the cultural transcendence of Víctor Infantes de Miguel ends with a brief allusion to the pictographic seventeenth century vanitas titled «Et in Arcadia ego», by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri and Nicolás Poussin. KEYWORDS: Víctor Infantes; Arcadia; Lope De Vega; Emblematics; Narrative Function

    Traumatic neuroma of the mandible: a case report with spontaneous remission

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    Traumatic neuroma is a well-known disorder involving peripheral nerves, which occurs following trauma or sur - gery. The lesion develops most commonly in the soft tissues of the mental foramen area, lower lip and tongue. Intra- osseous lesions arising in jawbones are very uncommon. In this paper, we report a new case of an intra-osseous traumatic neuroma, discovered incidentally on a panoramic radiograph obtained for orthodontic documentation. In addition, the case herein described developed spontaneous remission, a situation not previously reported in the literature. Finally, we discuss relevant demographic, clinical, microscopic, immunohistochemical and treatment aspects of traumatic neuromas

    Thomas Hobbes: la resistencia política al Leviatán

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    En el presente artículo se presentan cuatro claves de lectura de la obra de Thomas Hobbes desde las que fundamentar una noción de resistencia. Este aporte busca, en otras palabras, crear las condiciones de posibilidad de un debate filosófico ofuscado por el mito recurrente sobre el supuesto monstruo de Malmesbury. Una vez hecho esto, se propone delinear las bases de un enfoque metodológico que parta de dicha noción de resistencia. De ese modo, se fundamentaría el primer paso hacia una apropiación ?o expropiación? contemporánea de la matriz hobbesiana de la relación obediencia-seguridad   ABSTRACT This article presents four key of readings about Thomas Hobbes's work, from which it supports a particular notion of resistance. In others words, this contribution searches to create the conditions of posibility for a philosophical debate obfuscated by the recurrent myth about the monster of Malmesbury. Once done that, I offer setting the bases of a metodological aproach which stars from this notion of resistance. Thus, I would back the first step towards a contemporary appropriation ?or expropriation? of the obedience-security relationship within the Hobbesian matrix.

    Tierno cantico en veneracion del santo Ecce-Homo.

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    El full orlatGrav. xil. enmarcat del Crist, flanquejat per altres gravs. simbòlicsText del goig a tres col. separades per filet

    El Concepto de transfinitud en García Bacca

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    This paper presents the notion of transfinite developed by García Bacca in his «Infinito, transfinito, finito». This concept is a reaction to the Aristotelian concepts of «nature» and «finite», making man a historical being. García Bacca argues that man has lost his nature and his finitude through technology. So, strictly speaking, is not finite, nor infinite

    Nuevos datos sobre la flora de la provincia de Cuenca, XXIX

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    Se comunica el hallazgo de nuevas especies de plantas vasculares en la provincia de Cuenca, que resultan de interés en dicho territorio.Some taxa of vascular plantas collected in the province of Cuenca (CE Spain) are here commented
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