Red Mexicana de Repositorios Institucionales

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    Géneros y Tipologías de la Arquitectura Griega

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    A technique for fast conductivity-temperature-depth oceanographic surveys

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    A method for making a fast oceanographic survey using a CTD profiler is described. The CTD is provided with a special case and is towed at maximum speed by the research ship. At each station the ship describes one or two smooth circles without slowing down, while the instrument sinks at a rate of up to 5 m/s (depending on the weight of the case). Sampling depth is determined by the length of the towing cable. An example of a fast survey of a micropolygon on the continental platform of the west coast of Mexico is provided. In 5 hours and 21 minutes, 27 vertical records were obtained up to a depth of 120 m, along transects totalling more than 52 km. The possibility of using the fast-survey method for determining the parameters of short internal gravitational waves is also discussed

    Abies jaliscana (Pinaceae): A new combination in section Grandis and a key to the species of Abies in western Mexico

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    Recent morphological and phenological data support recognition of Abies jaliscana (Martínez) Mantilla, A. Vázquez & Shalisko at the species level. A key to distinguish A. jaliscana from other species of Abies in western Mexico is provided. © 2014 Magnolia Press
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