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    F.W.Parker's Geography Learning "Content theory and Methodology"

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    The main purpose of this article is to research F.W. Parker's theory of geography learning, especially on content theory and methodology. In addition to the basic theory, we are expecting that we will lead to a total understanding of Parker's geography by researching content theory and methodology. My conclusion are as follows. Regarding geography content theory, Parker presented a unique "elementary geography science curriculum" for the purpose of fostering thought power. This curriculum was not considered to be fixed, it was flexible. First, it was "child centered curriculum" that can be modified according the learning situation of child. The other important view is that the "integrated curriculum" was conceived. Regarding methodology, first of all, it is noteworthy that an activism, inductive and even heuristic approach is taken. Secondary, it is highly appreciated that detailed discussion of the importance of questioning of teacher is made in total. The foundation of the questioning also had to be the one that evoked spontaneous activity and fostered thought power. Though these theories and practices Parker was called the "father of the progressive education movement"

    Fundamental study on the similarity of desk top activities using photography from overhead

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    In recent years, the health monitoring technique for activities of daily living (ADL) performed by the aged person has been required in Japan. In order to solve the problem of our society, various image recording and processing techniques have been developed and used. In this study, the photography from overhead is adopted for considering to privacy, and the similarity of desk top activities is investigated. A head area during an activity was estimated with image processing, and displacement of the center of the area between continuous still pictures was calculated. Five-number summary (the maximum, the minimum, and three quartiles) of the displacement during the activity was obtained. The probability detected from the difference between two activities was calculated from the five numbers which are assumed to follow t-distribution. The similarity score of the activities was defined as the ratio of a number which was not counted as the significant differences. Experiments of three cervical movements and seven desk top activities were performed and the similarity scores were obtained. Those from the cervical movements clearly indicated the difference of movements. Those from the desk top activities indicated the similarity of the head movement during such activities


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    Comparative Study on Japanese and Cambodian Retail Services: The Issues of Convenience Stores in Changing Cambodian Life Style

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    䞖界的な経枈構造の倉化に䌎い、カンボゞアを蚪れる倖囜人芳光客も増加し、 カンボゞア囜民の生掻ニヌズも倉化しおきおいる。経枈掻動が掻発し、消費者の 掻動時間は延長され、消費掻動も倧きく倉化した。その結果、カンボゞアの銖郜 プノンペンには、ミニマヌトや小売業や飲食店などが増えおきおいる。しかし、 良くないクレヌムも倚く、消費者のニヌズぞの察応ずいう芳点では、ただただ䞍 十分な状況であるこずは吊めない。 䞀方で、日本のコンビニ゚ンスストアはよく「䟿利を売る店」ず蚀われる。コ ンビニは、日本人の生掻に深く根付いおいる。近幎、「おもおなし」ずいう蚀葉 ず共に泚目される日本型小売サヌビスは、カンボゞアで消費掻動を䞀局掻発化す る䞊でも、極めお重芁な芁玠である。 そこで本研究では、日本のコンビニ業態、䞻芁䌁業の取り組みなどに泚目し、日 本型小売サヌビスずカンボゞアにおける小売サヌビスを比范分析し、カンボゞアで 顕圚化し぀぀ある新しい生掻スタむルに適した小売サヌビスのあり方を怜蚎する


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