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    Multi-Dimensional Model of Cooperative Learning

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    This study was an attempt to apply a multi-dimensional model of cooperative learning to motivate students in five steps and increase their engagement in active classroom activities. However, it was conducted in face-to-face (F2F) contexts. We believe the findings are applicable in virtual and hybrid contexts

    The Effects of Covid19 on Public and Paratransit Drivers in Developing Countries

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    IntroductionPublic and paratransit services in low- and middle-income countries were severely hit by COVID-19 and related mitigation measures. This has affected both passengers and service providers. While there is now an abundance of studies investigating the effects on passengers, the literature on the impacts of the pandemic on drivers or service providers is scarce. As such, this study investigates the implications of the pandemic for commercial passenger vehicle drivers in the global south taking one South Asian country (Bangladesh) and one African country (Nigeria) as case study countries.MethodsThe study employed Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) qualitative approach to explore and explicate the subjective experiences of drivers using semi-structured interviews. Using purposive sampling technique, thirty participants were recruited between March and April 2021. The recorded interviews were transcribed and thematically analysed using NVivo software.ResultsThe analyses identify key challenges faced by drivers into five distinct themes including personal and social, physical, and operational, health and wellbeing, governance and regulation, and bad enforcement and policing related challenges. Participants reported immense hardship due to the bans on operations and lack of passengers, eliminating or reducing their only opportunities for earning a livelihood. There was a consensus among participants that they were abandoned by their governments during the pandemic and were left with no other choice than to work in risky situations. They either had to use the little savings they had or borrow money to feed their families, further reducing their opportunities for the future. Apart from facing reduced income, debt crisis, and unsustainable workload challenges, drivers reported mental health consequences of the pandemic including depression, suffering anxiety, fear of risk infection and helplessness.ConclusionsThis research concludes the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak and its following containment measures on the health and wellbeing, personal and working lives of public and paratransit drivers in developing countries are substantial. The pandemic has seriously affected transport workers, which also amplified earlier inequalities. Development of non-discriminatory policies, fair and stringent enforcement, and provision of targeted financial support along with awareness raising campaigns are essential to reduce the effect pandemic had on drivers.<br/

    The Effects of Astaxanthin on Cognitive Function and Neurodegeneration in Humans: A Critical Review

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    Oxidative stress is a key contributing factor in neurodegeneration, cognitive ageing, cognitive decline, and diminished cognitive longevity. Issues stemming from oxidative stress both in relation to cognition and other areas, such as inflammation, skin health, eye health, and general recovery, have been shown to benefit greatly from antioxidant use. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant, which has been outlined to be beneficial for cognitive function both in vitro and in vivo. Given the aforementioned promising effects, research into astaxanthin with a focus on cognitive function has recently been extended to human tissue and human populations. The present critical review explores the effects of astaxanthin on cognitive function and neurodegeneration within human populations and samples with the aim of deciphering the merit and credibility of the research findings and subsequently their potential as a basis for therapeutic use. Implications, limitations, and areas for future research development are also discussed. Key findings include the positive impacts of astaxanthin in relation to improving cognitive function, facilitating neuroprotection, and slowing neurodegeneration within given contexts

    Reading the Romantic Ridiculous

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    Reading The Romantic Ridiculous aims to take Romantic Studies from the sublime to the ridiculous. Building on recent work which decentres the myth of the solitary genius, this duograph theorizes the ridiculous as an alternative affect to the sublime, privileging collective laughter above solitude and selfishness, reflecting on these ideals through the practice of joint authorship. Tracing the history of the ridiculous through Romantic and post-Romantic debates about sublimity from the rediscovery of Longinus and the aesthetic theories of Burke and Kant to contemporary queer and postcolonial theory interested in silliness, lowness, and vulnerability, The Romantic Ridiculous explores Romanticism's surprising commitments to ridiculousness in canonical material by writers such as S T Coleridge, Jane Austen, and Charles Lamb as well as lesser known material from joke books to children's literature. In theory and practice, this duograph also considers the legacies of Romanticism - and ridiculousness - today, analysing their influence on independent film, sitcoms, and young adult fiction, as well as their place in Higher Education now

    Migration Research and ‘The Other’ Europe

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    An Ever Present Past:Youth and Persona in Paul McCartney’s Self-Titled Solo Albums

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    This article examines age in the work of Paul McCartney. It investigates how McCartney’s ongoing engagement with his own youth has shaped his musical output and accompanying visuals at key points throughout his career. It focuses specifically on the extended trilogy of self-titled McCartney albums, which culminates in two of his most recent releases, McCartney III (Capitol 2020) and McCartney III Imagined (Capitol 2021). Exploring Paul McCartney’s voice in his music and image in his music videos, this article considers the McCartney albums as a distinct statement on the role of age in popular music

    The evaluation of training oral and maxillofacial trainees in head and neck cancer doctor-patient communication using the Patient Concerns Inventory.

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    AbstractHead and neck cancer has a significant impact on a patient’s health related quality of life (HRQOL). The head and neck specific Patient Concerns Inventory (PCI-HN) has been utilised to enhance doctor-patient dialogue in routine consultations. To date there has been no formal training for oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) surgical trainees in the use of the PCI-HN in consultations. The aim of the study was to evaluate training for OMFS surgical trainees in the use of the PCI-HN, using simulated follow-up HNC consultations, in order to improve doctor-patient communication skills.Material and methodsTen oral and maxillofacial surgical trainees completed actor simulated HNC consultations before and after training. A study-specific mark scheme was developed based on the ComOn-Coaching rating scales and used to score the doctor-patient interaction. A group debrief afterwards explored the trainee’s experiences of the training and consultations. ResultsAll trainees showed an improvement in doctor-patient communication scores following their training. Overall, the six participants who were Specialty registrars, year 3 (ST3) or above, scored higher, than the four Specialty registrars, year 1-2 (ST1-2). The scores were higher if fewer PCI-HN items were discussed (3-4). The most frequently avoided PCI-HN items were intimacy and relationships. The trainees considered that their training was useful for organising their consultations and for providing holistic care. ConclusionAlthough training improved surgeon-patient communication, further evaluation is required with a larger number of trainees and actual consultations in clinic.<br/

    Addressing the relationship between gambling and professional football in England: a response to Smith et al. ‘Gambling, sports psychiatry, and disciplinary sanctions in English professional football’ [soccer &amp; society 25, no. 1 (2024): 140–143]

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    Our commentary article continues the discussion recently initiated by Smith et al. on the relationship between gambling and professional football in England. In their vital contribution to Soccer and Society, they argue that a reconsideration of the relationship between football and gambling is required, highlighting the importance of prevention schemes of gambling harms for athletes, and maintaining the integrity of football. We respond by arguing that a reconsideration of the relationship between English football and gambling must go further to reduce the risk of harms to all stakeholders. The expansive, neo-liberal nature of the gambling market has rendered gambling omnipresent within English football, with the volume of gambling-related marketing in the game giving rise to concerns of harms which could be experienced by stakeholders. A full reconsideration of the harmful intersections between football and gambling would involve a significant change in regulation at societal level, thus protecting stakeholders and maintaining integrity

    A qualitative exploration of the experiences of pregnant women living with obesity and accessing antenatal care

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    Women are advised to optimise weight before pregnancy. However, many are either already living with overweight or obesity prior to becoming pregnant, increasing the risks for adverse outcomes. Health care professionals (HCP) are responsible for advising women of risks throughout and following pregnancy. However, midwives find broaching the conversation around maternal obesity difficult. This difficulty may be due to insufficient knowledge regarding the management of obesity during pregnancy or because they do not wish to offend. This study explored the experiences of accessing antenatal care in pregnant women living with obesity. Seventeen women completed a semi-structuredinterview. Transcripts were analysed thematically. Four themes were developed:1) antenatal care is inconsistent, 2)additional support is needed, 3) women feel judged about their weight, and 4) weight cycling is highly prevalent. Findings suggest that pregnant women living with obesity often experience weight bias from HCPs, feel judged because of their weight and are left feeling confused andoverlooked. Women reported inconsistencies in advice and care offered,and acknowledged a lack of continuity of care throughout pregnancy. We call for an urgent need for further multidisciplinary training to address the concerns, experiences and needs of pregnant women living with obesity


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