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    Ecological and phylogenetic comparative studies of avian lice

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    Avian Lice (Phthiraptera: Amblycera, Ischnocera) are common, low pathogenic ectoparasites of birds. Their long coevolutionary history with their hosts make them worthy subjects for studying the ecology and evolution of parasitism

    Surveillance on the presence of flaviviruses and Chikungunya virus in mosquito vectors

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    Due to globalization and climate change, exotic mosquitoes were introduced into Europe, contributing to the spread of arboviruses (Amraoui and Failloux, 2016)

    Success Rate of Pre-Calving supplements in the prevention of Parturient Paresis in Dairy Herds

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    Parturient paresis directly causes economic losses due to the reduction in milk production of affected cows, cost of treatment of the animals and death and culling of affected cows

    Literature review on Metal Fume Fever: a critical review of the theories of pathomechanism.

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    Metal fume fever is a well known disease among the miners, metal workers, smelters and welders

    A comparative analysis of the effects of feeding raw meat, BARF diets versus commercial diets.

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    The aim of the study “A comparative analysis of the effects of feeding BARF diets versus commercial diets” was to compare BARF and commercial diets to each other based on the physical and haematological examination of two dogs, one on each of these diets respectively. An investigation of the nutritional requirements of an average dog per day was examined, followed by an outlining of the components of diets being fed to the dogs in this study

    Literature and clinical study evaluating the efficacy of electrochemotherapy using bleomycin and cisplatin against canine mast cell tumours

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    Mast cell tumours (MCTs) are a prominent skin disease commonly diagnosed in dogs

    The link between retained foetal membranes and mastitis in postparturient cows. A literature review

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    Retained foetal membranes (RFM) and mastitis are found on every dairy farm across the globe. RFM has variety of reasons for its occurrence, some of which have bearing on why a cow might contract mastitis

    The use of GnRH analogues in dogs

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    This study summarizes the different experiments done on the use of GnRH analogues in dogs


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