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    Biology of aggression

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    Association between the microsatellite Ap243, AC117 and SV185 polymorphisms and Nosema disease in the dark forest bee Apis mellifera mellifera

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    The microsporidian Nosema parasites, primarily Nosema ceranae, remain critical threats to the health of the honey bee Apis mellifera. One promising intervention approach is the breeding of Nosema-resistant honey bee colonies using molecular technologies, for example marker-assisted selection (MAS). For this, specific genetic markers used in bee selection should be developed. The objective of the paper is to search for associations between some microsatellite markers and Nosema disease in a dark forest bee Apis mellifera mellifera. For the dark forest bee, the most promising molecular genetic markers for determining resistance to nosemosis are microsatellite loci AC117, Ap243 and SV185, the alleles of which (“177”, “263” and “269”, respectively) were associated with a low level of Nosema infection. This article is the first associative study aimed at finding DNA loci of resistance to nosemosis in the dark forest bee. Nevertheless, microsatellite markers identified can be used to predict the risk of developing the Nosema disease

    Weakly fully and characteristically inert socle-regular Abelian p-groups

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    In regard to two recent publications in the Mediterranean J. Math. (2021) and Forum Math. (2021) related to fully and characteristically inert socleregularity, respectively, we define and study the so-called weakly characteristically inert socle-regular groups. In that aspect, as a culmination of the investigations of this sort, some more global results are obtained and, moreover, some new concrete results concerning the weakly fully inert socle-regular groups, defined as in the firstly mentioned above paper, are also established. In particular, we prove that all torsion-complete groups are characteristically inert socle-regular, which encompasses an achievement from the secondly mentioned paper and completely settles the problem posed there about this class of groups

    On the impact of nanometric γ’ precipitates on the tensile deformation of superelastic Co49Ni21Ga30

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    Results are presented reporting on the martensite domain variant selection and stress-induced martensite morphology in [001]-oriented superelastic Co49Ni21Ga30 shape memory alloy (SMA) single crystals under tensile load. In situ neutron diffraction, as well as in situ optical- and confocal laser scanning microscopy were conducted focusing on three differently treated samples, i.e. in the as-grown, solution-annealed and aged condition. An aging treatment performed at 350 °C promotes the precipitation of nanoprecipitates. These second phase precipitates contribute to an increase of the number of habit plane interfaces, while reducing lamellar martensite plate thickness compared to the as-grown and solution-annealed (precipitate free) samples. During tensile loading, all samples show a stress-induced formation of martensite, characterized by one single domain variant (“detwinned”) and one set of parallel habit planes in a shear band. The results clearly show that γ’ nanoprecipitates do not necessarily promote multi-variant interaction during tensile loading. Thus, reduced recoverability in Co-Ni-Ga SMAs upon aging cannot be solely attributed to this kind of interaction as has been proposed in literature so far

    Analysis of stress and strain in the tetrachiral metamaterial with different kinds of unit cell connections

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    Metamaterials are artificially created materials whose unique properties are due to their structure rather than the chemical composition of the base material. The unit cells form the basis of a metamaterial. When creating the metamaterial, one should distinguish the methods of connecting its unit cells. The paper considers two methods of unit cell connection in a threedimensional metamaterial—joining and overlapping. Connecting the cells in the metamaterial by joining method may lead to a differently directed rotation of the rings, which will have a negative effect on the entire sample of the metamaterial. In the case of the other connection method, there is no differently directed rotation, so it would appear reasonable that creating a sample of a metamaterial by this method would achieve greater values of twist. The asymmetric deformation pattern is investigated in this work. For the two methods considered, also different results were obtained on stress distribution and strain localization in the sample under uniaxial loading. In the system of two cells in the metamaterial obtained by the joining method, an additional center of localization of deformation occurs at the junction of the two edges, which make up the tetrachiral elemen

    Slightly broken higher spin symmetry: general structure of correlators

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    We explore a class of CFT’s with higher spin currents and charges. Away from the free or N = ∞ limit the non-conservation of currents is governed by operators built out of the currents themselves, which deforms the algebra of charges by, and together with, its action on the currents. This structure is encoded in a certain A∞/L∞-algebra. Under quite general assumptions we construct invariants of the deformed higher spin symmetry, which are candidate correlation functions. In particular, we show that there is a finite number of independent structures at the n-point level. The invariants are found to have a form reminiscent of a one-loop exact theory. In the case of Chern-Simons vector models the uniqueness of the invariants implies the three-dimensional bosonization duality in the large-N limit

    Translation quality management : массовый открытый онлайн-курс.

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    Professional translation is a complex process that usually involves collaboration of multiple people. The course will show you how to build this process correctly: analyze content, determine requirements and risks, select appropriate jobs and vendors, evaluate translation quality.Загл. с титул. экранаПрошел экспертизу в рамках проведения четвертого внутриуниверситетского конкурса по отбору педагогических сценариев открытых онлайн-курсов 2019 года и отобран в качестве победителя конкурса на заседании Конкурсной комиссии (протокол № 5 от 01.03.2019

    Radiotomography based on monostatic interference measurement with controlled oscillator

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    The method of three-dimensional tomography based on radioholography measurements with the reference signal transmitted by the transmitter in the near zone and the receiver near zone. We solve the problem of repairing the object signal phase due to the reference signal in the near field in a wide frequency band and the consideration of analytical signals. Here are presented results of experimental studies on application of a tunable YIG (yttrium iron garnet) oscillator in the frequency range from 6.5 to 10.7 GHz for radio tomography of metal objects in air. Holographic principle is applied on the basis of measuring of the interference field amplitude by the detector diode. The interference occurs with the direct wave and waves scattered by the object. To restore the radio images the method of aperture synthesis and extraction of quadrature components at all frequencies sensing are applied. Experimental study on test object shows resolution about 15 mm

    The morphological changes in transplanted tumors of rats at plasmonic photothermal therapy

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    The aim of work was to study the morphological changes in transplanted liver tumors of rats after plasmonic photothermal therapy (PPTT). The gold nanorods functionalized with thiolated polyethylene glycol were injected intravenously to rats with transplanted liver cancer PC-1. A day after injection the tumors were irradiated by the infrared 808-nm diode laser. The withdrawal of the animals from the experiment and sampling of tumor tissue for morphological study were performed 24 hours after the laser exposure. The standard histological and immunohistochemical staining with antibodies to proliferation marker Ki-67 and apoptosis marker BAX were used for morphological study of transplanted tumors. The plasmonic photothermal therapy had pronounced damaging effect in rats with transplanted liver tumors expressed in degenerative and necrotic changes in the tumor cells. The decrease of proliferation marker Ki-67 and increase of expression of apoptosis marker BAX were observed in tumor cells after PPTT


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